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ATCF Ch 14 Part 2 – Her Eyes Are Very Similar to Third Uncle (II)

Because of Jiang Li’s arrogant remarks, Shen Mian’s calculations crumbled, and her ruse turned into a big joke.

Looking at the fire brigade’s air cushion below, Shen Mian shiveringly stretched out one foot and tried to jump off, because this was the only way to turn the public opinion to her side again and make the people who had just slandered her feel guilty.

It was a pity that Shen Mian was not only afraid of death — she was also afraid of heights. Despite clearly seeing the huge air cushion below, her legs could not stop shaking, and she didn’t have the courage to jump down even with her eyes closed.

Just when Shen Mian was stuck in a dilemma, she suddenly felt someone’s presence behind her. Before she could turn her head, a pair of strong hands hugged her waist and quickly carried her to the safe area.

Shen Mian raised her head and met Qin Zheng’s handsome face. The boy’s usual warm smile was completely gone, and his frowned expression looked particularly stern as he began to reprimand in a harsh tone, “No matter the reason, you shouldn’t treat your life lightly.”

Shen Mian pursed her lips and wanted to say something, but was unable to say even a word as her body was trembling all over.

Seeing Qin Zhen had dragged Shen Mian back to safety, the teachers on the rooftop hurriedly rushed over and began to softly dissuade Shen Mian from doing stupid things. The heavily pregnant Teacher He was the most emotional among them. As Shen Mian’s homeroom teacher, her responsibility would also be questioned if something really happened with the girl.

Fortunately, Shen Mian didn’t actually jump off.

In front of the faculty building, the reporters were slightly disappointed to see that Shen Mian had been rescued. Still, they knew that they hadn’t made this trip in vain. The number of viewers on their channel had already risen, and they surely would gain many new followers today.

These days, traffic followed where the controversy was. As for whether the netizens were on the side of the weaker Shen Mian or the stronger and pretentious Jiang Li, that was not within their scope of consideration.

However, before the reporters had the chance to sneak off and leave, Tong Yi suddenly shouted, “Surround these guys!”

The students didn’t understand why Tong Yi suddenly shouted that, but for some reason, they subconsciously followed his order.

When the reporters finally reacted, they found themselves surrounded by dozens of students. One of them hurriedly pointed the camera lens at the crowd and asked with alertness: “What are you doing? We are just doing a normal interview. Could it be you want to illegally detain our equipment?”

Director Li, who was standing not far away, saw through Tong Yi’s intention almost at a glance. He promptly stepped back, took around ten meters of distance from Tong Yi and the others, and threw his gaze up at the sky.

He was a very responsible teacher, but not even he could watch the students 24 hours a day. Therefore, it wasn’t strange if some of them did something extraordinary without his knowledge!

Facing the aggressive reaction, Tong Yi looked completely calm. He grabbed one of the microphones and pointed it back at the reporters. “Alright, tell me. How did you know in advance that someone in our school was going to jump off the building?” Seventeen-year-old Tong Yi was already very tall, over 1.85 meters. Standing in front of the reporters, his tall build put strong pressure on them.

One of them laughed dryly: “We earn our living by chasing news. Naturally, we are more well-informed than the public. What’s so strange with that?”

Tong Yi sneered, “Well-informed? You guys not only arrived here faster than even the firefighters and teachers, but also figured out the reason behind Shen Mian’s apparent suicide without any inquiry. What are you? Sherlock Holmes?”

The reporters: …

If they were that capable, they would have slipped away long ago instead of getting stuck here and surrounded by a bunch of teenagers.

“Let me answer that question then. You guys are able to make such a deduction because the suicide itself is a fake. You colluded with Shen Mian, wanting to create big news about a student trying to jump off a school building, all in an attempt to smear our school’s name. Correct?”

After listening to Tong Yi’s reasoning, many students went livid. Although they often badmouthed the school and teachers, they absolutely didn’t want others to say something bad about their alma mater.

If what Tong Yi said was true, then these reporters were too despicable.

