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ATCF Ch 16 Part 3 – The Twins Come To School (III)

Ever since they saw the video of Jiang Li scolding the reporters, the Feng brothers had an inexplicable sense of closeness to her. Added to the curious relationship between Jiang Li and the Jiang family, both twins felt they had to make a trip to their alma mater in person.

Well, even if not for Jiang Li, they hadn’t seen their Big Nephew Tong Yi for a while now and should pay him a visit. Was this nephew of theirs still as irritating as before?

On Sunday evening, the twins took a leave of absence from their elective courses and quickly came to Minjiang International School. The moment they arrived at the school gate, they happened to run into Jiang Ruo and Jiang Zhou.

As soon as Jiang Zhou saw the twins, he frowned on conditional reflex and quickly pulled Jiang Ruo into the school gate. “Do you still have contact with those two?” He asked.

Jiang Ruo hurriedly shook her head, “Dad forbids me to contact them. How could I dare to meet them secretly?”

Jiang Zhou was relieved, “If you meet people from the Feng family in the future, try to stay as far away as possible. We have nothing to do with those people.”

Jiang Ruo nodded immediately, indicating that she remembered it.

When she was very young, her father warned her that she was not allowed to have any contact with relatives on her mother’s side and that she must ignore them if they came to her.

At that time, she couldn’t figure out why, because she quite liked the old grandpa who often came to see her at school, bought her snacks and toys, and coaxed her to call him ‘grandpa.’ So, hiding from her father and brother, she occasionally met her maternal grandfather and even called the twins ‘big brother.’

However, those two were not as good to her as her own big brother. Feng Song was too silent and rarely talked to her, while Feng Bai had always been impatient with her and called her a squeamish girl.

Later, her father found out about her secret contact with the Feng family. He was furious and told her to get out and never go back to Jiang’s house if she still insisted on having contact with her maternal family.

Jiang Ruo was frightened and cried hard at the time. From then onward, she never dared to meet her grandfather again.

Later, the twins came to her several times, saying that her grandfather was ill and asking her to visit, but she refused every time without hesitation.

The last time they came looking for her, Feng Song pleaded with her to see her grandfather, but she still refused. She remembered Feng Bai became very angry that day, calling her a white-eyed wolf, the same ingrate as her father.

Since then, she had never seen her maternal grandfather again, nor the twin brothers.

When she was little, Jiang Ruo was indeed troubled by this incident for a long time, but so many years have passed, and she was about to forget what happened back then.

What’s more, she now knew that the so-called grandpa was not her biological grandfather, and the twins were not her real cousins, so there was no way she would contact them again.

However, the twins should have gone to college by now; why did they suddenly come to her school?

Could it be…they came to find Jiang Li?

Jiang Zhou was currently a little absent-minded because he was also thinking about why the twins suddenly came to school.

Feng Song and Feng Bai didn’t even pay attention to the Jiang siblings. As soon as they entered the school, they went straight to the Academic Affairs Office, wanting to talk directly to Hades Li.

A few meters from the office, the twins heard a familiar voice, which was their Big Nephew’s.

“The total is less than 20,000 yuan, but you want to pay in installments. You have changed, Old Li.”

The twins looked at each other and felt that the phrase ‘pay in installments’ sounded very familiar.

Immediately afterward, they heard Hades Li’s angry voice.

“Tong Yi, are you so poor now? It’s one thing for you to milk the school’s coffer, but you still want to press it dry. Even the twins back then were not as gangsterish as you!”

Tong Yi leaned casually on the chair opposite Director Li, “I don’t care. Anyway, if I don’t get the money today, I won’t leave.”

Director Li scoffed, “Then you are free to camp here tonight. Do you want me to ask the dorm teacher to bring you a quilt?”

Hearing the conversation inside, the twins were suddenly a little afraid to enter the door, knowing their arrival would pour oil on Hades Li’s fury.

Feng Bai asked his brother in a low voice, “You say, if we go in now, will Hades Li think that Nephew Tong Yi was instructed by us?”

Feng Song coughed lightly, “You think we can instruct him?”

Feng Bai: …

Yeah, this big nephew of theirs had always had a bad temper. Who could order him around?

But it’s strange. How could someone like Tong Yi, who was never short of pocket money, fall into the situation when he had to milk the school’s coffer?

Inside the office, Tong Yi saw Hades Li planning to play hard, so he finally sighed and said, “The money is not for me.”

Director Li obviously didn’t believe it, “For whom then? Don’t say you plan to donate the money to the orphanage.”

Tong Yichong gave Director Li a thumbs up, “Jiang Xiao Li indeed belongs to the orphanage. Giving to her should be similar to donating to an orphanage.”

Director Li: …

After a while, he asked, “You mean, you’ve been doing questions like crazy recently because Jiang Li is short of money?”

Tong Yi immediately shook his head, “How is that possible? I don’t have such patience. All those questions were done by Jiang Xiao Li herself.”

Director Li pondered: “Then why doesn’t she use her own account?”

If he had known that Jiang Li needed the money, he would have sent the money directly instead of getting his blood pressure to rise by talking nonsense with this stinky boy. After all, he came up with the model of exchanging points for money precisely to lessen the burden of students from poorer families.

It was a win-win method. This way, the school not only helped the students who needed help, but also did so in a way that did not hurt their self-esteem.

Tong Yi sighed, “That useful program of yours took too long to review and approve new accounts. How much money will she lose!”

Director Li snorted: “Very considerate of you.”


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    Also without knowing what went down between the Jiang parents and the Fengs… telling your kids to have no contact with their grandpa is a big red flag.

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