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ATCF Ch 22 Part 2 – Seeing Grandpa (II)

Old Master Feng was used to the couple’s dynamic, so he paid no attention to them and continued introducing his second son’s family to Jiang Li.

“This is your second uncle and second aunt. They are both teachers. If you ever meet any difficulty in your study, you can go and find them.”

The moment the old man finished speaking, Professor Tan interjected, “Even if it’s not a problem with studies, you can still come to me anytime. I have diverse interests, unlike your second uncle, who is just a pedantic scholar without hobbies.”

Professor Feng rubbed his nose and smiled warmly, “Your second aunt tends to be quite jumpy, but she’s actually a very nice person. If you ever run into any trouble, you can count on her for help.”

A warm feeling surged in Jiang Li’s heart. “Thank you, Second Uncle and Aunt,” she said.

After Jiang Li finished greetings the elders, Old Master Feng pointed to his twin grandsons, “I think you are already familiar with these incompetent brothers of yours, so I don’t think there is a need to introduce you guys. They are the sons of your second uncle.”

Jiang Li nodded, “Both Eldest Cousin and Second Cousin are very nice to me.”

Old Master Feng was taken aback, then smiled and said: “Feng Song isn’t your eldest brother. Your real eldest brother is still abroad, but let’s ring him a video call later and give him a surprise.”

The old man very naturally changed the word ‘cousin’ to ‘brother.’ In his opinion, his grandchildren were all one family, so there was no need to differentiate between ‘brothers’ and ‘cousins.’

Feng Song and Feng Bai looked at each other, quite excited to be called ‘cousin’ by Xiao Jiang Li for the first time.

It was a pity that their grandfather was an expert in destroying the atmosphere. Before they had time to respond, the old man had already reminded Xiao Jiang Li that the address was wrong.

Old Master Feng paid no attention to his two grandsons and proceeded to inform the family structure to Jiang Li.

In addition to the people he had just introduced, there was also the third and youngest uncle Feng Qi, who was busy with his work in the research institute, and the eldest brother Feng Yang, who was far away abroad. Both of which Jiang Li had never met.

Old Master Feng gave a brief explanation about the two missing family members, “Your third uncle is never home, so we hardly see him. But he’ll definitely be back tonight. As for your eldest brother, we will give him a video call later so that he can see you.”

For Jiang Li, this third uncle was no stranger. She had seen him on the cover of Medical Weekly before. So, only the eldest brother she knew nothing of.

Old Master Feng happily led Jiang Li into the house and introduced her to the main personnel of the household staff. Then he took her to see her room.

Jiang Li was surprised, “I have a room here?”

Her grandfather nodded with a smile, “You are part of the family; of course there is your room here. It is a north-facing loft, and you live on the same floor as your incompetent brothers. Your third uncle also lives there.”

Feng Song and Feng Bai followed behind the two, helpless as they could only listen in silence as the old man kept degrading them.

In Grandpa’s eyes, among the few grandchildren in the family, perhaps only Eldest Brother could be said to be a bit accomplished.

But there was another Xiao Jiang Li now.

Feng Bai couldn’t help but ask Feng Song in a low voice, “Say, would Grandpa be a little gentler to us if we were both girls?”

Feng Song gave his twin a glance, “It’s probably too late for you to get the gender reassignment surgery.”

Feng Bai: …

Enough with the talk!

Pushing open the door to Jiang Li’s room, the old master said, “This is your room. I have someone arranged everything here with some suggestions from your second and third brothers. If there is anything you feel is lacking or are not used to, don’t hesitate to let us know. Don’t keep it to yourself.”

Looking at the clearly meticulously arranged room, Jiang Li felt a warm sensation throughout her body. This was the first time since she transmigrated that she had felt cared about by someone wholeheartedly. If the original ‘Jiang Li’ were still here and knew that she had so many relatives who cared about her, she probably wouldn’t care about the Jiang family’s attitude anymore and could live happily!

Meanwhile, in the girls’ dormitory.

Feng Yun repeatedly raised her wrist to check the time. Seeing that the hour hand had already reached nine in the evening but Jiang Liang had yet returned, she started to feel anxious.

Lin Yu suggested, “Why doesn’t Auntie give Jiang Li a call? She’ll definitely hurry back if she knows you’re coming to see her.”

Feng Yun raised her eyebrows, “She bought a mobile phone?”

“She didn’t have one before, but she bought it later. I think it’s after she got the scholarship!” Lin Yu just guessed, because she also forgot when Jiang Li started to have a mobile phone.

“Do you have her phone number?” Feng Yun looked at Lin Yu expectantly.

Lin Yu shook her head, “No, but I added her QQ before.”

For Lin Yu, the only use of a phone number was to register for the services that required identity authentication and to receive various verification codes. As for contacting people, youth nowadays use either QQ or WeChat almost exclusively.

“Then, can you send Jiang Li a message on my behalf, telling her that I’m waiting for her here?” Feng Yun’s voice was gentle.

Lin Yu nodded, “Of course. Just wait a moment.”

The message was sent, but there was no reply from Jiang Li.

Lin Yu spread her hands helplessly, “Jiang Li probably hasn’t seen the message yet.”

“Then, can you make a video call to her? It’s so late; I’m a little worried.” Feng Yun asked.

Lin Yu naturally did not refuse. She quickly made the call, but no one answered it.

“I think she has put her phone on silent, but she should reply once she sees my text,” explained Lin Yu.

But Feng Yun couldn’t wait any longer. She took out her own mobile phone and walked out of the room. After being connected to the homeroom Teacher He, she promptly told the other party that Jiang Li hadn’t returned to the dormitory.

Teacher He’s response was calm, “Jiang Li contacted me an hour ago, saying that she went to her maternal grandfather’s house tonight and will not return to the dormitory.”

Feng Yun took two steps back in surprise, “Maternal grandfather?”


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