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ATCF Ch 21 Part 2 – Grandpa Cannot Wait to See You (II)

At the same time, Mingjiang International School.

After Feng Yun got permission from the dorm teacher, she went upstairs to find Jiang Li. But when she arrived at Jiang Li’s dorm room, she found that her daughter was not in school. Instead, there was only a girl she had seen before, studying at a desk under the bunk bed.

The moment Feng Yun pushed the door in, Lin Yu, who was doing her homework, turned her head and said in surprise, “Auntie, are you here to see Jiang Li?”

Feng Yun nodded awkwardly, “Yes. Isn’t Jiang Li here?”

Lin Yu was a talkative girl. Seeing a visitor, she immediately dropped the pen in her hand and pushed a stool in front of Feng Yun, “She didn’t return to the dormitory after school today, so she must have something to do. Please sit here and wait for her return.”

The relationship between Jiang Li and the Jiang family was awkward. Lin Yu was deeply curious, but it was a pity that Jiang Li’s mouth was too tight, and she never spilled a word.

As for inquiring Jiang Ruo… even if someone lent her ten guts, she would never dare to. Never underestimate the fighting power of Jiang Ruo’s fans!

Lin Yu even believed that had it not been for Jiang Li’s relationship with Tong Yi, Jiang Ruo’s fans would have attacked Jiang Li en masse as early as her conflict with Shen Mian emerged. The only reason they didn’t dare to do anything so far was all thanks to Tong Yi’s presence.

After the results of the mock exam came out, Jiang Li snatched Qin Zheng’s first place and became the new star among the teachers. This also won her some fans who couldn’t be underestimated. For these reasons, Jiang Ruo fans no longer dared to blatantly target Jiang Li.

Lin Yu knew that she didn’t have Jiang Li’s strong ability, nor did she possess a steel heart that could ignore people’s opinions, so she could only endure the curiosity in her heart and made up the dramatic scenario of family conflicts among the wealthy circle.

But Jiang Ruo’s mother came over suddenly, and maybe her chance to discover the truth beyond the tip of the iceberg was finally here!

The excitement in Lin Yu’s eyes was too straightforward, which made Feng Yun a little uncomfortable. She sat on the stool Lin Yu gave her and hurriedly found a topic, “Today is Friday. Why don’t you go home?”

Lin Yu replied: “My family lives far away in the county town, and it takes more than half a day just to go back and forth. Since it’s less than a month before the entrance examination, I think it will be better to simply stay at school during the weekends just like Jiang Li.”

Lin Yu had considered staying the weekend before, but at that time, there were no students in the same situation as her. She was afraid of staying in the dormitory alone, so she had no choice but to give up this idea.

Later, Jiang Li transferred, and it turned out she had applied to stay in school on weekends. After Lin Yu discussed it with her family, she also applied for the same arrangement.

Tonight was her first time staying at school for the weekends. Unexpectedly, while she was waiting for her roommate Jiang Li to return, Jiang Ruo’s mother appeared instead.

After listening to Lin Yu’s explanation, Feng Yun nodded slightly and fell silent for a few seconds before she asked again, “Does Jiang Li usually dislike communicating with others at school?”

Lin Yu thought for a while and said truthfully: “Rather than unwilling, I think it’s more likely that she is not used to getting along with other kids.”

Feng Yun was taken aback, “Not used to?”

Lin Yu nodded, “Although she never initiates any contact with others, she won’t ignore it when someone comes to her. It’s true that she has a hard temper, but as long as others don’t provoke her first, she never makes trouble either. I think her personality is quite nice.”

If it hadn’t for the unpleasant affair instigated by Shen Mian that occurred on Jiang Li’s first day at school, Lin Yu would have begged Jiang Li to be her friend.

Lin Yu’s words caused Feng Yun to be taken aback again. She had learned about Xiao Li at school from Ruoruo before, but she only knew that Xiao Li was usually taciturn in class and only had a slightly better relationship with her deskmate.

