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ATCF Ch 16 Part 2 – The Twins Come To School (II)

After leaving school, Feng Yun returned home with her two children. But by dinner time, she had no appetite at all.

Jiang Huai asked a servant to bring dinner to the room, frowning, “You shouldn’t care about Jiang Li’s affairs. She has only been transferred for two weeks and has already caused so much trouble. Whose children are as troublesome as her?”

Feng Yun immediately retorted: “But that’s not Xiao Li’s fault.”

“Right after she transferred school, she had such a big conflict with her classmates. Do you really think she has no problem at all?” Jiang Huai asked.

Feng Yun frowned, “Shen Mian kept saying that it was because of Ruoruo that she made trouble with Xiao Li. I think Ruoruo and Xiao Li… don’t seem to get along.”

“Then you should know that Ruoruo has been well-behaved and sensible since she was a child. I don’t believe she would target Jiang Li for no reason.”

Seeing that her husband was clearly taking the side of their adopted daughter, Feng Yun sighed helplessly, “We both know Ruoruo well, so of course we know that she will not target Xiao Li for no reason, but we don’t know about Xiao Li.”

Jiang Huai frowned, “What do you want to say?”

Feng Yun looked at her husband, “I mean, we never took the time to get to know Xiao Li. If I hadn’t gone to school today, I wouldn’t even know that her classmates called her an orphan.”

Jiang Huai didn’t think it was a big deal. “It was just a quarrel between classmates. What’s the fuss?”

“However, in Shen Mian’s eyes, Xiao Li is indeed an orphan.” Feng Yun said sadly.

Jiang Huai was a little annoyed, “So what? Do you want to reveal her identity and make Ruoruo the orphan instead?”

Feng Yun suggested in a low voice: “Actually, we can declare to the public that Xiao Li and Ruoruo are fraternal twins, but one of them went missing when she was young, and we only found her not too long ago.”

Jiang Huai looked at his wife in disbelief, “What are you thinking about? If we really had twin daughters back then and one was lost, how come we have never looked for her?”

“I’ve already thought about it. Let’s just say that the hospital made a mistake and kept it a secret, and we have only learned about it recently.”

Feng Yun came out with this idea on the way home. Although many people would probably not believe it, as long as they saw that the Jiang family put great importance on Xiao Li, no one would dare to bully her at will.

Jiang Huai sighed and said helplessly, “When you were pregnant back then, it was no longer a backward era without ultrasound and modern medicine. It’s impossible for someone to be pregnant with twins without knowing it, so who will believe in this nonsense? If you insisted on clinging to this narrative, people would believe that Jiang Li is my illegitimate daughter even more. Do you think being called an illegitimate daughter is much better than being an orphan?”

He liked his wife’s innocence, but she was too simple-minded and often said ridiculous things that made people helpless.


“I know what you mean. Don’t you just want Jiang Li to have a proper identity? If we made this explanation shortly after we had taken her in, others might be willing to believe, but it has been two weeks now. Do you think people are stupid enough to be fooled?” Jiang Huai endured his impatience and explained to Feng Yun. Although he thought these reasons were self-explanatory, he was afraid that his simple-minded wife would start to talk nonsense outside and cause him unnecessary trouble.

Sure enough, Feng Yun was easily persuaded. Still, she felt extremely sorry for her biological daughter, which caused her sleep to be uneasy that night.

However, there was another person in the house who slept even more restlessly: Jiang Ruo. She had been living smoothly since childhood and had never encountered any setbacks in life. After entering the entertainment world, although she encountered the so-called antis for the first time, they were actually set up by her agency for marketing purposes, so Jiang Ruo did not care much since those people were not really haters of hers.

But everything changed today. Someone actually uploaded the video of Shen Mian threatening to jump off the building on the internet and paid marketing accounts to push the video to trending topics, maliciously dragging her feet into the mud.

Even though she had quickly come to her father the moment she was notified of the video and asked him to remove the trending topics, the wave of negative comments about her was already unstoppable.

Her agency team had also put forward a clarification, explaining that Shen Mian was the one who had used her mobile phone without permission to send the anonymous message to the reporters. However, many people still attacked her ruthlessly and refused to let her go.

Some even made malicious speculation, claiming that she was pushing her friend to be a shield.

Others said that the incident might not be her own doing, but since she was a friend of Shen Mian, their nature must be the same.

Someone edited the moment when she was persuading Jiang Li to be ‘tolerant’ and made a series of GIF emoticons out of the clip, commenting below how she had a problem in her brain and would be struck by lightning sooner or later.

Looking at the overwhelming wave of negative comments, Jiang Ruo felt that the sky was falling on her. Even though her brother repeatedly comforted her, saying that the heat would subside after a while, she was still feeling very sick.

Jiang Ruo even couldn’t help thinking — it would be nice if Mom and Dad hadn’t found Jiang Li.

Jiang Li was so capable. Even if she was not taken back to Jiang’s house, she surely could still live well.

But Jiang Li returned, turning her life upside down, and she could never go back to the past.


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5 thoughts on “ATCF Ch 16 Part 2 – The Twins Come To School (II)”

  1. They spend a week on deciding whenever to pick up their real daughter and worried how it would affect their ‘fake’ daughter but how the real daughter would be treated never crossed their mind? Or should I say it never crossed the mothers mind, since the rest generally don’t care whenever MC lives or dies. If they’d gone with JLs narrative of being distant relatives from the start things would already be so much better. JRs adding of their family being indebted to JLs was a nice stroke too. Since people in CNs love to go overseas for treatment JLs fictive parents could be doing just that and she wouldn’t be labelled an orphan. But any ‘good’ cover story would have required them to care about her treatment from the start now it’s just truth or nothing.

  2. I hope this doesn’t twist Jiang Rou. It’s refreshing how she’s not malicious like the fake-daughters in other novels. Though her brother is aggressively malicious for three.

    1. she’s not malicious but she’s still a genuine white lotus. Even if her words are pure the action is harmful. Same with MC’s bio mom.

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