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ATCF Ch 11 Part 1 – A Max-leveled Player in the Novice Dungeon (I)

Because Feng Yun was worried about Jiang Ruo’s mental state, she hurriedly went to the girl to ask about her life at school and her recent studies. Seeing Jiang Ruo showing her usual behavior and a long-lost carefree smile, Feng Yun finally sighed in relief. She cared about her biological daughter, but this adopted daughter was the one she raised in the palm of her hand. Whether Xiao Li or Ruoruo, she loved both of them equally, and hoped them to be happy and well.

Therefore, she couldn’t ignore Ruoruo just because she had found back her biological daughter. As for Xiao Li…she would go to the school in person later, give Xiao Li her living expenses, and have a good mother-daughter conversation with her.

Feng Yun shared her thoughts with Jiang Huai and asked her husband to take the time on Sunday to accompany her. However, Jiang Huai only snorted coldly and said with impatience, “She doesn’t even want to go home to her family now, isn’t it because she knows you will be indulgent to her? If you personally go and see her, she will become even more complacent as a result.”

This time, Feng Yun was not easily persuaded. She frowned and said, “We brought her back. Originally, we wanted to compensate her well, but now… is this really compensation?”

Jiang Huai replied nonchalantly: “I won’t stop if you insist on going to school to see her, but it’s impossible for me to go with you. If others saw us, they would begin to gossip, and this matter might reach the Feng family. Once your Dad finds out, do you think he will stand still and do nothing?”

Feng Yun: …

In fact, people had begun to gossip. Ever since they brought Xiao Li home, other wealthy wives in the circle with whom Feng Yun usually went shopping and played cards with liked to inquire about Xiao Li. They talked a lot — openly hinting that Xiao Li was a daughter born by Jiang Huai and another woman, and Feng Yun was forced to recognize her as an adopted daughter out of the last resort.

Of course, Feng Yun hurriedly refuted, explaining that Xiao Li was just the daughter of her husband’s distant relative and that the truth was not what rumored to be. It was a pity that none of her peers listened to her explanation. All of them looked at her with meaningful eyes, as if already branding her as a pitiful woman betrayed by her husband.

Even Mrs. Qin, who was Feng Yun’s long-time acquaintance, also didn’t believe her explanation. Mrs. Qin comforted Feng Yun, saying which man does not love playing outside? Although the consequence was bad this time, fortunately, it was just a girl who had no right to fight for inheritance with Jiang Zhou.

Mrs. Qin also gave her an idea, saying that as Jiang Huai’s wife, Feng Yun could just turn a blind eye. If Feng Yun really couldn’t bear the child, then she should just raise her in a way that she became arrogant and useless. Merely just an uncouth girl — once tasting the sweetness, her arrogance surely would grow, and the one who would suffer in the end was only her.

Feng Yun knew that Mrs. Qin was saying this out of good intentions, but she couldn’t feel the slightest gratitude. After all, the ‘uncouth girl’ Mrs. Qin said so contemptuously was her own daughter, whom she gave birth to after nine months of pregnancy.

Feng Yun repeatedly explained to Mrs. Qin that Xiao Li was not her husband’s illegitimate daughter, but Mrs. Qin thought that Feng Yun was just trying to save face and quickly changed the subject to A’Zhou and Ruoruo.

Because of this rumor, it was indeed unwise if Jiang Huai to accompany Feng Yun to school to see Xiao Li in person. However, seeing her husband’s indifferent attitude towards their biological daughter still displeased Feng Yun. After a long silence, she finally said, “Then I’ll go see Xiao Li alone tomorrow!”

Early on Sunday morning, Feng Yun got up, took her breakfast, and quickly ordered the driver to take her to Mingjiang International School. When the car arrived at the school gate, she sent the driver away and entered the school alone. Only a few people were on campus on Sunday. Feng Yun went straight to the girls’ dormitory, and after inquiring about Jiang Li’s room number with the dorm teacher, she was about to go upstairs to find her daughter.

The dorm teacher knew Feng Yun, and when she learned that Feng Yun was here to find Jiang Li, she couldn’t help but wonder: “Jiang Ruo’s mother, did you come to Jiang Li because she made trouble with Jiang Ruo?”

Feng Yun was taken aback, “Why do you ask that?”

The dorm teacher pouted, “Jiang Li is a troublemaker. The night she just transferred, she already had a conflict with other students in her room and pushed her classmate out of the back door before locking the girl outside. She did all of these regardless of my presence as the dorm teacher.”

Feng Yun was surprised: “There was such a thing?”

The dorm teacher nodded, “Actually, it all started with a small joke between students, but Jiang Li made a big fuss about it. Shen Mian stumped her during the PE exam, probably because she was too angry about this matter. In the end, Shen Mian was punished by Director Li, and her long-distance running score was canceled as a result. She is too pitiful.”

Feng Yun frowned in response, “But didn’t you just say that Jiang Li was in conflict with her roommate? What does this have to do with Shen Mian?”

The dorm teacher immediately explained: “When Jiang Li was in conflict with her roommates, Shen Mian was also in their room. You also know how children like to visit each other’s rooms. We generally allow this as long as the lights are still on.”

Seeing that Feng Yun was silent, the dorm teacher continued: “I never thought that Jiang Li would have a conflict with Jiang Ruo. Who in school doesn’t know how good Jiang Ruo is? Jiang Li, on the other hand…”

“I am not here to complain about Jiang Li.” Feng Yun frowned and interrupted the dorm teacher. No mother liked to listen to others belittling their children.


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  1. Murat Kahraman

    Yes I really like the mother I hope that she can see how much of a snake JR is and mend her relationship with her daughter. She is the only good person in that household. Not even the biological brother is a good person let alone the father. The mother is the only one that deserves redemption

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