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ATCF Ch 12 Part 3 – Someone Is Jumping off the Building! (III)

Today was finally the mock exam day. Inside the exam room, Jiang Li browsed through the Chinese paper, surprised to find them slightly easier than the past real exam questions. She carefully answered each question, checking them twice after she finished. Even so, she found there was still time left, so she simply handed the paper ahead of time.

In every subject that followed, Jiang Li found that the mock exam questions were easier than she had anticipated. She guessed that because this was the last mock exam before the real battle, the school probably wanted to boost the students’ confidence!

The two-day mock exam quickly ended, and the scores of each subject came out one by one. On Friday morning, the school finally posted the ranking list on the bulletin board.

To everyone’s surprise, Qin Zheng, who was always the first in the grade, unexpectedly dropped to second place. Even more surprising was that Qin Zheng actually got full marks in the P.E. exam, while Jiang Li had two points deduction. Yet, Jiang Li’s total score was still seven points higher than Qin Zheng’s.

When Jiang Ruo saw the ranking list, she was completely dumbfounded. She performed very well in this mock exam. Although her ranking was dropped by two, it was because she had applied for P.E. exam exemption and only got a passing score. Ignoring the P.E. score, her ranking had actually improved a lot.

However, Jiang Li’s score not only far surpassed hers, but also snatched Qin Zheng’s position as the top scorer, becoming the focus of the teachers and students alike.

On the day the exam ranking came out, the name ‘Jiang Li’ seemed to spread like a virus, and Jiang Ruo couldn’t avoid it wherever she went. Not only in class, but she could also hear Jiang Li’s name even when she went to the toilet or cafeteria.

In the class chat groups and various smaller private groups, the news that Jiang Li had won the first rank in the mock exam dominated the conversation. Many people couldn’t help but sigh. When they saw Jiang Li only did question banks all day, they thought she was a nerd who only knew how to study, but they didn’t expect her to be so smart and diligent.

Some people also said that Jiang Li’s scores could not be achieved by hard work only. Without high talent, how could she push Qin Zheng down from the altar!

Seeing these conversations, Jiang Ruo was very glad that Qin Zheng had long blocked these group chats after finding them too distracting and basically never participated in school gossip. Even so, Jiang Ruo still noticed that Qin Zheng’s mood was not right. He frowned all day and occasionally turned to glance at Jiang Li.

Jiang Ruo was shaken greatly. Even if Jiang Li didn’t have the identity of the daughter of the Jiang family, she could still be so dazzling and attract everyone’s attention. Jiang Ruo couldn’t help but regret it a bit. If only she didn’t take a filming job before and devoted all her mind to studying, would the result be different?

There was someone who was even more upset than Jiang Ruo. The moment Shen Mian knew about the ranking result, she felt cold all over her body, as if falling into an ice cellar. Her original ranking was enough to enter the top fifteen of her grade, but after the fiasco with the P.E. exam, her ranking dropped below eighty. With such grades, let alone the experimental class of Minjiang First High School, it would be very difficult to even enter the regular class.

In fact, Shen Mian didn’t perform badly in the exam. Because the level of the questions was relatively lower this time, the scores for the ranking were very tight, and the loss of 15 points from the long-distance running was enough to push Shen Mian’s ranking so down the list.

It was a pity that Shen Mian was hit so hard and couldn’t think normally. She spent the rest of the day in a daze, not even paying attention to the teachers.

For Jiang Li, winning the top score in the grade was indeed a pleasant surprise, because it meant that she would get the special scholarship of 8,000 yuan instead of the honors scholarship of 5,000 yuan.

Although the money had yet to come, Jiang Li had already planned to invite Tong Yi to the most expensive self-service hot pot restaurant near the school and buy herself a mobile phone. In addition, she also needed to shop for some clothes. At present, she normally wears school uniforms every day, but the high school entrance examination was soon coming, and she would no longer be able to wear a junior high school uniform afterward.

At the end of the English period, which was the last class on Friday, Jiang Li was about to wake up the sleeping Tong Yi to fulfill her promise of a hot pot treat when a person unexpectedly came to her.

Jiang Li raised her head and saw the gentle smile of the legendary male lead, “Hello, I’m Qin Zheng.”

Jiang Li just made a short “Oh” and waited for him to tell his business.

“Can I challenge you?” Qin Zheng’s voice was gentle.

“Ah?” Jiang Li was puzzled.

Qin Zheng still maintained a gentle and friendly smile on his face, “You should already know about our school’s online game. The competition-level questions there are actually quite interesting. Should we…”

Jiang Li interrupted him, “I’m not interested.”

“Why?” Qin Zheng was puzzled.

Jiang Li was about to explain that her current goal was the high school entrance examination and that she didn’t want to waste time with the competition-level questions, but before she could say a word, the sleeping god next to her muttered in annoyance, “Too noisy!”

Tong Yi, whose sleep was disturbed, threw the travel pillow into his desk drawer and turned with a frown at Qin Zheng, “She clearly said she was not interested, but you still asked why. Are you deaf?”

Without waiting for Qin Zheng to answer, Tong Yi pretended to be shocked, “Did you perhaps blindly answer the English listening section on the last exam?”

Qin Zheng: …

With Tong Yi here, normal communication was impossible. There were still many students in the class. Seeing that Tong Yi and Qin Zheng seemed to have a confrontation, all of them pricked their eyes and slowed down their packing speed, obviously waiting for a good show.

But before the war had time to escalate, there were loud noises outside, followed by a vague shout, “Someone is jumping off the building!”

In an instant, no one was still interested in Tong Yi vs. Qin Zheng. They all hurried out of the classroom, wanting to see who was crazy enough.

Tong Yi was also stunned for a moment. He then looked at Jiang Li and asked, “Would you like to take a look too?”

Jiang Li was also surprised, unable to understand why someone who could live was willing to seek death. She nodded and said, “Let’s go.”


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