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ATCF Ch 17 Part 1 – I’m Not That Child Star’s Cousin (I)

After learning that the person who took the money was not Tong Yi, Director Li’s blood pressure dropped significantly. He then took out his mobile phone and transferred the money to Tong Yi before asking, “Is Jiang Li short of money recently?”

Last week, Tong Yi also came to redeem more than 6,000 yuan. Moreover, in two days, the commendation ceremony for the mock exam would also be held, in which Jiang Li would receive her special scholarship money of 8,000 yuan. It stood to reason that she shouldn’t be that penniless!

Hearing Director Li’s words, Tong Yi’s eyes lit up, “Could it be that you want to sponsor her privately?”

Director Li: …

This stinky boy must have been slaved by money recently, right?

Rewarding outstanding students with the school’s reserve fund was only natural. As for private sponsorship… he still had to take his salary home to his wife. In other words, he was also helpless!

Director Li glared, “Go, go away! I don’t have time for you.”

Tong Yi ignored Hades Li’s usual tirade and nonchalantly excused himself away. As he opened the door, he was met with two similar faces standing outside the office with malicious grins.

Director Li also saw the twins and beckoned at them, “What? Are you guys free today?”

Feng Bai chuckled, “We are here to visit the elderly!”

As he spoke, he sauntered around the room, then took a seat and happily helped himself with the nuts on Director Li’s table.

The visited ‘elderly’ gave a stink eye: “You guys are visiting empty-handed?”

The twins: …

Tong Yi didn’t want to chit-chat with these twins, so after saying, “Well, I’m leaving,” he immediately strode out of the office. But he hadn’t even taken a step when Feng Bai quickly grabbed his back collar.

“You are the bottom-most person here, age-wise and seniority-wise, so what are you busy for? Stay a bit and have a chat with your two uncles.”

Tong Yi: …

If it wasn’t for them being Jiang Xiao Li’s cousins, he would have beaten this punk up!

No, wait!

Why does he have to think for Jiang Xiao Li? She so heartlessly refused when he asked her to call him big brother!

No can do.

Director Li watched as the boys exchanged banter, then said with a smile, “Take your time to chat. I still have other business to attend to.”

Tong Yi immediately said, “I have to return to evening self-study. Otherwise, Jiang Xiao Li would definitely think I absconded with the money.”

Feng Song chimed in: “Alright, let’s go together. We are free anyway.”

Tong Yi gave him a blank stare, “We don’t have extra desks in the classroom. You will only disturb us.”

Feng Bai immediately retorted: “There is still an hour before the evening self-study. What’s the matter if we come with you?”

Tong Yi: …

He totally forgot. These guys were alumni here and knew the school’s schedule very well!

Feng Song and Feng Bai followed Tong Yi all the way to Class 3-1, but they frowned when seeing that the girl they wanted to see was not there. Worse still, they saw the white-eyed wolf Jiang Ruo instead, which lowered their mood even more.

Feng Song was always taciturn in front of people he wasn’t close with. After inadvertently seeing Jiang Ruo, he quickly moved his gaze away, as if she was a total stranger.

Unlike his brother, Feng Bai never had any scruples. Seeing Jiang Ruo, he patted Tong Yi’s shoulder, pointed his finger, and said, “That’s the child star in your class, right? I heard she is very popular, and she seemed to appear in another trending topic the night before.”

Tong Yi nodded nonchalantly with a soft “Uh-huh.”

Jiang Ruo glanced slightly at Feng Bai, but quickly averted her gaze away. They were no longer her cousins, but Jiang Li’s cousins.

If Jiang Li tried to get close to them, Dad probably wouldn’t allow it!

But Jiang Li had always been used to doing her own way. Would she listen to Dad’s warning?

Seeing Jiang Ruo ignoring them, Feng Bai continued spewing sarcastic remarks, “I think this child star is quite amazing. Do you know how she even persuaded the victim to be tolerant? Aren’t she afraid to get struck by lightning?”

Jiang Ruo: …

So many years had passed, so why did they still target her? She really couldn’t understand…

Could it perhaps they already knew that Jiang Li was actually Mom and Dad’s real daughter?

Thinking of this possibility, Jiang Ruo suddenly felt like she was sitting on pins and needles and wanted to escape from the classroom immediately.