When she heard that at the time, she felt that Xiao Li had such a withdrawn personality because she grew up in an orphanage, but Xiao Li’s roommate made her realize that the facts were different from what she imagined.

Regardless, hearing positive comments about her daughter made Feng Yun curl her lips in pride, “Maybe she still hasn’t quite adapted to her new learning level after just being transferred, so she doesn’t have time to make friends for now.”

Lin Yu was surprised, “How can a genius like Jiang Li need to adapt? She is our school’s newly-enthroned prodigy lord!”

Feng Yun was more surprised than Lin Yu, “You mean she is a top student?” She asked with wide eyes.

Lin Yu shook her head very firmly, “Not just a top student, but prodigy lord — the top of the top. There is a big difference between the two.”

Feng Yun: …

Seeing that Feng Yun was interested in this topic, Lin Yu began chatting enthusiastically, “Jiang Li’s grades are so excellent! She took the placement test and came to our class purely by ability. In the last mock test, she promptly dethroned Qin Zheng off the altar and took the first in the entire grade. Now, many people are anticipating her to take the top spot for this year’s high school entrance examination. There are even open bets!”

Feng Yun opened her mouth slightly, but couldn’t utter a single word.

Seeing Feng Yun’s shocked expression, Lin Yu couldn’t help being surprised, “During the incident when Shen Mian threatened to jump off the building, Jiang Li declared in front of the camera that her goal is to be number one in the entrance exam. Haven’t you seen the video, Auntie?”

Feng Yun was dumbfounded. She didn’t even know there was such a video, so she naturally wasn’t aware of it. Moreover, she also had no idea that her own daughter was so outstanding.

Assistant Bai sent Xiao Li to the school to take the entrance exam before, and he did tell her later that Xiao Li’s result was so high that even Director Li treated her politely. But she didn’t take it to heart at the time, thinking that Assistant Bai was simply exaggerating. Assistant Bai knew Xiao Li’s true identity, so she thought he just wanted to please her by praising the child.

As for Director Li being polite to Xiao Li, it should be for the Jiang family behind her. After all, to the public, Xiao Li’s identity was their adopted daughter.

After the results of the mock test came out, she checked Ruoruo’s results via the school app and found that Ruoruo’s score had improved significantly. Naturally, she felt happy for her daughter and was about to check Xiao Li’s results next.

But before she had time to contact Xiao Li, Shen Mian’s incident happened, involving both Ruoruo and Xiao Li. At the time, she was busy dealing with the matter and finally forgot to ask Xiao Li about her exam results.

Now, she finally knew Xiao Li’s grade from the mouth of a classmate, which brought her a shock.

It turned out that she never really knew Xiao Li, even after taking her home…

Growing up, Xiao Li’s life was not easy, but she still grew so well under such circumstances. She was even better than A’Zhou and Ruoruo, who had smooth sailing and the best resources since childhood.

Now that the Feng family had taken away her custody, she should become even better!

But, did Xiao Li wish for it?

Any child who knew her parents willingly gave up her custody must be very sad!

With this in mind, Feng Yun was determined to wait until Xiao Li returned and have a good talk with her daughter.


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  1. I wonder how long she will wait until she gives up since her father won’t let xiao Li leave so suddenly, right? I mean I wouldn’t let her go.

  2. “Any child who knew her parents willingly gave up her custody must be very sad!”

    Yeah, NO. Even if she hadn’t been transmigrated, you’ve been her parents for like a few weeks, and your husband has been especially critical and unwelcoming of her. I’m not saying for all, but for someone intelligent as herself, the fact that you could willingly give her up- and then bring her back, not recognize her, and give her up again- just shows that you really are unreliable people, let alone ones she should stay with. This mother- ugh.

    Thanks for the update!

  3. Failure as a mother 🤷🏻‍♀️ I wonder how will she react when she finds out that Jiang Ruo is her husband biological daughter 🤔🤔. But seeing how she’s utterly clueless and so easily manipulated by her husband sweet words. She’ll probably openly accept the news.

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