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ATCF Ch 13 Part 1 – As expected of the Little Moneygrubber! (I)

Jiang Li and Tong Yi left the classroom together and followed the crowd to the faculty building, where many students were already gathering. Outside the guardrail of the rooftop of the building stood Shen Mian, looking very shaken.

Tong Yi’s expression changed instantly. Without missing a beat, he pulled Jiang Li’s arm and said, “Didn’t you promise to treat me to eat hot pot today? Let’s go. Don’t think you can default on your debt.”

Before Jiang Li could react, Tong Yi had dragged her away from the crowd.

Unfortunately, the two hadn’t had time to leave when two people with a microphone in their hands came rushing in, followed by a few others carrying video cameras.

Jiang Li was stunned. If these people were reporters coming to take the news, they arrived too quickly!

“Hello, student Jiang Li. We heard that the girl who was going to jump off the building is your classmate and that she was punished by the school after getting in a conflict with you. Is it true?”

“Is the reason why Shen Mian wanted to jump off the building related to this punishment?”

“Now that she is resorting to such a drastic action, do you plan to forgive her, Jiang Li?”

“Jiang Li, shouldn’t you appease your classmate Shen Mian now and dispel her thoughts of committing suicide?”

The buzzing noises of the two reporters made Tong Yi feel his head was about to explode. The moment he saw Shen Mian standing on the rooftop, he was afraid that some retards would use moral coercion to put the blame on Jiang Xiao Li, so he hurriedly dragged her away. If only he had known that these two reporters would be coming, he would have taken Jiang Xiao Li to hide in the faculty building.

Jiang Li frowned slightly. She had seen that Shen Mian was the person who caused this disturbance, but she didn’t care much and didn’t think that Shen Mian’s action had anything to do with her. She was, in fact, more surprised when Tong Yi’s expression suddenly changed and he hurriedly pulled her away.

It was when the reporters began to bombard her with questions that Jiang Li finally understood what was happening here.

The one who wanted to jump off the building was Shen Mian, but it seemed that she was not totally unrelated. If her guess was correct, Shen Mian intended to use this incident to forcefully obtain her ‘forgiveness’ and force the school to revoke the previous punishment.

Still, Jiang Li couldn’t understand why Shen Mian chose such a stupid way. At this time, the P.E. exam had completely ended, including the make-up exams, and the scores had been counted and recorded. It was now impossible to change the score again.

As for the demerit on her student record, it was actually not a big deal. Even if Shen Mian couldn’t eliminate the demerit until graduation and carried it over to high school, so what? As long as she worked hard and performed well, the teachers should not care much about this small stain.

But Shen Mian actually chose to make a big mess by threatening to jump off the building and even called reporters in advance to put pressure on both the school and Jiang Li.

Even if the school succumbed to the pressure and revoked the demerit punishment, the incident had become well known. If Shen Mian didn’t truly jump off today, others would definitely view her differently in the future.

Therefore, Jiang Li couldn’t understand why Shen Mian would do such a stupid thing.

However, not everyone was as calm and rational as Jiang Li, because more people were easily led astray by public opinion.

When several of the students standing nearby heard that Shen Mian jumped off the building because of the harsh punishment she received after tripping Jiang Li during the P.E. exam, they felt that Jiang Li should be more forgiving. After all, life was at stake, and no matter what, the number one priority now was to temporarily appease Shen Mian and persuade her to come down.

Some with quicker brains felt suspicious after seeing the reporters’ arrival. Shen Mian had just made a ruckus a moment ago, and the reporters not only came so promptly but also figured out the cause and effect so quickly. Their timing was a little too fast.

Still, despite their suspicions, none of the students dared to express their thoughts aloud, considering that Shen Mian was still standing outside the guardrail. No one dared to take the risk of stimulating her.

After launching a series of questions, the reporter became even more aggressive when he saw Jiang Li remain silent.

“Shen Mian’s mental state is clearly not good now. Jiang Li, are you really not going to forgive her?”

“Wouldn’t you feel guilty if she really jumped down?”

Students who were close to Shen Mian also began to join up to persuade Jiang Li.

“Shen Mian is your classmate after all. Jiang Li, please persuade her to get down. If something really happened to her, wouldn’t you be haunted by guilt and nightmares?”

“Even if Shen Mian was in the wrong, you just lost two points. Why are you still brooding over such a small matter?”

Jiang Ruo also looked at Jiang Li anxiously, “Xiao Li, I know you have some contradictions with Mianmian, but no matter what, we should ensure her safety first. Xiao Li, I beg you. Please persuade Mianmian.”

As soon as Jiang Ruo opened her mouth, her loyal fans immediately followed suit. They all began to ‘convince’ Jiang Li, making the scene even more chaotic.

The reporters naturally recognized Jiang Ruo, who had made her debut in the entertainment world. Seeing her here, they quickly gave her a few more shots, hoping to attract more traffic from her fans.

Standing under a small tree not far away, Jiang Zhou frowned as he watched Jiang Li being persecuted by the crowd. In the message he sent Shen Mian that day, he did give her a bit of advice, subtly persuading her to pretend to jump off the building, claiming that the school would definitely revoke her punishment in order to reduce the impact after things got blown off.

Jiang Zhou’s purpose for doing such a thing was naturally not for Shen Mian’s sake. His target was Jiang Li, who would definitely be pushed to the cusp of the storm by Shen Mian’s action.

Didn’t Jiang Li hate trouble? Then he would gladly cause her some trouble and see if she could still maintain that fake sophistry of hers.

However, Jiang Zhou didn’t expect that the idiot Shen Mian would even call reporters in advance. With such an early arrival, didn’t they blatantly tell everyone that Shen Mian’s action was fake and that her actual purpose was to throw Jiang Li under the bus?

Jiang Zhou took out his mobile phone, clicked on Shenmian’s QQ1 account, and blocked the number after deleting their contact history.

His utmost concern right now was not whether he would also be implicated by Shen Mian, but whether the people of the Feng family would discover Jiang Li’s identity if the incident went viral.

After all, Jiang Li’s eyes were too similar to Feng Qi’s.


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