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ATCF Ch 10 Part 2 – Goal : Making Money (II)

Feng Yun originally planned to wait for the weekend, intending to have a good conversation with Jiang Li to bring their mother-daughter relationship closer. But when the weekend finally arrived, she received a WeChat message from Jiang Li and Jiang Ruo’s homeroom teacher Mrs. He, informing her that Jiang Li wanted to focus on studying and had applied to stay in school on the weekend.

Feng Yun hurriedly called Teacher He to find out what was going on. After the call was connected, Teacher He told her that Jiang Li went directly to Director Li to apply for the stay and received immediate approval. Feng Yun was stunned, and after a moment of speechlessness, she asked stammered, “But…but doesn’t the application for living on campus require a signature from the parents? How can Director Li just approve it like that?”

Teacher He replied with a smile, “Under normal circumstances, parents indeed need to be notified. But Jiang Li told Director Li that she had long been used to the unrestrained life in the orphanage and found it hard to adapt at the Jiang family’s house. Instead of giving you trouble, she preferred to stay on the campus during the weekends too.”

Teacher He’s words stunned Feng Yun even more. Their home was clearly Xiao Li’s home too. How could she think her being at home would bring trouble for the family?

Feng Yun was still thinking of a way to argue when Teacher He said again: “Actually, this is not bad. Teens usually have their own ideas. If Jiang Li was forced to go back to Jiang’s house, it might affect Jiang Ruo’s mental state.”

Feng Yun immediately retorted: “How can this be? Ruoruo is very gentle and considerate. There is no way that she will have a conflict with Xiao Li.”

Teacher He sighed, “This is just adults’ wishful thinking. The fact is that the conflict between Jiang Li and Shen Mian has been irreconcilable, but Shen Mian and Jiang Ruo are good friends, and Jiang Ruo is caught between the two. How can she not feel awkward? These two days, she often looks distracted in class. It’s clear that she must have been affected by this incident.”

Feng Yun immediately remembered the phone call Ruoruo gave her two nights ago. Now that she thought about it, Ruoruo didn’t seem in a good mood at the time, but she was only concerned about Xiao Li and completely ignored Ruoruo.

“Mrs. Jiang, it’s just a bit over a month before the high school entrance examination. In fact, the children’s comprehension has become a foregone conclusion at this point. The most important thing now is to take care of their psychological state. When Jiang Ruo is at home during the weekend, I suggest the parents pay more attention to her emotional state and help her adjust her mentality.” Teacher He suggested sincerely. In fact, she was not sure what conflict existed between Jiang Li and Jiang Ruo, but in her opinion, Jiang Ruo was the biological daughter of the Jiang family, and thus there was no need for the couple to aggrieve their biological daughter for an adoptive daughter.

Feng Yun repeatedly nodded, “Thank you, Teacher He. I understand. Please take care of our girls. As parents, we will definitely do the best for our children.”

After exchanging a few polite words, Feng Yun hung up the call and immediately rang Jiang Ruo.

As for Jiang Li, who was ignored by Feng Yun again — she was too busy with her study. Not that she cared anyway. Since Tong Yi told her that the mock questions prepared by the school contained competition-level questions, she shifted her focus to doing past exam questions.

In this one week, Jiang Li tackled all the questions from the past five years of the high school entrance examination. After roughly calculating her scores, she compared them to the corresponding year’s passing line and found that she was completely ready. Even if she was to take the exam right now, there shouldn’t be a problem.

That’s to say, for the next month or so, she only needed to complete the schoolwork assigned by the teachers within the specified time to maintain her momentum.

As Jiang Li’s deskmate, Tong Yi closely observed what she did every day and came to a conclusion: Jiang Li is a question-taker machine.

When he arrived in the classroom every morning, Jiang Li was already sitting in her seat, doing the questions set, and the same was true every time he left after the evening self-study.

Every time he woke up from his naps, Jiang Li’s head was still buried in the questions, with the exact same posture he remembered prior before he got to sleep. It wasn’t difficult to guess that this girl must have been wandering in the sea of questions even when he was sleeping.

Finally, on the Friday afternoon, Tong Yi asked curiously, “Except for doing exam questions, do you have any other hobby or interest?”

Jiang Li raised her head and gave Tong Yi bright eyes, “Making money!”

Tong Yi: …

Sure enough, he shouldn’t have hope for this Little Moneygrubber.

But looking at the girl’s sparkling eyes, he couldn’t help but ask again, “Have you got a plan to make money?”

“After the mock exam, I should be able to get my first money.” Jiang Li was very confident, “Then I can finally pay back the money I owe you.”

Tong Yi wanted to tell her: Even if you get the scholarship, it is only 8,000 yuan at most and certainly will not last long.

However, Tong Yi ended up swallowing these words. It was a good thing to have a dream, and he certainly shouldn’t break the Little Moneygrubber’s money-making enthusiasm.

Moreover, there were other ways to make money without waiting for a scholarship and a very legitimate one at that! After all, this method was provided by the school itself.

However… Hades Li’s blood pressure would probably rise up again.


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