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ATCF Ch 2 Part 1 – Refuting Ms. Feng’s Words (I)

The orphanage where Jiang Li used to live until today was located in a small county seat in Minjiang City, about 300 km away from the city itself. It took more than three hours of driving to reach the city.

After the car entered the urban area of ​​Minjiang City, it drove all the way to the villa community in the western suburbs.

Assistant Bai looked through the rearview mirror to observe the newly-recovered young miss of the Jiang family, only to find that she was not at all look nervous, as if the luxurious environment of the villa community had nothing to do with her. A child who grew up in an orphanage shouldn’t have this kind of reaction, so she either truly did not care or was too good at pretending.

Assistant Bai was secretly surprised and soon made up his mind to never take the initiative to provoke this Miss Jiang in the future. It was true that President Jiang was being lukewarm to her now, but they were blood-related after all, and no one could tell what would happen in the future. Unfortunately, he had offended Miss Jiang Li once. Even if he tried to build a good relationship, she might not have a good impression of him.

Jiang Li of course didn’t know how many stories Assistant Bai had made up in his mind. Although she was not born in an ultra-wealthy family, the Jiang Li before transmigrating had never been short of money, so she naturally was not particularly impressed by the row of villas in this community.

However, a pair of boy and girl standing on the lawn in front of the Jiang family’s villa managed to attract her attention. The girl looked about the same age as her and was very beautiful, while the boy looked a little bit older and simply the younger version of Jiang Hui. The boy was lowering his head. Gentleness and dotingness seemed to overflow on his face as he listened to the girl’s talking.

Jiang Li quickly guessed that they were two important characters from the book: the fake daughter Jiang Ruo and her sister-complex elder brother Jiang Zhou.

Looking at Jiang Li’s line of sight, Feng Yun’s eyes immediately became gentle, but she quickly returned to her sense and realized she hadn’t told Xiao Li about Ruoruo. Originally, she planned to talk on the way back to Minjiang, but because of the heavy atmosphere between her husband and Xiao Li, she forgot about it.

Feng Yun was about to explain when Jiang Ruo noticed their arrival. Her eyes immediately sparkled. Ignoring her brother’s warning of “Don’t run!”, she ran over and jumped into Feng Yun’s arms, then she said coquettishly: “Mom, have you brought my sister back?”

Feng Yun smiled and stroked Jiang Ruo’s head, “Well, I’ve brought her back. From tomorrow, you sisters will go to school together and accompany each other.” Feng Yun then turned her gaze to Jiang Li and said with a smile, “Xiao Li, this is Ruoruo, your younger sister. You two sisters were accidentally exchanged before, so your father and I always thought she was our biological daughter.”

Before Jiang Li could speak, Jiang Ruo greeted her with a friendly attitude: “Hello, sister.”

Hearing the word ‘younger sister,’ Jiang Li immediately remembered another plot in the novel—

After the original ‘Jiang Li’ returned home, Jiang Ruo did call her sister all the time. Later, whenever there was a conflict between the two, Jiang Zhou would always do moral kidnapping to ‘Jiang Li,’ saying that Jiang Ruo was not in good health, so she, as the elder sister, should be the one who gave way and stopped arguing with her younger sister.

Jiang Li had no plans to indulge this little princess, so she said bluntly, “We are the same age, and our birth dates should be about the same. You can just call me by my name.”

Seeing Jiang Li’s indifferent attitude, Jiang Ruo was a little helpless and looked up at Jiang Zhou, as if asking for help.

Jiang Zhou immediately frowned and looked at Jiang Li, “It’s just a call. Is it necessary to care about it?”

Jiang Li looked back at Jiang Zhou, “Since it’s just a call, then there’s no need to care about it.” Then she turned her gaze to Jiang Ruo, “You think so too, right?”

Jiang Ruo: …

Jiang Zhou didn’t expect this newly-recovered younger sister to have such a low emotional intelligence. Having been refused in the face, Jiang Zhou turned his head and rubbed Jiang Ruo’s head comfortingly: “Since she doesn’t appreciate it, you don’t need to be too polite. Just call her by her name.”

Jiang Ruo pursed her lips and said nothing.

