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ATCF Ch 19 Part 4 – Grandpa Explodes in Anger (IV)

Hearing the sound of the vase falling to the ground, Professor Tan, who had been observing the movement in the study, immediately winked at her two sons, “Go in and try to appease your grandpa.”

Feng Song and Feng Bai pushed open the door and walked in. Feng Song reached out to support his grandfather and comforted him, “Jiang Li is not a weak person; she won’t suffer.”

Old Master Feng glared at his grandson, “She won’t feel bullied, so others can bully her casually. Do you mean that?”

Feng Song: …

Why did it sound like he was the one who bullied Jiang Li!

Feng Song quickly changed his words, “Jiang Li has a good friend at school, Tong Yi. Don’t you always say that he is promising? He is taking good care of Jiang Li. With Tong Yi’s protection, no one dares to bully her.”

Old Master Feng widened his eyes, “Are you still speaking Human? Is Jiang Li Tong Yi’s sister or yours?!”

“Grandpa, calm down.” Feng Bai stood on the other side of the old man and stretched out his hand to support him, “Jiang Huai is nothing. As long as you stop giving him support, he is a fart. Don’t get angry with him. It’s not worth it!”

“Whether it’s worth it or not, is it up to you to decide?” Old Master Feng was furious.

Feng Bai: …

It’s over. His grandfather was completely irrational and had started to attack indiscriminately.

After thinking for a while, Feng Bai opened his mouth again: “Grandpa, how about you stop your help for Jiang Huai? Just let him taste the hardship.”

Old Master Feng’s eyes widened: “Who said I help that fucking bastard?”

Feng Bai didn’t dare to remind his grandfather about his language, so he could only rub his nose helplessly and said, “You didn’t give him any direct help, but many of his business partners gave him the time of day only because he is your son-in-law. You know this, yet you never stopped it from happening!”

Old Master Feng snorted, “Who told you this?”

It’s not that he liked to belittle his descendants, but the brain capacity of this third grandson of his was only the size of a mung bean, so it was certainly impossible for Feng Bai to figure it out on his own.

Feng Bai did not hesitate to betray his comrade, “It’s Tong Yi. He said that your connections are real intangible wealth, and it’s a pity to have someone like Jiang Huai take advantage of them. At first, I didn’t believe him, so I asked Eldest Brother. Eldest Brother didn’t deny it and just told me to leave this matter alone.”

Old Master Feng glanced at his third grandson, “Tong Yi has explained so clearly, yet you still didn’t believe it? How stupid are you?”

This matter was indeed true. He had no intention of helping Jiang Huai, but some people liked to play smart. He didn’t want his daughter and grandchildren to have a hard life, so he simply turned a blind eye… until now.

What Jiang Huai had done touched his bottom line, and he no longer wanted to tolerate him.

What’s even more infuriating was that his stupid daughter seemed to have grown even more foolish than she was back then. In the beginning, she fell in love with Jiang Huai and disregarded her family for him, but she now was even willing to not recognize her own daughter and allowed an adopted daughter to bully her.

Seeing that the Old Master Feng’s anger had subsided, Feng Bai chimed, “Grandpa, I have a very cool plan. Would you like to hear it?”

Old Master Feng squinted his eyes, “Can your brain make a decent plan?”

Feng Bai selectively ignored his grandfather’s sarcasm and smiled brightly: “Since the Jiangs refuse to announce Xiao Jiang Li’s identity, we should do it. Not only that, but we must make the occasion as grand as possible and invite Jiang Huai’s acquaintances. Let everyone knows that you and the Jiang family have long since broken relationship.”

Old Master Feng squinted his eyes and pondered for a while, “Did you really come up with it?”

Feng Bai nodded immediately, “Yes. Big Bro has also agreed with my idea. I’m now just waiting for your approval.”

Feng Song: …

No, he didn’t say anything.

Although he did support Feng Bai’s idea, their aunt’s quality of life would definitely decline as a consequence. Grandpa was always soft-hearted to her and probably wouldn’t agree.

Unexpectedly, Old Master Feng suddenly patted Feng Bai’s shoulder in appreciation, “After going to school for so many years, your brain is finally starting to work decently. Good job!”

Feng Bai happily took his grandfather’s words as a compliment and eagerly said again, “Then should we take Xiao Jiang Li home now?”

He had always been the youngest in the family, but from now on, he would finally have a younger sister! Just thinking about it made him elated.

But Old Master Feng shook his head, “We can’t be in a hurry. We have to get Xiao Jiang Li’s household registration back first.”

Because Feng Bai had always called her Xiao Jiang Li, the Old Master Feng was affected and started calling her Xiao Jiang Li as well.

“But seeing that Jiang Huai will piss me to death. Call your Third Uncle and let him go. He always has a way of forcing that bastard to agree.” Old Master Feng made a final decision.

It was easy to pick up Xiao Jiang Li home, but it would be a hassle if her household registration was kept in the hands of the Jiang family.

Feng Bai immediately said: “Then I’ll give Third Uncle a call.”

Mr. Feng nodded. After saying that he wanted to take a nap, he returned to his bedroom alone.

Feng Bai was surprised, “Can grandpa still fall asleep after such exciting news?”

Professor Tan’s eyes shone brightly, “I think Dad wants to make a plan.”

“What plan?” Feng Bai was puzzled.

Hadn’t they finished making the plan just now?

Professor Tan sighed exasperatedly, “Of course it’s a plan to meet Jiang Li! How could I give birth to such a stupid son as you?”

Feng Bai: …

He wanted to say: No matter how stupid, I am still born from you!

But he was a coward, so he dared not!


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  1. Is it just me, or does anyone else feel sorry for Jiang Rui. She isn’t trying to hurt her adopted sister, but somehow all the hate seems directed at her.

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