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ATCF Ch 17 Part 2 – I’m Not That Child Star’s Cousin (II)

Back to the present. Shen Mian walked to her desk without saying a word and started moving all her school stuff into the backpack. Jiang Ruo tried to greet her with a smile, but received no response.

Although the twins had seen the livestream of Shen Mian’s fake suicide attempt, they did not recognize her. On the screen, Shen Mian was standing on the top of the building, far enough to blur her face, so they did not realize that this girl was the one who started that huge drama.

Thinking that she was just a deskmate of Jiang Ruo’s, Feng Bai called to her, “That girl with a high ponytail, I advise you to change your seat as soon as possible; otherwise, you might get affected when your deskmate gets struck by lightning.”

Shen Mian froze for a moment, but she didn’t know Feng Bai, so she did not turn around or otherwise responded and simply continued packing her stuff.

She had to collect everything she needed before the evening self-study started, then returned home and started a new life.

When Shen Mian first entered the classroom, her classmates all looked at each other, but no one went up to talk to her. It wasn’t until she finished packing and was about to leave that Zhou Li, whose seat was in the front row of Jiang Li, called to her, “Are you going to stop coming to school?”

Shen Mian fell silent for a few seconds before replying, “My dad signed me up for a full-time cram course.”

As if being signaled, the classmates who were usually close to Shen Mian started coming to comfort her, saying that it was not a bad thing to move her study outside the school. As long as she worked hard in the last month, she certainly could still get a good grade on the entrance exam.

No one mentioned her fake suicide, nor did they ask why she suddenly signed up for a cram course. Zhou Li even took the initiative to help Shen Mian pack her things, saying she could contact them whenever she needed something.

Listening to their comfort, Shen Mian had the illusion that nothing had changed — she was still part of the class, and everyone was friendly.

When the surroundings suddenly quieted down, Shen Mian noticed something was wrong. She turned to the door and saw Jiang Li’s figure entering the class.

At this moment, Shen Mian finally knew regret. She shouldn’t be hating Jiang Li — she had no reason to. There was no conflict between them initially, and she only started targeting Jiang Li because she thought this new girl was bullying Jiang Ruo.

But in the Academic Affairs office that day, Jiang Ruo blatantly refuted having any conflict with Jiang Li, and even suggested that she should take psychological treatment.

Jiang Ruo’s words made her realize she was actually a big clown.

Because she had seen Jiang Li threatening Jiang Ruo in the cafeteria, and because later, Jiang Zhou asked her to keep an eye on Jiang Li to prevent Jiang Ruo from being bullied, she had a preconception that Jiang Li was bullying Jiang Ruo. But now she thought about it, Jiang Ruo had never outright said anything bad about Jiang Li, and everything was just her assumption!

Shen Mian seemed to be oblivious to the suddenly cooled-down atmosphere. She put on her backpack, took a large stack of books, and left without a word.

The students who were surrounding Shen Mian just now exchanged awkward glances again. Finally, a girl said to her friends, “Let’s send her off. Even if she did something wrong, she is our friend after all.”

Hearing this, other students nodded in unison and quickly followed Shen Mian out of the classroom.

Zhou Li didn’t go with them. He turned to Jiang Ruo and comforted in a low voice, “Shen Mian isn’t deliberately ignoring you. She is just in such a bad mood that she doesn’t want to talk to anybody.”

Jiang Ruo nodded, “I understand.”

But deep down, Jiang Ruo knew she had lost her best friend. Yet, she had no choice. Between a friend and a brother, she could only choose her brother.

Jiang Li indifferently watched as Shen Mian left. She had already learned about Shen Mian’s reason for pretending to jump off the building and was also notified about the school’s decision regarding Shen Mian, which was pretty much within her expectations.

What she didn’t expect was that Jiang Zhou turned out to be the mastermind behind this incident. Although Shen Mian couldn’t produce any evidence, Jiang Li believed she didn’t lie about this.

She had clearly warned Jiang Zhou last time, but he didn’t seem to take it to heart. Did he think she had the patience of a saint? It was in her principle to repay others accordingly, but before that, she first must find a backer to give herself more advantage.

When Jiang Li entered the classroom and saw two unfamiliar boys with identical faces standing next to her seat, she gave Tong Yi a questioning look.

At one glance, these guys must be the Big Sleepyhead’s acquaintances.

Tong Yi cleared his throat and introduced the twins to Jiang Li: “This is Feng Song, and this is his brother Feng Bai. They both graduated from our school, so they can count as our seniors.”

“Feng?” Jiang Li immediately caught the keyword and gave the twins a scrutinizing look. Could it be that they were related to Feng Yun?

After a few moments of silence, Tong Yi nodded and said, “Yeah. They are Jiang Ruo’s maternal cousins.”

Hearing this, Feng Bai quickly retorted, “We are not that child star’s cousins. Don’t lump us together!”

Feng Bai’s words caused a wave of stirs in the classroom. His previous remarks against Jiang Ruo had angered many of her fans, but no one dared to speak out because of his apparent closeness with Tong Yi.

And Tong Yi actually said that these guys were Ruoruo’s cousins?

They had never heard of Ruoruo having twins cousins!

Still, the two so-called cousins were obviously pretty hostile to Ruoruo. No wonder she was reluctant to admit having such relatives!

After Feng Bai quickly distanced himself from Jiang Ruo, he immediately turned his attention back to Jiang Li and gave her a thumbs up with a wide grin, “I watched the video when you scolded the reporters! Xiao Jiang Li, you are amazing!”

Hearing this, Jiang Ruo let out a long sigh of relief, finally sure that the twins did not know Jiang Li’s true identity. With Feng Bai’s outspoken personality, he definitely would make a huge fuss if he knew the truth, and there was no way he would keep the matter secret.

Thank god.

Now, she just hoped that Jiang Li would keep the promise and not say anything to the twins.

Jiang Li glanced at Feng Bai, who acted familiarly, and then at Feng Song, who had been silent but had a gentle smile on his face. In a split second, she instinctively put on a docile and polite smile, “Nice to meet you guys.”

Tong Yi: …

Was blood relation so magical? Despite today being their first meeting, Jiang Xiao Li’s attitude toward the twins was much better than to him. At the very least, she had never shown him such a smile!


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