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ATCF Ch 1 Part 1 – Transmigrated into a Cannon Fodder Real Daughter (I)

Jiang Li felt dizzy, and her temple was throbbing. She closed her eyes and slowly sorted out the strange memories that suddenly appeared in her mind. At this moment, she knew that she was no longer the original Jiang Li, because she had transmigrated into a novel and became cannon fodder in the book.

So she was dead?

Jiang Li was not afraid of death. She was terminally ill and chose to sign an agreement with a research laboratory, volunteering to become a cryopreservation test subject in the hope that humanity would be able to conquer cancers in the future. Before entering the cryosleep state, Jiang Li looked forward to being awakened many years later. Still, she was also aware that she might never have a chance to open her eyes again.

However, she never thought that she would become another person, and a strange memory suddenly appeared in her mind, as well as the content of a book.

The body she transmigrated into was also named ‘Jiang Li,’ a cannon fodder in the book. ‘Jiang Li’ was fifteen this year, a student in the third year of junior high school who would take the high school entrance examination in two months. Because she grew up in an orphanage, ‘Jiang Li’ was somewhat introverted and sensitive, and she didn’t like to be in contact with strangers.

“Xiao Li1…” Someone gently tugged Jiang Li’s sleeve.

Jiang Li opened her eyes and looked at the middle-aged woman with delicate and beautiful features in front of her. At this moment, the woman was looking at her with concern.

Jiang Li has the memory of the body’s original owner in her mind. She knew that this was ‘Jiang Li’ biological mother, Feng Yun. She and her husband, Jiang Huai, came to the orphanage to bring ‘Jiang Li’ home.

When the biological parents suddenly came to her, ‘Jiang Li’ was naturally overjoyed and full of expectations of her future life. However, according to the plot in the book, ‘Jiang Li’ life after returning to Jiang family was not at all easy — because the female lead of this book was Jiang Ruo, the daughter who was mistakenly exchanged with ‘Jiang Li’ as a baby and raised by the Jiang family.

Only after ‘Jiang Li’ returned to Jiang’s family that she realize that although her parents found out they were raising the wrong daughter and came to recognize her, they had no intentions to find Jiang Ruo’s biological parents.

They didn’t even plan to reveal the true identity of ‘Jiang Li’ and instead claimed to the public that she was a child they adopted from an orphanage.

‘Jiang Li’ was not good at arguing with others. Thinking that she had just been brought home, but Jiang Ruo had been living with the Jiang family for more than ten years, it was natural that their relationship would be deeper than hers. At that time, ‘Jiang Li’ still had fantasies in her heart, thinking that after spending a long time together in the future, her parents might care about her feelings as much as they care about Jiang Ruo.

But as time went by, ‘Jiang Li’ realized that her thoughts were too naive.

Jiang Ruo was not only beautiful but also an excellent student. As a well-known talented child star, she was the focus of the crowd everywhere.

‘Jiang Li,’ who suddenly became ‘Jiang family’s adopted daughter,’ naturally would be compared with Jiang Ruo, and thus everyone felt that she was inferior to Jiang Ruo in everything.

Jiang Ruo’s girl friends couldn’t understand why the Jiang family would adopt someone with mediocre qualifications like her. Some even suspected that she was the illegitimate daughter Jiang Huai made outside, prompting them to frequently make snide remarks in front of her.

The boys who regarded Jiang Ruo as their goddess felt that ‘Jiang Li’ existence was an insult to Jiang Ruo, so they also targeted her.

What’s even sadder was that the family’s attitude towards her and Jiang Ruo did not change from beginning to end. Although her parents did not deliberately target her, they always ignored her inadvertently. Her older brother Jiang Zhou was a typical sister complex who loved Jiang Ruo without any principles and always reminded ‘Jiang Li’ not to compete with his sister.

‘Jiang Li’ tried her best to survive in such an environment, and her mentality gradually changed. She began to make trouble for Jiang Ruo. In the end, even her ‘family’ abandoned her, and her end was miserable.

