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ATCF Ch 20 Part 3 – He Doesn’t Like Talking to Idiots (III)

Recently, Jiang Li has been leading a satisfying life at school. She was in good health, had a regular class and rest schedule, and didn’t have to stress about finances anymore. In fact, she was now so financially comfortable that she began anonymously donating money to her former orphanage.

After clearing the school’s coffer twice, she was no longer satisfied with the basic questions on the website, so she finally exchanged her points to unlock the next level. While she was able to upgrade only one level, the difficulty of the questions increased significantly. She now took noticeably more time to solve each question, which naturally left her with less time to slack off.

But there was also a problem. The rumors about Jiang Li and Tong Yi being in love were spreading more and more amongst the students, to the point where even their homeroom teacher, Teacher He, had heard about it.

Feng Yun had previously messaged Teacher He, expressing her desire to change Jiang Li’s seating arrangement. She made it clear that it would be best to have Jiang Li and Tong Yi seated separately.

The day after receiving Feng Yun’s message, Teacher He approached Jiang Li and asked for her opinion. In Teacher He’s view, an exceptional student like Jiang Li didn’t require parental supervision or discipline, especially considering that Feng Yun wasn’t Jiang Li’s biological mother. Furthermore, Jiang Li had been living at the school for a while and had minimal contact with her family, so Feng Yun’s thoughts were even less representative of Jiang Li’s own opinions.

As expected, Jiang Li expressed her reluctance to change seats. She also mentioned that she had grown accustomed to her current seat and would feel uncomfortable moving.

Naturally, Teacher He respected Jiang Li’s opinion and didn’t force her to change seats. Following that, Feng Yun didn’t bring up the matter again, so Teacher He didn’t say anything either.

But when she heard that Jiang Li and Tong Yi were suspected to be dating, Teacher He’s heart suddenly skipped a beat. Tong Yi’s family background was exceptional. He didn’t plan to take the high school entrance examination, so she naturally did not worry about him.

But Jiang Li was different!

Director Li emphasized that Jiang Li had the potential to come out on top in the high school entrance examination. Initially, this statement sounded exaggerated, but after the mock exam and through recent observations, it became evident that Jiang Li was indeed a diligent and talented student. Any teacher would cherish such a student, and Teacher He naturally expected Jiang Li to perform her best in the upcoming exam.

If Jiang Li could really win the top position, then her homeroom teacher would get not only a large bonus, but also a tremendous boost in performance evaluation. As a result, if Jiang Li was really in a relationship with Tong Yi, there was a valid reason for her to be concerned.

Teacher He had seen too many examples of early love in school. Students generally couldn’t balance romantic relationships and study, affecting their grades. It was more than often that girls were the ones who were more affected.

Despite her concern, Teacher He refrained from immediately calling Jiang Li for a talk. She understood it would be unfair to accuse students of misbehavior and potentially harm their mood based solely on rumors.

Children nowadays matured early and with their own ideas. This was particularly true for teenagers, who often disliked being nagged by adults. If the rumors about Jiang Li and Tong Yi were false, there was a risk that they might even start dating for real due to the teen’s rebellious mindset.

In the end, Teacher He chose not to say anything to Jiang Li and instead started to quietly observe their every move. She soon discovered that Jiang Li was the same as before, addicted to learning. But instead of practicing past exam papers, she now had moved on to solving mock questions and studying other review materials.

As for Tong Yi, he was still the same Tong Yi. As soon as the bell rang, he quickly fell asleep with the teacher’s voice as his lullaby, only to get up ultimately refreshed once the class ended. It was apparent that since returning to school, Tong Yi’s wakefulness was limited to the duration of his Physical Education class and the recess period, where he would often play basketball with some students.

According to Teacher He, it was highly unlikely for a boy like Tong Yi to attract a girlfriend, unless the girl was blind. Fortunately, Jiang Li was not blind but rather an exceptional girl. Even if she was interested in dating, Tong Yi would never be a viable option for her.

With this conclusion, Teacher He finally sighed in relief. It was a fortune to have a well-behaved and sensible student like Jiang Li.

Just as Teacher He had finished dealing with the suspected dating affair, an elderly man who introduced himself as Jiang Li’s maternal grandfather arrived, seeking information about his beloved granddaughter. Despite initial suspicion, Teacher He was convinced of the man’s authenticity due to his refined appearance and courteous demeanor. Without these traits, Teacher He might have been inclined to believe that she was dealing with a con artist.

It was clearly stated that Jiang Li grew up in an orphanage — if she really had such a rich grandfather, there was no way that she would be adopted by the Jiang family! However, it also made no sense for the elderly man to lie. All she needed was to call Jiang Li over, and the truth would come to light.

Concealing her confusion, Teacher He cleared her throat and asked, “Sir, may I ask your surname?”

“My surname is Feng.” He was polite and courteous.

At the same time, a political science teacher entered the faculty office and caught sight of the guest. After gazing at him for a prolonged moment, he approached cautiously. “Excuse me,” he inquired, “are you Mr. Feng Ding?”

Old Master Feng shifted his attention to the pot-bellied middle-aged teacher and asked back, “Do you know me?”

The political science teacher responded with a courteous nod and stated, “Yes, sir. I used to come across articles about you frequently in financial newspapers until a few years ago, but not as much in recent times.”


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