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ATCF Ch 19 Part 1 – Grandpa Explodes in Anger (I)

After leaving the classroom, Jiang Li returned to the dormitory and found that the two roommates had been staring strangely at her as if looking at something bizarre. “What is it?” She frowned,

Lin Yu pushed Tang Rou forward, “You do it.”

Tang Rou gulped subconsciously, then asked with a stammer, “Ji-Jiang Li, are you dating… I mean, are you dating…Tong… Tong Yi?”

Jiang Li’s frown deepened, “I’m still fifteen.”

Whether it was her real age or this new body’s age, she was still fifteen this year, a shy three years from coming of age. How could she start dating at such a young age?

Lin Yu muttered in a low voice, “There are two couples dating in our class. It’s just the teachers and parents know nothing of it.”

Jiang Li responded boredly, “I’m not interested.”

Tang Rou looked at Jiang Li hesitantly but finally couldn’t help but say again, “someone in the class group posted a photo of you and Tong Yi, saying that you two are dating… Do you… do you want to clarify?”

Jiang Li was taken aback, “Class group?”

Tang Rou nodded, “Because they were worried that Tong Yi would track their IP address, people didn’t dare to speak in the school forum. But we have an anonymous QQ chat group… if you want to clarify, I will lend you my account, but it is also anonymous, so…”

As Tang Rou spoke, she quickly unlocked her phone and opened the said chat group. After a few quick swipes, she clicked on several photos and showed them to Jiang Li.

Upon examining the blurry and clearly candid photographs, Jiang Li furrowed her brow once more. It was evident to her that whoever had taken the photos had intentionally captured them from misleading angles. If she were not one of the subjects, she too would have assumed that the boy and girl in the photos were overly close to one another.

Jiang Li proceeded to take Tang Rou’s phone and sift through the anonymous conversations. The comments were diverse. Some claimed that Tang Rou was allowing herself to deteriorate and would eventually follow in Tong Yi’s footsteps and become a delinquent. Others alleged that she had grown up in an orphanage and had only gotten close to Tong Yi for his wealth. Otherwise, why else would she be interested in him?

There were those who held different opinions. Despite Tong Yi’s delinquent behavior, he was incredibly good-looking. If one disregarded all other factors and focused solely on appearance, not even the renowned Qin Zheng was as handsome as him, so it made sense for Jiang Li to be attracted to him.

However, another individual quickly countered, stating that apart from appearance and family background, Qin Zheng surpassed Tong Yi in every way possible, so the two could not be compared in the slightest.

Furthermore, even if Tong Yi’s family was wealthier than Qin Zheng’s, both of his parents were deceased, and his uncle was now the head of the Tong family. In the future, Tong Yi will not inherit much.

In contrast, Qin Zheng and Jiang Ruo had been childhood sweethearts. If their relationship continued into adulthood, the Qin and Jiang families would certainly join forces, potentially surpassing the Tong family.

Several fans of Jiang Ruo vehemently protested: Their Ruoruo does not engage in early dating, so stop talking nonsense! She is close to Qin Zheng just because their families are friends!

Those who supported Tong Yi also chimed in and refuted these claims, contending that Tong Yi had been a prodigy as a child and was merely in a temporary dormancy.

Immediately after, another person responded by stating that while Tong Yi might have been a child prodigy, what difference did it make? Given his current state, he was simply a real-life example of Fang Zhongyong!

As the two sides continued to bicker, someone presented a new perspective: Jiang Li had beaten Qin Zheng to become the number one student, so why compare Tong Yi to Qin Zheng? In terms of both appearance and academic performance, Qin Zheng was no match for Jiang Li, so why bother?

This novel viewpoint was supported by several students. While some attempted to dispute this by claiming that Jiang Li had only defeated Qin Zheng once, they were immediately ridiculed. Although Jiang Li had only taken the exam once, she had emerged victorious immediately. If there had been one hundred exams, wouldn’t she have won one hundred times!

Since the chat was entirely anonymous, no one held back, and it didn’t take long for the situation to devolve into a full-fledged war between multiple sides, entirely diverting attention away from the initial question: are Jiang Li and Tong Yi dating?

After scrolling for a while, Jiang Li returned the phone to Tang Rou, having absolutely no attention to joining the charade.

Tang Rou was surprised, “Aren’t you going to clarify?”

Although it was an anonymous chat, as long as Jiang Li exposed her identity, her clarification would surely be effective.

Jiang Li was not interested, “Why should I explain myself to a coward who only spreads rumors anonymously?”

If the person didn’t bother her in person, she couldn’t be bothered to waste her time on them.

Jiang Li’s nonchalant reaction seemed to stun Lin Yu and Tang Rou. After a while, Lin Yu reminded, “But if Teacher He knows about it, she might call your parents over.”

“If Teacher He will really call the parents for a non-existent problem, then I have nothing to say.” Jiang Li responded indifferently.

If that were to happen, the worst she would face was Ms. Feng’s nagging, which would have no impact on her. It would simply go in one ear and out the other, completely insignificant.

“Then…will you take some distance from Tong Yi?” Tang Rou couldn’t help asking.

Jiang Li answered truthfully: “No, he is my friend.”

“You are so amazing. I envy you so much.” Tang Rou looked at Jiang Li with admiration. She admired Jiang Li’s brain power that could push Qin Zheng from the altar, and she also envied Jiang Li’s strength. Jiang Li would not let others bully her, but she also would never take the initiative to bully others.

However, what impressed her the most was Jiang Li’s carefree and easygoing personality. Jiang Li was naturally unbridled and never let other people’s opinions affect her, which was a genuinely comfortable way to live.

Changed to her, if she found that the students in the school were spreading rumors about her, she would not dare to argue in the group, but she would still make a public clarification. Furthermore, to avoid further misunderstanding and rumors, she would definitely distance herself from her ‘gossip boyfriend.’

But Jiang Li did not. Jiang Li did not care about other people’s opinions and always acted according to her heart.

How nice.


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