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ATCF Ch 21 Part 3 – Grandpa Cannot Wait to See You (III)

After eating and drinking to their full, Jiang Li and her twin cousins left the barbecue restaurant, ready to return to the Feng family house together.

Unknown to them, Shen Mian and her parents were also eating in another corner of the same restaurant. Shen Mian’s mother noticed that her daughter’s gaze was fixed in a particular direction, so she followed it and only saw the backs of three young people.

“Do you know them?” Shen Mian’s mother asked.

Shen Mian nodded, “That girl is a classmate from my previous class.”

“Do you want to chase after her to say hello?” Shen Mian’s father asked, concerned. Although their daughter’s suicide attempt last time was fake, it did give them a scare. Following the incident, he and his wife had been paying close attention to their daughter’s mental state and was relieved to find that her mood was relatively stable.

But they also clearly noticed that the girl was not as cheerful as before. Shen Mian, who used to love to laugh, now often sat alone in a daze, and her temperament had obviously changed.

The couple decided to take their daughter out for a barbecue today to improve her mood and have a meaningful conversation in the hopes of helping her overcome her psychological struggles. To their surprise, they ran into their daughter’s classmate at the restaurant.

Shen Mian shook her head at her father, “No need. I don’t know her very well either.”

She indeed didn’t know Jiang Li very well, or rather, she didn’t know Jiang Li at all. All she knew about Jiang Li came from Jiang Ruo and Jiang Zhou’s descriptions and added with her own imagination.

For this reason, Shen Mian thought that Jiang Li was a poor yet arrogant girl who relied on the favor Jiang Ruo’s parents owed to her parents to boss Jiang Ruo around. It was this behavior that caused Jiang Zhou to despise Jiang Li and requests that Shen Mian keep an eye on them and prevent Jiang Li from bullying Jiang Ruo.

But when she thought back now, Shen Mian finally realized that she had been used by Jiang Zhou from the beginning to the end.

It was true that there were conflicts between Jiang Li and Jiang Ruo, but they might not be as serious as Jiang Zhou portrayed to her. And the truth was certainly not what she imagined.

Seeing Jiang Li having a barbecue with the pair of twins shocked Shen Mian tremendously. She still remembered the two eye-catching boys, back from her last day at school when she returned to the class to retrieve her books. She had even heard one of the boys sneer at Jiang Ruo, but Jiang Ruo didn’t even dare to reply.

At that time, Shen Mian didn’t know what kind of feud these two boys had with Jiang Ruo. It wasn’t until she saw the chats in the class group that she found out that the twins were actually Jiang Ruo’s cousins.

Many people in the group were comforting Jiang Ruo, telling her not to care about the boy’s behavior, while some people voiced their doubts about whether the two were really Jiang Ruo’s cousins.

Jiang Ruo remained silent at first, until someone mentioned that one of the boys’ names was Feng Song, the top scorer in the high school entrance examination five years ago. Only then did Jiang Ruo finally come out to speak.

She explained that the two boys were indeed her cousins, but they had misunderstood her since childhood, hence their attitude. She asked everyone to stop mentioning this matter because she didn’t want to make it big, lest the elders in the family get alarmed as a result.

With Jiang Ruo’s statement, her loyal fans immediately felt sorry for their goddess and began to criticize the twins for their lack of demeanor. How could they speak such sarcastic words to Ruoruo just because of a little misunderstanding?

But in Shen Mian’s eyes, the behavior of the so-called fans was ridiculous. When Jiang Ruo was attacked by her cousin that day, some of the people now speaking so indignantly on her behalf were clearly in the same classroom, yet no one dared to stand up just because the twins looked familiar with Tong Yi.

After the two boys left, these people immediately expressed their pity and anger for their goddess, but they only dared to speak out in private group chats.

Shen Mian could guarantee that if someone suddenly added Tong Yi to the group, they would definitely flee faster than rabbits.

