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ATCF Ch 11 Part 2 – A Max-leveled Player in the Novice Dungeon (II)

“I am not here to complain about Jiang Li.” Feng Yun frowned and interrupted the dorm teacher. No mother liked to listen to others belittling their children.

“Ah?” The dorm teacher was puzzled.

Feng Yun took a deep breath and explained patiently, “There is never a conflict between Jiang Li and Ruoruo. Jiang Li is… the child of my husband’s relative. I am here today just to check whether she has gotten used to her new school.”

The dorm teacher: …

Feng Yun used to come to the school to visit her daughter Jiang Ruo. Every time she came, she always brought some imported snacks and was also never absent sending valuable gifts during holidays, all so that the teachers would take better care of her daughter.

The dorm teacher was happy to receive such benefits. On top of that, Jiang Ruo was a model student who never made any trouble, so she was also personally fond of the girl. When Mrs. Jiang asked about Jiang Li’s room number just now, the dorm teacher thought that Jiang Ruo and Jiang Li had a conflict, causing Jiang Ruo’s mother to come personally to make trouble with Jiang Li. Out of personal vendetta, the dorm teacher couldn’t help adding a bit more fuel to the fire.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Li turned out to be the child of the Jiang family’s relatives. From Mrs. Jiang’s attitude, she seemed to care a lot about Jiang Li.

If Mrs. Jiang had explained her intention earlier, she wouldn’t have said such things!

Feng Yun ignored the dumbfounded dorm teacher and went straight upstairs to Jiang Li’s room. Seeing that the door seemed to be closed, she was about to knock when she realized that the door was slightly open. Inside the room, Jiang Li was sitting in front of a desk, still in her school uniform. There was a very small laptop in front of her. At this moment, she was staring intently at the screen while typing on the keyboard, not even noticing that someone was entering the room.

Feng Yun coughed softly, trying to attract her daughter’s attention. However, Jiang Li’s eyes kept being glued to the notebook, and Feng Yun couldn’t tell whether the girl didn’t hear her voice or deliberately ignored her.

Feng Yun sighed, walked over to Jiang Li’s desk, and promptly closed the notebook lid before chastising her with a frown: “Xiao Li, is this what you mean by staying at school to prepare for the entrance examination?”

Jiang Li ignored Feng Yun’s accusation. She hurriedly opened the notebook again and entered the password as soon as possible, wanting to continue breaking the level. Unfortunately, she was still too late. After staring at the words ‘End of Level’ on the screen, she finally turned her head at Feng Yun, “What I do at school is my personal matter. Does this have anything to do with you?”

Facing Jiang Li’s extremely cold eyes, Feng Yun forgot to speak for a moment. It took a few seconds for her to react, and she said distressedly, “Xiao Li, I’m doing it for your own good. It’s only a month away from the high school entrance examination. You cannot be so addicted to games…”

“Are you blind?” Jiang Li interrupted, frowning impatiently.

Feng Yun: …

Jiang Li put her finger on the touchpad, moved the cursor to the ‘OK’ button under the ‘End of Level’ pop-up, and clicked it unwillingly. This morning, she completed 32 questions within the specified time and got 32 points. In addition to the 651 points she got yesterday, she now had a total of 683 points. According to the exchange rate of 1:10, these points were worth 6830 yuan in real money.

This convenient and quick way to make money was introduced to her by Tong Yi, who said that this game was specially developed by the school to motivate students to learn. The questions on the game were taken from the school’s own question bank and divided into levels. The difficulty on the basic level was not high, but each question had a time limit, making it very difficult to complete a large number of questions within the specified time.

Most of the questions were adapted from previous years’ high school entrance examinations. Because of some regulations, original questions were not used, which minimized the possibility of cheating. Some students did use their spare time to answer questions and earn points, but their purpose in earning points was not to exchange for money. For one, the family background of the students of Mingjiang International School was mostly pretty good, so there were very few who lacked such money. They played the game to accumulate enough points to unlock the final level and the competition level afterward. Students like Jiang Li, who passed through the levels purely to exchange points for money, were a special case.

Feng Yun was stunned by Jiang Li’s hurtful remark and couldn’t speak for a long time. After clearly seeing the content on the screen, she became even more speechless. Feng Yun recognized the game that Jiang Li played, because both A’zhou and Ruoruo had also played it. Back then, A’Zhou managed to unlock the competition-level questions, while Ruoruo only locked the final level because she was busy filming and didn’t spend as much time studying. Seeing how focused Xiao Li was, Feng Yun took it for granted that she was playing the game. Unexpectedly, it turned out that Xiao Li was really studying.

Feng Yun felt a little guilty, and it took a long time before she spoke again, “Sorry, Xiao Li. Mom just didn’t see clearly…”

“The consequences have been made, and your apology is useless.” Jiang Li interrupted impatiently, “I just hope you won’t mess with my things again and cause me trouble in the future.”

This game was only open on weekends, and one account only had one chance a day. If she wanted to play the game again, she had to wait until next Saturday. Just thinking about it annoyed Jiang Li even more.


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    That was a rude thing to do. I understand as a parent she is used to doing that with her children, but she should have been more respectful with her approach. How she is treating Jiang like is only going to push her away.

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