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ATCF Ch 18 Part 2 – Weird Guy (II)

Feng Song asked, “Is Jiang Li really our cousin?”

Tong Yi was silent for a while, then nodded helplessly, “Didn’t you already know!”

Feng Song frowned, “I’m just guessing. But I don’t understand one thing. Why is the Jiang family reluctant to admit her identity after finding her?”

Tong Yi’s smiled mockingly, “The Jiangs and the Qins have agreed to marry Jiang Ruo with Qin Zheng.”

“Just because of this?” Feng Song was still puzzled.

Tong Yi patted his shoulder, “Jiang Huai is a cold-blooded businessman. This action fits his style of conduct.”

Meanwhile, the neglected Feng Bai was thoroughly left behind by the conversation he couldn’t understand. Annoyed, he shoved himself between the two, “Hey, hey, have you guys forgotten that there is still another person here?”

Still looking at Tong Yi, Feng Song pushed his brother aside; his expression was solemn, “Is she feeling sad?”

Tong Yi thought for a while before answering truthfully, “She is stronger than you think. Or rather, she is keener than most people and should have long recognized the true nature of the Jiangs, thus refusing to have anything to do with them.”

Feng Song was silent for a while, “Then… do you think she is willing to see us?”

Tong Yi slowly shook his head, “I don’t know either. But she is broad-minded and knows what she wants. If she has the intention to connect with your family, she will initiate the contact herself.”

Seeing Feng Song’s heavy expression, Tong Yi added, “Today is you guys’ first meeting, yet she agreed to add you to her friend list. At least she has a good impression of you two.”

Feng Song nodded, “Thank you for telling me this, and… please help me to look after her.”

Tong Yi smiled smugly, “Even if you don’t ask, I will still take care of her.”

After the two ended their exchange, Tong Yi turned around and returned to his class. As his figure gradually walked away, Feng Bai turned to Feng Song resentfully, “Who is your real brother ah? Is it Tong Yi or me?”

Feng Song sighed helplessly, “Didn’t you listen? Jiang Li is our cousin.”

Feng Bai snorted, “That’s what I said from the beginning, but didn’t you say that I was talking nonsense? Anyway, what did you say to Tong Yi just now? I don’t understand.”

“Jiang Li is not Third Uncle’s daughter. She is our aunt’s daughter.” Feng Song answered succinctly.

“What are you kidding? Where did this aunt come from…” Feng Bai suddenly widened his eyes, “You mean… Xiao Jiang Li is also Jiang Huai’s daughter, and she and Jiang Ruo are twins?”

Feng Song: …

“Our family seems to have twin genes, yes. But the two don’t look alike at all. Are they fraternal twins?” If so, he could understand part of Tong Yi and Feng Song’s conversation just now. However, one thing still left him puzzled. If this was the case, why didn’t Jiang Huai announce Xiao Jiang Li’s real identity? Tong Yi mentioned the marriage agreement between Jiang Ruo and Qin Zheng, but this had nothing to do with Xiao Jiang Li!

Feng Song was completely speechless. Looking straight into his stupid little brother’s eyes, he spoke slowly, word by word, “Jiang Li is our aunt’s daughter, but Jiang Ruo is not. It is very likely that the two were mistakenly exchanged as a baby. It’s only recently that the Jiang family found the truth, and thus they took Jiang Li back.”

“Impossible!” Feng Bai immediately retorted, “If this was the case, the news would have spread long ago, and there is no way our family hasn’t heard a word of it!”

“Jiang Huai and his family are unwilling to admit Jiang Li’s identity because of the marriage agreement with the Qin family. Jiang Li herself doesn’t care about being their daughter, resulting in the current situation.” Feng Song explained.

Feng Bai was stunned, full of disbelief. The next moment, he broke in anger: “If this is true, how could Jiang Ruo have the face continuing to occupy Xiao Jiang Li’s identity?! No, I have to find her!”

Feng Song grabbed him, “Do you want to make trouble for Jiang Li?”

“How can I trouble her?” Feng Bai was confused. “Jiang Ruo is the impostor who occupies Xiao Jiang Li’s identity. No wonder I always dislike her. It turns out that she is just a fake! Anyway, I cannot let it go. Either you come with me to confront her or you stay here. Don’t try to stop me. I have to tear away her hypocrite face today!”

Feng Song suddenly had a headache. The information he obtained today was too shocking, so he got careless and shared it with his younger brother on the spot. Unfortunately, this guy was too impulsive!

If he had known earlier, he would have waited until they got home.

Feng Song quickly racked his brain to stop his rampaging twin, “Calm down! You storm into the classroom and suddenly accuse Jiang Ruo of being a fake. If both Jiang Ruo and the Jiang family denied it, who would believe you? What would others think of Jiang Li?!”

“Once this matter is revealed, I don’t believe our aunt can continue to play dumb and protect that fake.” Feng Bai refuted with a sullen face.

“But didn’t she protect Jiang Ruo before?” Feng Song reminded.

Feng Bai: …

“Let’s think about it from a different angle. Isn’t it good that the Jiangs do not recognize Jiang Li? After we return home, let’s inform the elders so that we can make a plan to let Jiang Li know about us. After we take Jiang Li home and announce her identity as the granddaughter of our Feng family, she will have nothing to do with the people surnamed Jiang in the future. What do you think? Isn’t it better?”

Feng Bai thought of his brother’s proposal and found that this method was indeed much better. Finally calmed down, he pondered for a moment before adding, “After Xiao Jiang Li accepts us, let’s hold a grand banquet to announce her return to the Feng family. We should make the banquet as big as possible and invite everyone who can be invited, especially those close to the Jiang family. Let the world see how Xiao Jiang Li is many times better than that fake!”

Feng Song: …

Although Feng Bai’s idea was quite childish, it was indeed very effective!

However, if they wanted to make such a big move, the adults in the family must come forward to take charge. It was absolutely impossible for the two of them to accomplish this kind of feat alone.

But would the adults allow them to mess around?

Feng Bai’s mind was much simpler than his brother’s, so he did not have such worry. Recalling the conversation they overheard between Hades Li and Tong Yi today, he took out his mobile phone and mumbled to himself, “I’ll transfer some money to Big Nephew Tong Yi for Xiao Jiang Li. She is already learning to milk the school coffer in such a short time, so she must be in dire need of money.”

Seeing the string of numbers on his younger brother’s phone, Feng Song smiled coldly, “I remember you cried poor last month and came begging for relief money. It seems I gave you 10,000 yuan back then? Now you are so rich and generous.”

Feng Bai: …


He was feeling sad for his poor little cousin, but forgot to maintain his impoverished image in front of his elder brother!

In the future, it would be hard to get money from Feng Song again!


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