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ATCF Ch 11 Part 3 – A Max-leveled Player in the Novice Dungeon (III)

Jiang Li’s attitude was too cold and indifferent. Unable to withstand it, Feng Yun’s eyes slightly reddened, and her voice became hoarse: “Xiao Li, I know you are blaming us, but your father and I also have difficulties. Although we have no way to announce your identity to the public for the time being, but we…”

“Since you guys have made the decision, there is no need to say more, because it is impossible for me to sympathize with your so-called difficulties, understand?”

Seeing Feng Yun’s shocked expression, Jiang Li sighed, “If you really feel guilty, try not to disturb my life. It shouldn’t be hard, right?”

Looking at her indifferent daughter, Feng Yun suddenly regretted coming to school. After the hurtful conversation ended, she walked to the door in a trance and was about to leave. But when Feng Yun opened the door, she saw a girl in a school uniform standing just outside the door. Taken aback for a moment, she asked: “You… are you also living in this room?”

After a moment of hesitation, the girl nodded slowly. Feng Yun didn’t know how much of their conversation the girl overheard, so she just smiled awkwardly and left in a hurry.

The girl looked at Feng Yun’s departed figure with a surprised expression. She recognized Jiang Ruo’s mother, a very beautiful and elegant aunt. But today, this aunt is not elegant at all, and her posture when leaving looked like she was running away.

The girl slowly closed the dormitory door, then walked to Jiang Li and asked curiously, “Why did Jiang Ruo’s mother come to see you?”

Jiang Li looked up at the girl. When they first met, this girl was the one wearing blue plaid pajamas and, together with Shen Mian and another girl in red striped pajamas, shut herself out of the room. After a few days as roommates, Jiang Li knew that the girl in red stripes was called Tang Rou and the girl in blue plaid was called Lin Yu, both of whom were of the same class.

Tang Rou was timid and not good at arguing with others. She was always instructed by Lin Yu to do this and that. Despite being clearly reluctant, she always didn’t know how to refuse.

Lin Yu looked strong, but she was just a paper tiger. Bullying the soft and being afraid of the tough was her biggest characteristic. After knowing that Jiang Li was not easy to deal with, Lin Yu never took the initiative to disturb her again.

Seeing the light of gossip flashing in Lin Yu’s eyes, Jiang Li didn’t intend to satisfy her curiosity. “You care about my personal affairs?”

Lin Yu immediately shook her head, “No! I didn’t mean to inquire about your private affairs.” Jiang Li was someone who didn’t even give a face to the dorm teacher; how dare she provoke her?

However, Lin Yu couldn’t hold back her curiosity and whispered again, “I heard just now when Jiang Ruo said that they cannot reveal your identity to the public for the time being.”

“You misheard it.” Jiang Li’s voice was calm, and there were no fluctuations of emotions on her face.

Lin Yu didn’t give up, “Somehow, I feel that Jiang Ruo’s mother seemed to be afraid when facing you. Is there a reason for this…”

Jiang Li interrupted directly, “What do you think Jiang Ruo’s fans would do if they found out that someone was secretly snooping on the Jiang family’s private affairs?”

Lin Yu: …

Thinking of Jiang Ruo’s fanatical fans, Lin Yu was instantly frightened and no longer dared to question Jiang Li.

After chasing Lin Yu off, Jiang Li turned her eyes to the small notebook on the table and reluctantly turned it off. Only 6000 yuan — she still had to buy a mobile phone and pay her debt to Tong Yi, so this amount was not enough.

Wait until next week’s weekend, and she will play the game again for two full days! After all, one question was worth 10 yuan, which was very profitable. Compared to adding friends on social media just to get cash red envelopes, this game was too generous!

On Sunday afternoon, the students returned to school one after another. Director Li was sitting at his desk in the Academic Affairs Office, checking the admin side of the study game to see if someone had unlocked the competition level during the weekend. As a result, no one had unlocked the level, but there was a student who cleared off the questions on the basic level and applied to exchange their points for money.

Director Li glanced at the student information column. Seeing the name ‘Tong Yi’ hanging brightly on the top, his eyes widened in disbelief.

This kid wasn’t going to participate in the high school entrance examination, so why did he suddenly join the fun?

Could it be that he wanted to imitate the twins back then, playing on the novice dungeon as a max-leveled player to milk the school’s coffer?

Director Li clicked again and returned to the point exchange page just now. When he saw that the exchange amount was only 6830 yuan, he finally sighed in relief. It seemed that this kid still had some conscience and was not too ruthless. When it came to the twins back then, they insisted on playing at the basic level, refusing to level up to the final level, which slowed down their speed of making points (money).

When Director Li was still happy with Tong Yi’s conscience, he suddenly heard a knock on the door, followed by Tong Yi’s voice, which he knew only too well, “Teacher Li, I just submitted the point exchange on the web. Can I take the money now?”

Director Li: …

His original intention in developing this program was to let students learn more actively and also to subsidize poor students in a subtle way. Yet, every here and now, people who clearly did not lack material things still came out to squeeze money out of the school. Weren’t their consciences hurt?!


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