The brother and sister’s first meeting was unpleasant, which made Feng Yun a little embarrassed. She looked at Jiang Huai, asking for help, but found that her husband just stood there with a cold face and obviously refused to take care. After hesitating for a moment, Feng Yun frowned and looked at her son, “Xiao Li is also your younger sister. How can you talk like this?”

Jiang Zhou shrugged, “She doesn’t even call me ‘Brother.’ Why should I care?”

Feng Yun was stunned for a few seconds. As if suddenly realizing something, she looked at Jiang Li with a heartache, “Xiao Li, are you blaming Mom and Dad for not finding you earlier?”

Jiang Li shook her head, “No.”

“Then why…” Feng Yun hesitated. The one in front of her was obviously her own daughter, but why did the girl always give her a feeling of rejection and indifference?

Did she feel it wrong?

Jiang Li could roughly guess what Feng Yun was thinking. Remembering the plot in the book, she suddenly laughed and asked, “Are you asking that because I never call you Mom and Dad, nor do I call him Brother?”

Feng Yun: …

It was indeed the case, but she never thought that her daughter would say so straightforwardly.

“Because I’m not sure yet whether you will recognize me or not.” Jiang Li’s voice was cold.

“Of course we want to recognize you! If we don’t recognize you, how can we come all the way to take you home? Xiao Li, your words just now really hurt your parents’ heart.” Feng Yun looked like she was about to cry, as if she had been wronged by heaven.

But Jiang Li didn’t give her a chance to indulge in self-pity, “But everyone knows that Jiang Ruo is the daughter of the Jiang family. Are you going to announce to the public that we were accidentally exchanged when we were young?”

Hearing this, Feng Yun suddenly lost her momentum. The family had discussed this issue before going to pick up Xiao Li. In the end, they decided not to announce Xiao Li’s identity for the time being. Otherwise, Ruoruo’s situation would become very awkward.

As for Xiao Li, they would declare to the public that she was the adopted daughter of the Jiang family. Anyway, the family knew her true identity and would treat the two children fairly.

When Jiang Zhou proposed this plan before, Jiang Huai agreed without much thought. Although Feng Yun hesitated, she also acquiesced to her husband and son’s decision. But at this time, facing her own daughter’s questioning, she felt a little guilty.

Jiang Zhou frowned and looked at Jiang Li, “You care so much about the identity of the Jiang family’s daughter?”

Jiang Li shook her head, “I don’t care.”

Jiang Zhou sneered, “If you really don’t care, why are you forcing us to reveal your identity as soon as you come back?”

Although Jiang Huai had been silent all the time, he agreed with his son’s words and felt that Jiang Li was too short-sighted.

Jiang Li looked at Jiang Zhou as if looking at an idiot: “Isn’t it you guys who force me to call you family first?”

Jiang Zhou: …

“You and I are related by blood, so it stands to reason that I should address you according to our familial relationship, but since you don’t plan to admit that I am your biological daughter, isn’t it normal for me not to call ‘Mom’ or ‘Dad’?”

Seeing Jiang Zhou’s stupefied look, Jiang Ruo whispered, “Brother, or else…”

Jiang Zhou patted her on the shoulder lightly and reassured her: “You don’t have to worry about these little things.”

Jiang Huai finally stopped pretending to be a transparent man. He looked at Jiang Li with condescending eyes and said, “In the fifteen years you’ve been outside, Ruoruo has always been by our side. Everyone knows that she is the daughter of the Jiang family. If we suddenly reveal your identity, Ruoruo will definitely be pointed at by others.”

“But you are different. People in the circle do not know you. As long as we say that you are our adopted daughter, everyone will treat you politely. You should be able to understand, right? ”

Jiang Li was noncommittal, “Can you change the statement?”

Jiang Huai frowned, “What is it?” He had already seen that the little girl in front of him was not easy to deal with, and he just hoped that she would not make any excessive demands.

“Since you guys don’t plan to reveal my identity, then just tell others that I’m a distant relative of the Jiang family and I’m just living temporarily in your house.” Jiang Li’s tone was casual.

Feng Yun was about to refute, but Jiang Huai said, “Yes.”

In his eyes, Jiang Li pretended to be indifferent, but she actually wanted to force the family to reveal her identity as the real daughter. However, he would not do as she wished. What surprised Jiang Huai was that this girl’s plan had obviously failed. Still, she didn’t cry or make trouble, which showed her ability to pretend.


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