Afraid of arousing public anger, one of the reporters immediately retorted, “What nonsense are you talking about? There is no benefit for us to smear your school.”

“I don’t care. Anyway, don’t even think about leaving until you tell us where and how did you get the news about Shen Mian’s attempted suicide today.” Tong Yi looked exactly like a gangster.

The reporters: …

As reporters, being eloquent and adaptable was precisely their forte, but why didn’t this kid play cards according to common sense?

Jiang Li couldn’t help laughing when she saw Tong Yi’s gangsterly act. Tong Yi instantly noticed the change in her expression and looked back at her, “Is it funny?”

Jiang Li: …

She suddenly felt that the current Tong Yi was both cute and fierce, which was very adorable.

However, Jiang Li was the only one who thought like this, because the rest of the students couldn’t help but think: Sure enough, Tong Yi was indeed someone capable of sending the neighboring vocational high school students to the hospital. His momentum was something else.

Tong Yi turned his gaze to the reporters again, “Speak and make it clear for us. Otherwise, you will stay here overnight.”

The reporters: …

So what if they were forced to stay overnight? Anyway, a part of their viewers surely would stay up late with them.

Still, they were afraid of the possibility of these minors doing something damaging under instigation!

At first sight, it was clear that this boy was not someone they should offend. In but just a few sentences, he put on the accusation of ‘smearing the school reputation’ on them, causing the crowd of students to look at them with hostile eyes. In the case these teenagers became impulsive, it wasn’t hard to imagine the scenario where they were getting mobbed and their expensive equipment destroyed.

On top of that, the teachers had suddenly disappeared from the site. Why did they let these kids unchecked? Weren’t they afraid of incidents?

The two reporters who led the group exchanged a glance. Finally, one of them took out their mobile phone and showed Tong Yi the anonymous tip they had received today.

It was not something they must keep secret anyway.

Tong Yi took over the mobile phone and quickly skimmed through a long scroll of text. Seeing the contents of the exchange along with the photo of Jiang Li sent by the sender, he couldn’t help but frown slightly.

Tong Yi didn’t return the mobile phone to the owner, but instead chose to dial the number of the sender directly. If this person had a little brain, they would definitely use an anonymous virtual number to send the text. However, Shen Mian clearly lacked in that deportment, so he still gave it a try and made the call just in case.

Surprisingly, the call actually got through, and it took less than a few seconds for the phone in Jiang Ruo’s pocket to ring.

Seeing everyone’s attention turned to her, Jiang Ruo was obviously taken aback, “What are you looking at me for?”

The crowd didn’t speak, but Jiang Ruo looked shocked and hurt, “Are you suspecting that I knew in advance that Mianmian was going to commit suicide, but instead of stopping her, I notified the reporters to come?”

As she spoke, Jiang Ruo took out her mobile phone from her pocket, wanting to prove her innocence. But when she looked at the screen and saw an unfamiliar number on it, she was obviously stunned.

The reporter whose phone had just been taken away by Tong Yi looked at Jiang Ruo’s phone and exclaimed, “The number displayed on your phone is mine.”

The group of reporters immediately became very excited. Today’s trip was really not in vain! Jiang Ruo was a well-known child star. Now that she was involved with the matter, her fans surely would not just sit back and watch passively. Their channel must be very lively now!

Jiang Ruo’s eyes widened in disbelief, “How is this possible?”


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  1. Wow, that last bit was a twist! Shen Mian really is an untrustworthy “friend”.

    Thanks for the double chapters. Love this series!

  2. itsmachiavelliandcheese

    Wow. So, Shen Mian has some kind of brain. She must have suspected that the bastard Jiang would let her take the fall, so she brought Jiang Ruo down with her.

    And even if bastard Jiang deleted the texts along with Shen Mians contact, those things can be recovered easily. I hope a tech person comes forward and recovers the messages.😈

    1. No.. sadly this is clearly Shen Mian being super dumb. Although.. the instigator, the brother really shot himself in the foot with that. XD

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