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ATCF Ch 16 Part 1 – The Twins Come To School (I)

After getting a mobile phone, Jiang Li went to the nearby mobile service provider to get a sim card and immediately exchanged contact information with Tong Yi.

“Add QQ too.” Tong Yi reminded her.

Jiang Li nodded, “Wait a second, I haven’t registered QQ before. I’ll add you after I get an account.”

Tong Yi: …

He was about to teach Jiang Xiao Li how to register a QQ account, but before he could say a word, he saw the girl skillfully click on the app store and start downloading a series of necessary apps.

Uhm, that’s right. Although Jiang Xiao Li had never eaten pork, she must have seen pigs running.1 Why did he have to worry so much?

After parting ways with Tong Yi, Jiang Li returned to the dorm alone and took a quick shower before lying on the bed and started playing with her new phone. She browsed Weibo for a while, then watched a series of trending videos. Bored, she then went to the student forum of Minjiang International School to see what was on topic at school.

As soon as she entered the forum, Jiang Li found several posts about her on the homepage. Out of curiosity, she clicked on one of the posts, only to find it was full of spam words worshipping the school prodigies, which had nothing useful.

Exiting the spam post, Jiang Li saw a small flame icon next to the post at the top of the homepage. She also clicked on this one and entered, finding several photos of Shen Mian standing on the rooftop along with the photos of the students and firefighters on the ground.

Well, it seemed that the current trending topic was about Shen Mian’s attempted suicide today.

Jiang Li slid her fingers and found that the atmosphere was quite civic despite being an anonymous forum. A few people tried to shift the blame to her, but were quickly shooed off by other students.

However, Jiang Ruo’s fanatical fans were a little different. Whenever someone in the forum mentioned that Jiang Ruo was the one who called the reporters over, her fans would gather in a mob and crazily attack those who dared to say it.

Those fans insisted that their Ruoruo would not do that kind of thing, and some claimed that even if she did, it must be because Jiang Li had touched her bottom line. They also asked openly: If your family suddenly adopts an orphan, can you guarantee to get along well with that orphan?

Such remarks were originally expected by Jiang Li, but she did not expect the number of people who spoke in her defense and refuted Jiang Ruo’s crazy fans.

And someone had even taken a photo of her scolding the reporter and made it into an emoticon package. The original poster praised her lavishly, claiming that ‘humblebrag’ was no longer enough to describe Jiang ‘God of Learning’ Li. From now on, this unique style of speech should collectively be referred to as ‘Li Language.’

Many people quoted and re-quoted this post, ardently praising Prodigy Lord Jiang for being so beautiful and sassy, indeed worthy of her achievement of rubbing former Prodigy Lord Qin to the ground.

The instant Qin Zheng’s name was brought out, the thread fell into the battlefield again, with Qin Zheng’s own fans coming in to defend their idol by saying that Jiang Li was just lucky.

Jiang Li ignored the ridicule targeted at her and continued scrolling down. Once she reached the bottom of the thread, she found no one mentioned Tong Yi. Let alone making an emoticon pack, there was not even a single photo of him.

It took Jiang Li only a second to get it. In the novel, Tong Yi was indeed an existence that no one wanted to provoke, so it seemed reasonable that no one dared to bring him as gossip fodder.

Jiang Li left the school forum and opened Weibo again. There, she found a lot of posts mentioning Jiang Ruo, but all of them soon disappeared after the Weibo page was refreshed.

Jiang Li clicked on one of the trending topics to see more news about Jiang Ruo, only to find that even the hashtags mentioning her had disappeared completely.

Obviously, they had been removed deliberately.

Jiang Li clicked on the search box and typed Jiang Ruo’s name, quickly finding what she was looking for.

No wonder the trending topics were removed so quickly. It turned out that a marketing account had posted a video of Shen Mian standing on the rooftop, especially emphasizing that Jiang Ruo had called reporters in advance to blow up the matter.

The video posted was a bit blurred, but it was complete, basically covering the whole event from beginning to end.

Perhaps it was to be expected, but the comment section was currently a bloody battlefield between Jiang Ruo’s fans and haters.

Jiang Li slid down further and saw some people talking about her and Tong Yi, and even provided several GIFs taken from their exchange with the reporters.

Even more outrageously, someone asked if Jiang Li had the intention to debut, saying that her look was above Jiang Ruo and guaranteed to be popular if entering the entertainment industry.

To Jiang Li’s surprise, this comment received quite a number of likes. However, the person who posted it was soon caught by Jiang Ruo’s fans and scolded hundreds of times.

Some people also asked if the unknown handsome guy (they meant Tong Yi) was a model. His air and temperament were superb, reducing other boys around him into background rocks.

Jiang Li couldn’t help laughing upon seeing this and then quietly closed Weibo. If only Tong Yi also see those comments! The complex he was having about his look would definitely be relieved a lot.

Jiang Li put her new phone under the pillow, closed her eyes, and slowly fell asleep.

Tomorrow was the weekend. She must recharge well today and woke up full of energy to harvest the school money faster and more efficiently!

Minjiang University, male dormitory.

The twin brothers of the Feng family were also browsing the forum of Minjiang International School at this time.

Seeing some people in the forum mentioning that Jiang Li grew up in an orphanage but was adopted by the Jiang family recently, Feng Song’s pupils narrowed, and Feng Bai was stunned in disbelief.

“Why did the Jiang family adopt Jiang Li?” Feng Bai turned to his brother in confusion.

Judging from the video just now, Jiang Li’s relationship with Jiang Ruo and her brother was obviously not good. If Jiang Li was really the adopted child of the Jiang family, how come she didn’t give a face to the Jiang siblings at all!

To put it in another perspective, a squeamish girl like Jiang Ruo suddenly had to accept a girl of the same age her parents adopted, but the girl in question did not get along with her. There was no way she would be willing to swallow this grievance!

In this case, Jiang Huai should be sending Jiang Li away, because, in the end, an adopted daughter would never be more important than biological children.

But the Jiang family still let Jiang Li stay, which made the matter truly puzzling.

Facing the bewildered gaze of his younger brother, Feng Song was silent for a few seconds before opening his mouth and said, “Let’s visit our alma mater this Sunday.”

Feng Bai was stunned, “You are so interested in Jiang Li’s affairs?”

Logically speaking, it shouldn’t. His brother was never a nosy one. Although Jiang Li did look like their Third Uncle, their likeness shouldn’t be enough to prompt his brother to make such a trip in person.

Feng Song ignored his brother’s puzzled eyes, took out his backup phone, and started another match.



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  1. Idiom means even someone who knows nothing still has common sense.

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