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ATCF Ch 17 Part 3 – I’m Not That Child Star’s Cousin (III)

Tong Yi: …

Was blood relation so magical? Despite today being their first meeting, Jiang Xiao Li’s attitude toward the twins was much better than to him. At the very least, she had never shown him such a smile!

With an exasperated sigh, Tong Yi took out his mobile phone and quickly transferred the money he had just exchanged with Director Li, “What took you so long?” He then asked Jiang Li.

Jiang Li’s lips curved slightly, “I ran into someone I know in the cafeteria.”

“You have an acquaintance at school?” Tong Yi was surprised.

Jiang Li nodded, “Remember when I fell in the PE exam before? A girl passed by me and helped me up. I saw her in the cafeteria today and invited her to a meal.”

“Jiang Xiao Li, did you forget about a boy who took the pain to deliver you a sports drink afterward?” Tong Yi said resentfully.

Jiang Li thought for a while and said, “I took you to a hot pot, no?”

Tong Yi pouted, “That’s your thanks for my help in teaching you a way to make money, lending you my notebook and account, and later going to redeem the points with Hades Li.”

Jiang Li found his reasoning made sense, “Shall I treat you to another meal?”

Tong Yi shook his head, “Don’t wanna. You are not sincere.”

Feng Bai couldn’t bear listening anymore, “Isn’t it a bit too much for you to bully a little girl like that?” He frowned at Tong Yi, then turned to Jiang Li, “The more you give him way, the more cheeky he becomes. It’s better to ignore him upright.”

Tong Yi clicked his tongue, “This is between my big sis and me. What are you butting in for?”

Feng Bai seemed to be struck by lightning, “Big sis?”

Jiang Li, a senior in middle school, should be 15 or 16 at the most. How could she be Tong Yi’s big sister?

Could it be that she, like Tong Yi, also returned to school after taking extended leave?

But she didn’t look the part. Although Xiao Jiang Li was quite tall, she still looked young enough. Definitely younger than Tong Yi!

Seeing Jiang Li frowning, Tong Yi quickly said, “Didn’t you ask me to call you big sis before? This is your own words.”

Jiang Li: …

She was just joking at the time, in retaliation for Big Sleepyhead’s sudden fixation on making her his younger sister. But this guy actually took it seriously!

“You don’t have to call me big sis. Likewise, I won’t call you big brother unless you can meet the condition I stated.”

Feng Bai asked curiously, “What is the condition?”

Tong Yi snorted, “She wants me to surpass her score in the entrance exam.”

Immediately after Tong Yi’s words fell, Zhou Li, who was sitting in the front row of Jiang Li, suddenly burst into laughter, obviously finding this remark too funny. Even though he quickly held back his laughter, his shoulders were still shaking heavily.

Zhou Li forced himself to calm down.

Who did he think he was, dare to laugh at Tong Yi? Wasn’t he afraid to be retaliated against?

Tong Yi was too preoccupied to pay attention to the like of Zhou Li. He stared at the twins and asked in all seriousness, “Do you think she can be bullied?”

For some reason, Feng Bai seemed pleased. He looked at Jiang Li and asked with a smile, “If my bro’s score surpasses you, will you also call him big brother?”

Jiang Li was puzzled, “Didn’t you already graduate?”

Feng Bai pointed at Feng Song, “He was the city’s top scorer in the high school entrance examination five years ago, with a total score of 666. You two can compare your final score. If you lose, you call him big brother. How?”

Tong Yi had long been used to Feng Bai’s impulsiveness, yet he stayed calm because he knew that Feng Song, who had always been prudent and careful, definitely wouldn’t indulge his twin.

Unexpectedly, he heard Feng Song say gently, “Well, it’s barely fair since we don’t know the difficulty of this year’s exam questions. Even so, do you want to try your luck?”

Feng Song’s cooperativeness not only surprised Tong Yi, but also stunned Feng Bai.

Jiang Li said without hesitation, “Okay.”

Anyway, the twins were this body’s blood-related older cousins and now could also be regarded as her relatives. Whether she won or lost, she didn’t mind calling them big brother.

Feng Song took out his mobile phone, “Then let’s exchange contact information. You may contact us anytime.”

Jiang Li nodded again, “Okay.”

Tong Yi’s eyes turned even more resentful, “Jiang Xiao Li, you are playing favorites!”

As Jiang Li took out her mobile phone to add Feng Song’s WeChat, she handed over the plastic bag in her other hand, “Glutinous rice cake.”

Tong Yi’s eyes lit up, but he quickly pretended to be calm, “You still have some conscience.”

Seeing the harmonious relationship between Jiang Li and the three boys in the back row, Jiang Ruo absent-mindedly drew random circles on the blank page of her notebook. Up until now, she had always believed that Jiang Li was not good at communicating with people. It had been two weeks since Jiang Li transferred, yet save for Tong Yi, she had not yet made a single friend in the class. She and Tong Yi could get along so well, probably because they sat at the same desk and nothing more!

What Jiang Ruo did not expect was the twins’ different attitudes towards Jiang Li. They were very friendly to her, to the point of exchanging contact information at the first meeting and even making a bet in order to be called big brother by her.

Even though they didn’t know that Jiang Li was their cousin, it still did not prevent them from developing a natural affinity for each other.

Jiang Ruo admitted that she was jealous. She was jealous that Jiang Li was treated gently by Tong Yi and the twins.

But why did they treat Jiang Li so gently? The twins were not aware of their blood relation. Could it perhaps they had another kind of thought toward Jiang Li?

If so, there must be a big problem sooner or later!


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  1. itsmachiavelliandcheese

    Wow. She immediately went down the inappropriate route with no hesitation. She never once thought that they liked Jiang Li’s personality.
    Or the fact that she ruined any chances of a good relationship with the maternal family when she sided with her father and brother.

    No accountability, and of course she’s so delusional that she blames others first before reflecting.

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