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ATCF Ch 14 Part 1 – Her Eyes Are Very Similar to Third Uncle (I)

The two were twins: the elder brother’s name was Feng Song, and the younger brother was Feng Bai. They were twenty this year and sophomores in the college.

Feng Bai was the one who watched the livestream and found the girl to be familiar, so he excitedly shared it with his brother, but completely forgot about the latter’s facial blindness.

Hearing Feng Song’s remark, Feng Bai was taken aback for a while, but he only froze for two seconds before he said again, “I believe you will still find her familiar unless you are legally blind.”

Feng Song shot his younger brother an expressionless glance before lazily moving his eyes to the phone screen. Unexpectedly, he couldn’t help narrowing his eyes after only one glance.

Seeing his brother’s expression changed, Feng Bai quickly moved the phone closer to him and said again, “Look at her eyes carefully. Don’t you think they look familiar?”

Feng Song nodded, “Not only the eyes, but even her demeanor and temperament are very similar to our Third Uncle.”

Feng Bai boasted proudly, “So it wasn’t just imagination, was it? This Jiang Li is indeed simply a copy of Third Uncle. These eyes, this face, and this temperament all say that. Could it perhaps…”

Feng Song frowned, “What nonsense are you thinking this time?”

Feng Bai’s eyes widened, “Don’t you think it’s quite abnormal for Third Uncle to remain single for so long? What if when he was young…”

Unable to bear Feng Bai’s crappy imagination, Feng Song ruthlessly interrupted, “Have you forgotten Third Uncle’s age?”

Feng Bai was stunned, and after a few seconds, he said truthfully: “To be honest, I really forgot.”

Feng Song: …

Taking a deep breath, Feng Song looked at his brother expressionlessly, “The National Day1 five months later will be Third Uncle’s 30th birthday.”

Feng Bai let out an “Oh” and looked disappointed for a moment. But after a few seconds, he couldn’t help theorizing again, “This Jiang Li should be around fifteen now. Fifteen years ago, Third Uncle was…”

“Sixteen years ago.” Feng Song reminded.

“Oh, right, sixteen. I forgot that it takes time for pregnancy.” Feng Bai corrected himself, “Sixteen years ago, although Third Uncle was only thirteen or fourteen, he should have reached puberty, right? Is there any chance of…”

Feng Song didn’t want to listen to his twin’s nonsense, “Go and tell Third Uncle yourself if you dare.”

Feng Bai shrank back, “I’m still young. I still want to live a few more years.”

“Then stop your crazy thoughts.” Feng Song’s eyes returned to his game, only to find his account had been reported.

Feng Bai gloated, “At your level, you will still get reported even if you never go idle. Better stop struggling and give up. Otherwise, your party members will accuse you of dragging their legs.”

Feng Song: …

This younger brother of his was actually quite good. Unfortunately, there was no filter between his brain and his tongue.

Still, Feng Song was indeed no longer in the mood to play games now, so he decided it was better to watch the livestream with Feng Bai.

Jiang Li boldly claimed that she was originally quite sure of her chance of getting first place in the high school entrance examination, but after Shen Mian tripped her and caused her to lose two points, she could no longer be so confident.

The reporters scoffed in disdain, but they were delighted inside. Jiang Li’s remark was perfect to lit controversy, which would attract more traffic to their channel.

However, some students among the crowd couldn’t help but comment: “Jiang Li scored 670 in the last mock exam and is now the top scorer in our grade. The chance of her getting the first place in the entrance examination is indeed quite high.”

“That’s right, Jiang Li stole the first place from our Prodigy Lord Qin and is now holding the title.”

“I think Jiang Li makes sense. If she failed to get the top spot because of a two-point gap, not only her personal loss was insurmountable, but even our grade teachers and homeroom teacher would also miss a significant bonus.”

“Correct. Not only our teachers, but the whole school will also lose an excellent publicity chance. Such a tragedy!”

The crowd was quickly getting excited. Even though they personally had no chance themselves, if one of them became the top scorer in the high school entrance examination, the honor would be shared together!

“I suddenly believe that Jiang Li’s two-point loss couldn’t be made up even if Shen Mian’s entire 50 P.E. points were nullified.”

“Makes sense! From the beginning, all of this happened because Shen Mian deliberately tripped Jiang Li during an important exam. Isn’t it natural to be punished for doing something wrong? Why is Jiang Li suddenly made a villain here when Shen Mian tried to jump off the building?”

“Emotional blackmail, or maybe victim blaming? After all, those who appear weak are always justified these days.”

“Mr. Reporters, the combined age of you two is enough to make you Shen Mian’s grandfather, so why cannot you see through such a simple truth? Maybe you need our Prodigy Lord Jiang to give a supplementary lesson.”

A group of firefighters had arrived and placed a large air cushion under the faculty building. Now, Shen Mian’s life was no longer in danger even if she really jumped down. Thanks to that, the crowd no longer had scruples in speaking.

In fact, the majority of the students thought that Jiang Li was not responsible for Shen Mian’s life and death, but no one dared to voice such remarks when the girl in question was still standing dangerously outside the rooftop fence.

Now that the crisis was over, someone took the lead in crying out their mind, and the rest couldn’t wait to follow behind.

The reporters: …

They obviously came here to cover the news about a student who tried to jump off the building, so why did it that they were instead forced to listen about a school prodigy?!

On the rooftop, Shen Mian was already dumbfounded by the development of the situation. From the beginning, she never had the intention of killing herself, and her purpose of making such a ruse and anonymously contacting reporters in advance was naturally to create a public opinion that was disadvantaging for Jiang Li.

From the moment Jiang Li arrived at the scene, Shen Mian had been paying close attention to the situation below, completely ignoring the group of teachers who had arrived on the rooftop in an attempt to persuade her to think twice.

Seeing Jiang Li being besieged by reporters, Shen Mian’s eyes flashed with joy. Even if her 15 points could not return, she would definitely make Jiang Li miserable with her!

So what if Jiang Li had good grades? As long as Jiang Li refused to forgive, she would instantly become a cold-blooded villain condemned by the public.

Shen Mian knew that it was impossible for someone as rigid as Jiang Li to give forgiveness. If Jiang Li dared to fake it, she would tear off her disgusting mask for everyone to see!

Once that happened, Jiang Li surely wouldn’t be able to maintain the calm mental state needed to take the high school entrance examination, let alone get a top rank.

Imagining the scene of Jiang Li’s failure in the high school entrance examination, Shen Mian almost couldn’t hold back her laughter.

Thanks to the microphones in the reporters’ hands, even Shen Mian could follow the conversation on the ground level. However, she was shocked to find that Jiang Li didn’t even pretend to be tolerant and instead began to calculate the amount of scholarships she would lose because of the missing two points.

Even more frighteningly, the crowd seemed to be led on the nose by Jiang Li and began to raise opinions in her favor.

Because of Jiang Li’s arrogant remarks, Shen Mian’s calculations crumbled, and her ruse turned into a big joke.


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  • Daughter of the Dao and Devil Venerables
  1. National Day: Falls on 1 October and commemorates the anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949.

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