Still, when Shen Mian thought about it carefully, she now realized that these people were actually much smarter than her. They dared to bully the weak but feared the strong and never forgot their own safety before charging forward for Jiang Ruo. As a result, they all were safe and sound, unlike her, who had become a complete joke.

Shen Mian was well aware of the shift in her mood. She could no longer treat Jiang Ruo as a friend, and she no longer wanted to care about Jiang Ruo.

But when she saw Jiang Li with Jiang Ruo’s two cousins, she still couldn’t hold back her curiosity. The boys’ attitude toward Jiang Li reminded her of Jiang Zhou’s way of treating Jiang Ruo, full of doting as if they would try their best to satisfy anything Jiang Li asked them.

When seeing this scene, Shen Mian remembered what Jiang Ruo had told her before. Jiang Li was a relative of her father. Because Jiang Li’s parents had once helped Jiang Ruo’s father, her family adopted the orphaned Jiang Li as a way to repay the kindness.

But if Jiang Li was really a relative of Jiang Ruo’s father, how could he be so familiar with Jiang Ruo’s cousins?

Shen Mian didn’t think these two cousins ​​were also related to Jiang Ruo’s father’s side. The reason was simple: the twins’ surname was Feng, and Jiang Ruo’s mother also happened to be surnamed Feng.

And Shen Mian remembered that Jiang Ruo had mentioned more than once that her father, Jiang Huai, was a self-made businessman, but her mother was born into a wealthy family.

The clothes the twins wore and their temperament already showed that they could not have come from poor families. Added to the fact that they were so familiar with Tong Yi, it further showed that their family should not be ordinary.

All these clues point to one thing: Jiang Ruo’s twin cousins were relatives from her mother’s side.

However, Jiang Li was obviously a relative of Jiang Ruo’s father, so why do Jiang Ruo’s maternal cousins treat Jiang Li so nicely?

Finally, Shen Mian came to the realization that what her mother had said was true: the information Jiang Ruo had shared with her previously was, in fact, not entirely accurate.

In the middle of dinner, Shen Mian took out her mobile phone and sent a text to Lin Yu, informing her that she had just seen Jiang Li at the barbecue restaurant opposite the school. She was with Jiang Ruo’s twin cousins, and they looked very close.

Shen Mian knew that despite Lin Yu’s timidity, she had more curiosity than anyone else. In addition, Lin Yu lived in the same dorm room as Jiang Li. As long as she was willing to inquire, she would be able to find out the truth sooner or later.


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Jiang Li: You dogs can continue biting each other; I’m going to see my grandpa~

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  1. Shen Mian: You thought you’d seen the last of me, but I still know who the biggest gossips are and now I’ve no bridges left to burn.

  2. I actually hope Mian gets a bit of solid face slapping on the Jiang family (other than our girl) and lets the two faced little shits get burned.

    1. Dito.
      There‘s more than one side to any story. The way she behaved towards our girl is certainly bad, but we actually don’t know the extent to which she was played by Jiang Zhou. The fake suicide was his idea and he might have riled her up in general too. Either way she’s been friends with Jiang Rou for to long to doubt her and her brother and got used and abandoned for her loyalty and trust.

      1. Plus remember that the constructs of this world mean that people in proximity to Jiang Ruo tend to act more irrationally (we know because even Tong Yi is confused about how brain dead they are). Like it’s that bad for her fans alone, what about the friend who had always been with her. So long as she doesn’t aim to hurt the one she’s already wronged, I would mind her putting Ruo in a bad spot.

  3. Hahahaa! Think about it! If Shen Mian in fact puts the whole thing of exposing Jiang Ruo’s real identity in motion! That would be priceless! First Jiang Ruo backstabs Shen Mian and then Shen Mian does that back to her! 😘🤭

    Thanks for the chapter!

  4. Ooh this’ll be interesting, I wonder if Lin Yu will tell the mother who she’s with right now, or whether she’ll put I together but keep it to herself. But man I wish we could get to Jiang Li meeting her maternal family! I wanna see the granddaughter fool Grandpa Feng and niece fool Uncle Feng!

    Btw Thanks for updating! And I like the site update!

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