Just at this moment, Shen Mian came into the classroom carrying a large backpack, just in time to hear Feng Bai’s last remark. In the past, if she heard someone speaking slightly bad about Jiang Ruo, she would definitely be the first to come forth in Jiang Ruo’s defense, and there was no way that she would ignore such a blatant attack from an unfamiliar boy.

But that was before. Now, she no longer wanted to care about Jiang Ruo.

The person who led her to pretend to try to jump off the building was Jiang Zhou. But he deleted their chat records, blocked her contact, and pushed all the responsibility onto her, stating that he didn’t want to become the trash can for her negative emotions.

But Jiang Ruo stood on Jiang Zhou’s side without hesitation, not believing her words at all, as if the more than two years of close friendship meant nothing to her.

Shen Mian suddenly realized — her recent behavior was truly ridiculous. Last night, after the Jiang family of three left, Director Li once again tried to persuade her and her parents, suggesting that she take a leave of absence from school to receive psychological treatment.

Seeing how serious Director Li was, both parents and daughter were immediately panicked. Shen Mian’s mother pleaded tearfully, asking Director Li to allow Shen Mian to stay in school, while her father promised to have a serious talk with his daughter later and would definitely seek professional help if necessary.

Shen Mian herself repeatedly promised to never repeat today’s incident and also promised that she would never make trouble with Jiang Li again.

In the end, Director Li agreed to give Shen Mian a chance, but required her parents to sign a waiver that absolved the school from any responsibility in case something happened to Shen Mian.

Shen Mian actually wanted her parents to sign, but both her father and mother, worrying about her safety, adamantly refused.

If nothing else, today’s incident certainly left a bad impression on the teachers and students alike. It was now barely a month before the high school entrance examination. If, during this critical period, others treated their daughter differently or even directly ostracized her, Shen Mian’s mental state would certainly be greatly affected.

That’s why the couple refused to sign the waiver with the school, for fear that the teachers would simply turn a blind eye to their daughter’s situation. If something really happened to their daughter, it would be too late for them to feel regret!

In the end, the couple couldn’t agree to Director Li’s condition and finally decided to bring their daughter home temporarily. However, they did not send Shen Mian to see a psychiatrist and instead signed her up for a one-on-one intensive cram course.

The tuition fee for such a course was not low, but thinking that the entrance exam was barely a month away, Shen Mian’s parents did not hesitate to spend the money. As long as their daughter was okay, the expense was worth it.

Shen Mian’s mother also used the weekend to have a deep talk with her daughter. Shen Mian had nowhere to vent, so she naturally told her mother everything.

After listening to her daughter’s story, Shen Mian’s mother frowned and said that the relationship between Jiang Li and the Jiang family was definitely not as simple as it looked. Most probably, what Jiang Ruo said was not the entire story, and she might even have been manipulating the truth.

Shen Mian was dumbfounded. In her view, Jiang Ruo had always been pure and unscheming. Even now, after being burned so badly, Shen Mian had never suspected that Jiang Ruo might be lying to her. But Jiang Ruo’s behavior of standing on Jiang Zhou’s side without hesitation had completely broken her heart, and she knew they could never return to their previous friendship.


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  1. Thank you for the update \o/

    I do wish Shen Mian the best for her future and distancing her its definitely the best course of action. But duh, she shouldn’t have messed with Xiao Li in the first place (not was she set up to do so).

  2. itsmachiavelliandcheese

    Looks like those moronic Jiang’s have gained another karmic enemy. Their fall will be harsher under the combined weight of the people they have wronged. Tsk Tsk.

  3. While 15 year olds are stupid, impulsive and erratic, that doesn’t absolve her of the shit she did, oddly enough ruo didn’t do anything that bad just lied because her family set it up that she had to lie.

    That shian deserves a life lesson to teach her about accountability and responsibilty, she might want to shift the blame which anyone would in her shoes, but her actions had serious consequences, yet she acts like shes being unfairly punished.

    She was the one who made a decision to try shit on the mc only to have that sht rebound back on her and she’s mad about it? Stop throwing sht might be a better solution? Instead she will keep throwing more sht because her teenage brain is defective due to hormones, stupidity and poor decisions Lol

    Shian will live in sht indefinitely if she can’t figure it out sooner.

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