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ATCF Ch 20 Part 2 – He Doesn’t Like Talking to Idiots (II)

Jiang Huai suddenly recollected a past event from many years ago. At that time, he had just completed his university studies, and due to Old Master Feng’s strong opposition to his relationship with Feng Yun, he used sweet words to persuade her to accompany him back to his hometown. Later on, A’Zhou was born. With a child in tow, the Feng family had no choice but to reluctantly accept this unsatisfactory son-in-law.

Initially, Jiang Huai believed that with his own abilities and the backing of the Feng family, it was just a matter of time before he could achieve greatness. However, Feng Qi, his wife’s younger brother who was born much later and deeply favored by Old Master Feng, never considered him as part of the family.

At that time, Jiang Huai didn’t show the slightest dissatisfaction with the Feng family, but he couldn’t help complaining to his wife in private. Who knew, these words were heard by the young A’Zhou, who then ran to make a quarrel with the Feng family, causing his grandmother to be hospitalized with anger.

After that incident, Old Master Feng didn’t blame A’Zhou, but pointed fingers at Jiang Huai, scolding him for making irresponsible remarks in front of A’Zhou and causing the boy to be alienated from the Feng family.

Under this circumstance, the Jiang family of three was forced to move out of the Feng family, and the two families have practically cut off contact since then.

Years later, upon discovering that Old Master Feng had secretly been in touch with Ruoruo, Jiang Huai was stricken with fear. While he would have welcomed a better relationship with the Feng family, the truth was that Ruoruo was not Feng Yun’s biological daughter.

While his wife was trusting and guileless, always taking his word for it, the members of the Feng family were much more discerning. Frequent contact with them could potentially lead to the truth of Ruoruo’s birth being uncovered and invite disaster. As a result, he went to great lengths to forbid Ruoruo from having any contact with the Feng family to the point of even threatening to disown her.

After that, things really went in the direction he wanted. Ruoruo ignored the people of the Feng family, and they gradually stopped reaching out to her.

Had his wife not stumbled upon the truth about Ruoruo not being their biological daughter and urged him to search for their real child, the secret would have remained hidden from the Feng family forever.

Feng Yun continuously pressured him to locate their biological daughter. Though he had intended to delay the search, he inadvertently learned that Feng Yun was considering reaching out to the Feng family for assistance.

So he could only appease his wife temporarily and had no choice but to mobilize all the power he could to find the child.

Jiang Li was quickly found, pushing him into another crisis.

Thankfully, both his wife and son shared a close bond with Ruoruo. With some gentle prodding from him, the family eventually agreed to bring Jiang Li home, but chose to keep her true identity a secret from the public.

Jiang Huai believed he had some respite from his troubles, but he was caught off guard when the Feng family swiftly learned of Jiang Li’s whereabouts and demanded custody of her. Although he was incensed at having to relinquish custody, he was ultimately more relieved than anything else. The Feng family’s behavior indicated they were still unaware of any issues with Ruoruo’s parentage. Had there been cause for concern, Feng Qi would have likely taken additional measures beyond seeking Jiang Li’s custody.

Jiang Huai sighed and decided to think optimistically. Regardless, Jiang Li was also his biological daughter; his blood flew in her vein, and this was an undeniable fact. Her being taken away by the Feng family was actually good for her, him, and his family.

Now, his remaining concern was how to explain this matter to Feng Yun.

When Jiang Huai returned home later in the day, he immediately informed Feng Yun that Feng Qi had come to ask for Jiang Li’s custody.

Upon hearing her younger brother’s name from her husband, Feng Yun was taken aback momentarily. She had been estranged from her family for over a decade. She had a happy and fulfilling life after marrying Jiang Huai, but occasionally, she couldn’t help but feel some regrets whenever she recalled her natal family back home.

The Jiang and Feng families were both her cherished relatives, and she hoped for their harmonious relationship. Consequently, when she was informed by her husband that her younger brother had requested custody of Xiao Li, Feng Yun was taken aback and asked in astonishment, “What is the reason behind his desire to have custody of Xiao Li?”

Feng Qi was single. Naturally, he had no children. But he was still young, and there was absolutely no need for him to adopt a child!

Feng Yun knew that her husband had a prejudice against the Feng family and also knew that the person he disliked the most was her younger brother, Feng Qi. Now that Feng Qi suddenly came over to ask for custody of Xiao Li, her husband certainly wouldn’t give him a warm reception.

Jiang Huai remarked, “Regarding the matter of Jiang Li’s custody, although Feng Qi was the one who came, I guess it should be your father’s idea.”

Feng Yun was taken aback, “Why would my dad…”

Jiang Huai slowly stated: “He had previously attempted to establish a connection with Ruoruo. However, I was too youthful and conceited at that time and forbade Ruoruo to have contact with the Feng family. Now they have discovered Jiang Li’s identity and even asked for her custody, I was also caught off guard.”

Following a brief silence, Feng Yun inquired, “Will you prohibit Xiao Li from communicating with them?”

Regarding the issue of relinquishing custody, Feng Yun remained unfazed. She understood that her husband would undoubtedly decline such a request.

Jiang Huai shook his head, “No, and I have already promised Feng Qi to transfer Jiang Li’s custody.”

“Why?” Feng Yun widened her eyes in shock, “You were clearly…”

Jiang Huai’s voice was somber as he confessed, “When I opposed Ruoruo’s interaction with the Feng family back then, that was because of my conceitedness. Nonetheless, they are your family, and I in fact have been remorseful about my decision for quite some time now.” His countenance reflected his earnestness.

Feng Yun’s mind was in a mess, “But… but you didn’t allow Ruoruo…”

Jiang Huai exhaled a deep sigh, “I lost my temper with Ruoruo at the time and frightened the kid, so she no longer dared to associate with the Feng family. After that, although I feel regretful, I am also afraid that the Feng family might have a prejudice against Ruoruo, so I didn’t dare to tell her to contact the Feng family again.”

Jiang Huai put his hand on his wife’s shoulder, “Now they have discovered Jiang Li’s identity and want her custody. Although I am reluctant, I consented to their demand.”


Jiang Huai gazed earnestly at his wife and asserted, “Yunyun, I took you away from your father, and relinquishing Jiang Li’s custody to him is a way of making amends.”

A faint blush tinted Feng Yun’s cheeks. After some pause, she finally sighed softly, “We must ask Xiao Li’s opinion on this matter.”

Jiang Huai readily agreed, “Of course we have to ask her opinion. If she doesn’t agree, I’ll handle your younger brother myself.”

Jiang Huai believed it was highly unlikely for Jiang Li to decline their offer. After all, if she hadn’t reached out to the Feng family, they would not have known about her.

However, if his assumption turned out to be incorrect and Jiang Li rejected the ostentatious Feng family, it sure would make for an interesting spectacle.


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  1. THIS DUDE KNEW THE WHOLE TIME THAT HIS KID WAS OUT THERE AND HID IT?!? he is nothing more than a sperm donor Jiang Li is right to distance herself from that family

  2. ‘I provided for her’ 1. did buy her a phone nor even asked for her contact info in the first place before shipping her off to school 2. didnt give her any money at all, even after the attempt failed and then left it to one of the people who clearly have issues with her 3. bought her clothes in the wrong size, said they would get her new ones, and then obviously either never bought new ones or did (doubt it) and didnt even bother to send it to her knowing she wasnt coming back home.

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