Thinking about the plot, Jiang Li couldn’t help frowning slightly. With her temperament, she was naturally reluctant to follow this couple home. But now, she was only fifteen. As a minor, some things were not up to her to decide.

Because of Jiang Li’s frown and silence, Feng Yun’s expression became a little uneasy. “Xiao Li, mother knows that you have had a hard time these years, but those bad things are all over. We have moved your household registration back to the city and also handled the school transfer procedures for you. When you go to a new school, Ruoruo will take care of you, and you will meet many new friends…”

Hearing his wife’s endless chatter, a hint of impatience flashed in Jiang Huai’s eyes. He raised his wrist and glanced at the watch, then lowered his eyes to look at Jiang Li, “You have ten minutes to organize your things, and then come back here so we can depart.” After a pause, he added: “You don’t need to bring any daily necessities. There is no shortage of them at home. As for the study materials, your new school will send them to you.”

Jiang Li looked up at the arrogant man sitting opposite her. After a few seconds of silence, she slowly said: “I have lived in this orphanage for nearly fifteen years.”

Jiang Huai was taken aback, “What do you want to say?”

At this moment, Jiang Huai finally looked at his daughter seriously and suddenly realized that she didn’t seem to be as bad as he thought. Before, he only noticed that his daughter had the habit of lowering her head all the time, with her back slightly hunched and long, thick bangs covering half her face, making her look rustic and cowardly. But when the girl suddenly straightened her back and looked up at him, Jiang Huai realized that her eyes were particularly clear and bright.

Jiang Huai couldn’t help but look at the girl carefully, only to find that although her complexion was not as white as that of a Ruoruo’s, her facial features were very beautiful. The straight bridge of her nose obviously followed his wife’s. As for the eyes… they looked familiar, but for a moment, he couldn’t remember where he had seen such eyes before.

Jiang Li completely ignored Jiang Huai’s scrutinizing gaze and continued to say in a calm voice: “Before you came to me, the orphanage was my home. I have many friends here, and grandma director is very kind to me. I have to say goodbye to them.”

This was the original ‘Jiang Li’ wish, but she was not good at expressing herself, so even though she was reluctant, she still followed her parents. But what she didn’t expect was that this separation was forever, and she never again saw the people who had been kind to her throughout her life.

Hearing Jiang Li’s words, Jiang Huai frowned in reflex. He was about to say that she does not need those friends in the future, but Feng Yun was faster: “You grew up here and are leaving today, so it is okay to say goodbye. But don’t take too long, because many affairs in the company are still waiting for your father to deal with.”

Feng Yun’s smile was gentle, and her attitude was also very kind. Anyone who saw this would think she truly cared about her long-lost daughter.

But was this really the case?

Jiang Huai’s assistant came to the orphanage a week ago to draw ‘Jiang Li’ blood, saying it was for a DNA test. With the power of the Jiang family, the result of the test should be available in no time. But neither Jiang Huai nor Feng Yun immediately came to pick up their biological daughter after receiving the test result. Instead, they only appeared a week later.

The original ‘Jiang Li’ was immersed in the joy of being reunited with her family and didn’t realize the strangeness of the matter. The current Jiang Li, who no longer was the original person, had nothing to expect from the couple in front of her, so she was seeing it more clearly.

From now on, she was the Jiang Li in the book. As a fifteen-year-old minor, her household registration and school status had been transferred, so she could only go back to the Jiang family with her ‘biological parents’ for the time being. But she was not a submissive temperament and would never let them take control of her life.


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Translator’s Note:

Good days, everyone, and welcome our newest project After Transmigrating into a Cannon Fodder Real Daughter, the Plot Changes (ATCF)!!

This is the project I am preparing to replace Greetings, Ninth Uncle, which is already entering the last 1/4 parts of the novel. As it was before, ATCF will not have a regular schedule, but I will update it once per one or two weeks until GNU end, then it will take over GNU release schedule (Tuesday and Thursday). Until that, ATCF also won’t have sponsored or advanced chapters.

Enjoy the story!

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  1. Xiao: literally means ‘little.’ An endearment title to call someone you are close to similar with ‘-chan’ or ‘-kun’ in the Japanese language.

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