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ATCF Ch 2 Part 2 – Refuting Ms. Feng’s Words (II)

That night, Feng Yun and Jiang Huai had a good talk.

“Xiao Li would rather let us claim that she is a distant relative of the Jiang family than to tell others that she is our adopted daughter. Is she blaming us?”

Jiang Huai said nonchalantly: “She is young and can’t understand the difficulties of adults. She is just making a temper. Wait a few days, and her anger will naturally subside.”

Feng Yun frowned slightly, “But I always felt that the reason she said that was just because she didn’t want to call us Mom and Dad.”

Jiang Huai snorted coldly, “It’s just a child’s temper. The more we indulge her, the more willful she will be. Could it be that you want us to indulge her temper and announce her identity at the expense of Ruoruo?”

Feng Yun hesitated for a while, then whispered, “She grew up in an orphanage and had no one to teach her. It is inevitable that she is a bit willful. Should we…”

“Impossible!” Jiang Huai interrupted her, “You brought up Ruoruo, and we have raised her for more than ten years. Moreover, Ruoruo and Qin Zheng have a marriage contract. If the Qin family knows that Ruoruo is not our own, we won’t be able to keep this marriage contract.”

Feng Yun was a little confused, “Didn’t we make the verbal engagement with the Qin family only after we found that Ruoruo and Qin Zheng like each other?”

Jiang Huai smiled sarcastically, “It’s true that Qin Zheng likes Ruoruo, but do you think those people in the Qin family are doing charity? I have my own plans for this matter, don’t worry about it.”

Hearing what her husband said, Feng Yun sighed and stopped insisting.

The next morning, the couple got up for breakfast, only to find that the three children were already sitting at the dining table. Feng Yun’s eyes subconsciously skipped Jiang Zhou and Jiang Ruo and fell on her biological daughter Jiang Li.

At this time, Jiang Li was wearing a large black T-shirt. Her long hair was tied into a ponytail with a fabric headband, and her originally heavy bangs were now tidied and fixed with black clips. Probably because she had been using bangs for a long time, the skin tone on Jiang Li’s forehead was slightly whiter than the rest of her face. Although the contrast looked a little out of place, it should be easy enough to cover up with some foundation.

Feng Yun stared at the girl for a long time and couldn’t help but think: Her daughter was truly a beauty. Even without makeup or beautiful clothes, she didn’t look any worse than Ruoruo.

Most importantly, the girl sitting at the dining table and eating western-style food did not look rustic at all. Although her movements were not very standard, she looked very natural when using the cutlery. This was not the kind of demeanor that could be cultivated in an orphanage.

Feng Yun wanted to get close to her daughter, so she took the initiative to sit next to her and said softly, “There are so many new clothes in the cloakroom, why don’t you wear them?”

Jiang Li finally looked away from the breakfast plate and said in a calm voice, “There are indeed many clothes in the cloakroom, but the sizes are too small, and none of them fit me.”

After hearing Jiang Li’s words, Feng Yun was stunned. She had asked the housekeeper to prepare clothes for Xiao Li before her arrival, but when Ruoruo heard it, she took the initiative to help choose the clothes by trying them on her body. Unexpectedly, the clothes prepared turned out to be the wrong size.

But this couldn’t be blamed on Ruoruo. After all, she had no idea about Xiao Li’s size.

“I’m sorry, Xiao Li, the clothes that uncle housekeeper prepared for you were all chosen by me, but I didn’t know that you are so tall. Otherwise, I wouldn’t make such a mistake.”

Jiang Zhou couldn’t stand seeing his sister being wronged. He squinted at Jiang Li and said annoyedly, “If the clothes don’t fit, then just inform the servants to exchange them. Don’t always think that everyone owes you.”

Jiang Li put down the knife and fork gently. With a slight frown, she asked, “What made you think that I was such a person?” Before waiting for Jiang Zhou to answer, she asked again, “Or, do I have to wear those unfit clothes so that you won’t think that I am making trouble unreasonably?”

According to the novel’s content, the original ‘Jiang Li’ was dazzled by the clothes she found in the cloakroom upon her arrival in the Jiang house. Happy, she put on the branded clothes carefully selected for her by the female lead, but they could not fit on her body. It was as if the word ‘uncomfortable’ was written all over her body.

