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ATCF Ch 1 Part 2 – Transmigrated into a Cannon Fodder Real Daughter (II)

After finally leaving Jiang couple for a short time, Jiang Li first went to see the orphanage director, a kindhearted elderly woman who treated the original ‘Jiang Li’ very well.

It could be seen that the grandma director was very happy for ‘Jiang Li.’ She held Jiang Li’s hand and talked to her for a while, reminding her to get along well with her parents. If Jiang Li had any difficulties, she should tell her parents and do not keep everything in her heart.

After saying goodbye to the grandma director, Jiang Li went to say goodbye to her friends. But when the few good friends of the original Jiang Li saw her, their expressions were very complex and restrained. They seemingly were still unable to adapt to the fact that their good friend suddenly became a rich family’s daughter. Only a tall girl with short, boyish hair had a normal attitude and asked with a smile, “Will you come back for a visit in the future?”

Jiang Li nodded without hesitation, “Yes.”

The short-haired girl was called Jiang Tang. She was a straightforward girl who fought more ruthlessly than boys. The biggest feature of her personality was that she was very protective of the people she cared about. If someone dared to bully the children of Xingxing Orphanage, she was always the first to rush out.

In the years ‘Jiang Li’ lived in the orphanage, the person she envied the most was Jiang Tang, who lived the life she longed for the most. But after returning to the Jiang family, because of Jiang Huai’s objection, ‘Jiang Li’ completely cut off contact with the friends of the orphanage. Even when she donated money to the Xingxing Orphanage, she did so anonymously and did not let anyone know.

Although Jiang Li was no longer the original ‘Jiang Li,’ she had inherited the body’s memory and thus would naturally be affected by the latter’s emotion to some extent. For example: when facing the grandma director and childhood friend, she felt cordial affection.

So, Jiang Li definitely would go visit the orphanage again.

As for whether Jiang Huai would oppose it or not, it was not in her consideration at all.

Jiang Li’s unhesitating answer made Jiang Tang happy. The girl rubbed Jiang Li’s hair with her usual smile: “The high school entrance exam is only in two months. You should take the exam well and try to enter the best school, so there is no need to come back during the period.”

Probably because of Jiang Tang’s attitude, the rest of the orphanage children were finally not as tense as before, and they began to talk to Jiang Li as usual. A few small children clearly expressed their reluctance to be separated from Jiang Li.

But this atmosphere didn’t last long because Jiang Huai’s assistant came over and urged Jiang Li to set off.

Jiang Li waved goodbye to her friends and left the orphanage with the Jiang couple.

After getting in the car, Feng Yun was hesitant several times before asking, “Xiao Li, how hard was your life so far?”

Jiang Li said truthfully, “No, I had a good life.”

Feng Yun sighed, “How can life in the orphanage be good? We are mother and daughter; you don’t need to hide anything from me.”

“Grandma director is very kind, and my friends also take good care of me. My life here is really good.” Jiang Li said truthfully. Compared to the turbulent Jiang family, life in the orphanage was actually more suitable for the original ‘Jiang Li.’ Although she was an orphan, the grandma director gave her the same care as a family, and Jiang Tang also cared for her like an elder sister. The younger children in the orphanage also listened to her as an elder sister.

If the Jiang family hadn’t found her, ‘Jiang Li’ should go to high school smoothly, go to university, find a job that suited her, and live a normal, but peaceful life!

Listening to her daughter’s insipid but earnest answer, Feng Yun smiled awkwardly. In her expectation, after her daughter reunited with them, she should be very excited and pretty much depended on her biological mother.

But Xiao Li’s reaction was too bland, making her a little at a loss.

Jiang Huai frowned, “You are now different from the past. In the future, you are the young miss of the Jiang family. There is no need to contact the people in the orphanage again. As for your boyfriend, don’t even think about it.”

“Boyfriend?” Jiang Li frowned.

Feng Yun also quickly said: “It’s normal for you to have a good impression of boys of your age, but you must not fall in love casually. Your father and I are just worried about you.”

Jiang Li: …

Where did this couple find this ‘boyfriend’ of hers?

Seeing Jiang Li’s puzzled expression, Jiang Huai thought she was feigning stupidity, “That kid in your orphanage is clearly just a scoundrel who learn nothing good at a young age and is quick to deceive girls. You cannot fool around with such people in the future.”

Jiang Li was stunned for a few seconds and finally realized that the ‘scoundrel’ he was talking about should be referring to Jiang Tang. Jiang Li turned around and looked at Jiang Huai, “I think there are three points that need to be explained.”

Jiang Huai was dumbfounded. The facts were clear, and he merely taught her a few words. Could it be that she still wanted to make a fuss?

“First, Jiang Tang is a girl. She just dresses a bit tomboyish. If you don’t believe me, you can investigate it yourself.”

Jiang Huai: …

He really didn’t know about this. But his assistant sent a message saying that Jiang Li and a boy in the orphanage behaved intimately, so he couldn’t help but give her a few words of warning.

“Second, I was thrown at the door of the orphanage when I was a baby, and it was grandma director who took me in and raised me. Everyone in the orphanage is like a family member to me. If they were scoundrel, then I should also be considered a scoundrel too.”

Jiang Huai: …

He just said one sentence, and this girl actually started to argue with him?

Feng Yun tugged Jiang Li’s sleeve and whispered, “Your dad just cares about you, he…”

“If he really cared about me, he would take the initiative to understand the life I have lived in the past fifteen years and also the people around me, instead of listening to the assistant’s nonsense and questioning one-sidedly. This is also the third point I want to say.”

Jiang Li’s tone was calm, as if she was talking about something trivial. However, Assistant Bai in the driver’s seat visibly froze. He just saw Jiang Li behave intimately with a boy of the same age and couldn’t help but tell President Jiang, the purpose was of course to show his performance. He dared to do so because he had investigated this real daughter before. Knowing the girl was introverted, he guessed that she would not say much even if this was a misunderstanding, and maybe even thought that President Jiang and his wife were caring about her. But now, it seemed that the real daughter of the Jiang family was not easy to provoke at all. Assistant Bai was determined to be more cautious in his words and deeds in the future, so as not to lose his job accidentally.

Jiang Huai was in a bad mood because his newfound daughter made him lose face. As expected of someone who grew up in an orphanage, she was not as well-behaved and sensible as Ruoruo — Jiang Huai thought coldly.

Looking at the girl’s indifferent look, Jiang Huai felt even more stuffy in the heart, and he finally remembered why he thought the girl’s eyes looked familiar. Her eyes did not resemble his nor his wife’s, but they were very similar to those of his wife’s youngest brother Feng Qi. Especially when she was arguing with him. Although she showed no particular emotion, the girl was able to drive people to the point of being speechless.

People said that nephews and nieces resembled their uncles, so this similarity should not be surprising. But when Jiang Hui thought of this brother-in-law, he no longer showed a good face to his daughter.

After that, Jiang Huai had a cold face the whole time and refused to say a word.

Feng Yun looked at Jiang Li and hesitated several times. She wanted to take the initiative to talk to her daughter, but she didn’t know where to start.

Only Jiang Li was in a good mood. She looked at the green mountains and beautiful scenery passing rapidly outside the car window, and the corners of her mouth rose unconsciously.

In real life, she suffered from an incurable disease at a young age and had no chance to do many things she wanted to.

Now that she had transmigrated into a book and become a fictional character, she finally had a healthy body, so she naturally wanted to live as she pleased.


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