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ATCF Ch 20 Part 4 – He Doesn’t Like Talking to Idiots (IV)

Old Master Feng shifted his attention to the pot-bellied middle-aged teacher and asked back, “Do you know me?”

The political science teacher responded with a courteous nod and stated, “Yes, sir. I used to come across articles about you frequently in financial newspapers until a few years ago, but not as much in recent times.”

Old Master Feng simply replied with an “Oh,” and proceeded to explain nonchalantly, “That was when I was still physically capable and enjoyed managing minor matters myself. These days, I focus more on my well-being and have since reduced my workload.”

The political science teacher: …

If the things Mr. Feng did were minor matters, then what could be considered major?

Old Master Feng continued speaking, disregarding the other party’s bewildered expression. “As I’ve gotten older, my age has finally caught up with me. Thankfully, the incompetent sons in my family have matured enough to take over the family business. This has given me more leisure time to enjoy.”

The political teacher was left utterly speechless with his mouth agape. Old Master Feng had a total of three sons: the eldest was a famous businessman and financial genius, the second was a well-known physics professor, and his youngest, who won the Lasker Prize in Pharmaceutical Science last year, had just opened a cutting-edge biotechnology company that received heavy support from the state.

Well, this must be the so-called humblebrag!

If these guys were incompetent, no achievements could be considered a success!

Teacher He had never heard the name Feng Ding, but seeing the expression of her colleague, it was obvious that this gentleman’s identity was not ordinary. “Excuse me, sir, but are you really Jiang Li’s grandfather?” She couldn’t help confirming again.

Old Master Feng nodded, “Yes, real grandfather.”

“But I remember that Jiang Li grew up in an orphanage before.” Teacher He’s eyes were full of doubts.

“She indeed grew up in an orphanage. Speaking of which, I haven’t met my granddaughter yet! She might not even know that she has maternal relatives from my side.” Old Master Feng sighed with emotion.

Teacher He replied with a sense of helplessness, “If you are indeed Jiang Li’s grandfather, then the first thing you should do is contact her and inform her of your relationship.”

Old Master Feng let out another sigh and spoke pitifully, “Of course I would like to, but I am too nervous!”

Teacher He: …

Was this person really the big shot of the financial world that the political science teacher claimed to be?

After a few moments of pondering, Teacher He earnestly suggested, “Jiang Li is now an adopted daughter of the Jiang family. Since you are her maternal grandfather by blood, you should contact the Jiang family first. I have their contact information here, which I can give you.”

Before Mr. Feng could answer, Teacher He quickly opened the address book. But as she scanned the contact details for Jiang Ruo’s mother, she was suddenly dumbfounded. Generally, when teachers communicated with parents, they would address them by their relationship with the student, such as so-so’s mother or father, instead of using their real names, and Teacher He was no exception to this. For this reason, she did not remember the names of many of her students’ parents.

Therefore, Teacher He was shocked when discovering that Jiang Ruo’s mother was also surnamed Feng.

Was this a coincidence?

Old Master Feng glanced at the address book. Seeing Teacher He’s expressions, he knew why she looked surprised. “You don’t need to give me the contact information of the Jiang family. I don’t like talking to idiots,” he said with a slightly cold expression. He used to think that his daughter was just a person who was easily influenced and had a love-struck brain, which was why she was easily deceived by Jiang Huai.

But now, it seemed that Feng Yun was a complete idiot!

What could she be other than an idiot, to reclaim her biological daughter in secret and refuse to announce her identity, and even let the adopted daughter bully her?

Old Master Feng didn’t even want to give that idiot daughter of his a look now, let alone meet her.

Teacher He was startled by the word ‘idiot.’ Old Master Feng’s sudden change in attitude caught her off guard. Based on his expression, Teacher He inferred that he must have a conflict with the Jiang family.

Old Master Feng did not want to give others a chance to gossip about his family’s scandal. Quickly putting on his previous amiable smile, he started inquiring Teacher He about Jiang Li’s situation at school.

After a moment of hesitation, Teacher He finally obliged. What she told was merely trivial daily life matters, but Old Master Feng listened with full attention and relish. If it weren’t for the fact that today was Friday and she had to go home, Old Master Feng might have stayed over for hours.

Friday afternoon, in a buffet BBQ restaurant.

Jiang Li sat opposite the Feng twins and watched them peeling shrimps dexterously. Feng Bai quickly put the peeled shrimp in her bowl and said with a smile, “Try it. I bake it myself, so the taste is guaranteed.”

Jiang Li took the shrimp with chopsticks and brought it into her mouth, “It’s delicious, thank you.” Her voice was muffled because she had her mouth full.

Feng Song, who was just a step slower than his twin, immediately put the water glass in front of her and said softly, “Eat slowly.”

Jiang Li pondered for seconds, then picked up two pieces of roasted pork belly and put them into the twins’ respective bowls with a smile, “You guys eat too!”

Feng Bai responded immediately with a grin and a nod, “Sure, let’s eat together.”

Then he turned his head and looked at Feng Song with gloating eyes, eager to see how this face blind picky eater who disliked pork belly could refuse their sister’s tender care.

However, Feng Bai was doomed to be shocked. His brother, Feng Song, actually ate the piece of pork belly without batting an eye.

Feng Song turned his head and glanced back at Feng Bai, “Why do you look like that? Are you having facial cramps?”

Feng Bai: …

Jiang Li smiled as she watched the interaction between the brothers. She was feeling quite content at the moment. However, she was still unsure of how to broach the topic of seeking refuge with her maternal grandfather. What’s more, even if her grandfather was willing to take her in, there was the additional complication that her household registration was still in the hand of Jiang Huai.


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