Even the servants couldn’t help discussing in private, saying that this ‘new young miss’ was not only inferior in look compared to Miss Ruoruo, but also several times worse in disposition, not at all resembling a Jiang family member.

But those people never thought that the clothes in the cloakroom were prepared according to Jiang Ruo’s size. Although ‘Jiang Li’ was slender, she was half a head taller than Jiang Ruo. It would be strange if those clothes fit her.

However, from the beginning to the end, the novel only emphasized that ‘Jiang Li’ was inferior to Jiang Ruo in every way. As for these details, nothing was written about.

Jiang Li was not the original ‘Jiang Li’ and naturally would not wrong herself to wear unfit clothes. Facing Jiang Zhou’s deliberate provocation, she was even less likely to endure.

Looking at Jiang Li’s calm and indifferent eyes, Jiang Zhou was stumped for a while and couldn’t find a word to refute. At this moment, he suddenly regretted not stopping his parents from picking up Jiang Li back.

The tension between her son and her daughter made Feng Yun a little helpless. She tried to ignore the low pressure around her son and turned to Jiang Li, “I’ll have someone prepare new clothes for you again. Your brother speaks bluntly, but in fact, he cares a lot about you. He has been looking forward to your return and even personally dealt with your school transfer procedures.”

Jiang Li turned her attention to Feng Yun, “He didn’t ask for my opinion before going through the transfer procedures?”

Feng Yun immediately explained: “Your previous school was just an ordinary junior high school in a small county seat, but Minjiang International School is the best private middle school in the province…”

Jiang Li interrupted her, “Then have you ever thought that I’ll be taking the high school entrance exam in two months? What if this sudden transfer of school affects my exam study?”

In that real and fake daughter novel, the female lead Jiang Ruo scored more than 90 points in the high school entrance examination and was admitted to the talent class of Minjiang First High School, becoming the pride of the Jiang family.

The original ‘Jiang Li,’ as the female lead’s foil, did not even pass the entrance examination and could not go to the key high schools in the city. In the end, she could only choose from a few schools in the suburb.

Claiming it was for her good, the Jiang family put ‘Jiang Li’ student status in a random high school in the suburb, then pulled some strings to make her a guest student in the talent class of No.1 High School, hoping that she could improve her grades sooner. But when ‘Jiang Li’ went there, she couldn’t keep up with the rhythm of the class, resulting in her grade completely being reduced to the bottom fodder in the class.

Other students in the class knew that she was ‘Jiang family’s adopted daughter,’ so they couldn’t help discussing in private, saying that she and Jiang Ruo were so different and that the Jiang family must be confused to adopt someone like her as their daughter.

Under some people’s malicious speculation, the rumors that she was Jiang Huai’s illegitimate daughter also intensified.

Slowly, ‘Jiang Li’ began to completely isolate herself from others and no longer communicated with anyone in the class.

Three years of high school life turned ‘Jiang Li’ from an introverted and sensitive girl into a lifeless and gloomy one, causing many people to be reluctant to approach her.

But Jiang Li had the memory of the original ‘Jiang Li .’She knows that although the original ‘Jiang Li’ was not a prodigy, she had always been diligent and eager to learn. In the county junior high she used to be, her grade was good enough to always win scholarship money after every major exam.

With ‘Jiang Li’ ability, it was definitely more than enough to pass the high school entrance examination, provided that she could perform normally. However, her life after returning to the Jiang family underwent earth-shaking changes. Because of their self-assertion, the Jiang family was unaware of this and thought that ‘Jiang Li’ bad academic performance was her own fault. In their eyes, the family had provided ‘Jiang Li’ with such good conditions, but she was neither smart nor motivated, and she was totally no match for Jiang Ruo.

Upon hearing Jiang Li’s questioning, Jiang Zhou didn’t think there was anything wrong with the Jiang family’s actions and even showed a meaningful smile, “You haven’t even gone to school yet, but already take a retreat for yourself? Do you plan to put the blame on me when you fail the entrance exam?”

Jiang Li replied calmly, “I’m simply refuting what Ms. Feng said just now because I don’t think it’s a good thing for me to have you handling the school transfer procedures.”

Hearing Jiang Li’s words, the whole room froze.

They never thought that Jiang Li would call her biological mother ‘Ms. Feng’.


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Author’s note:

Jiang Li: I think I’m already very polite

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