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ATCF Ch 23 Part 2 – The First Impression Doesn’t Seem Good (II)

Jiang Ruo couldn’t figure it out; Jiang Li clearly had no intention of returning home or acknowledging her parents and brother, so why would she still choose to acknowledge the members of the Feng family?

Sitting silently in the dark room for a long time, Jiang Ruo suddenly stood up. She left her bed, put on her slippers, and came out knocking on the room next to hers.

Just as Jiang Zhou opened the door, he heard a voice calling him “Brother” softly. When he lowered his head, he saw Jiang Ruo looking at him with an aggrieved expression.

Jiang Zhou reached out and tidied up the loose strands of hair on her forehead. “Have you had a nightmare again?” He asked gently.

Every time Ruoruo had a nightmare, she would be too scared to sleep alone and would come to him holding her pillow. Years ago, when they were both still young, he would let her into his room and hold her while telling her stories until she fell asleep. As Ruoruo grew older, he became aware of their gender differences and would give her his bed while he slept on a foldable bed specially bought for this purpose. But it had been quite a while since Jiang Zhou last saw Ruoruo come to him. Upon closer thought, it seemed since after she discovered the truth about her parentage.

After the door opened, Jiang Zhou was about to pull his sister in when she heard her muffled voice: “Brother, has Jiang Li returned to the Feng family?”

Jiang Zhou was stunned, “What makes you ask that?”

Jiang Zhou was aware of the matter of Feng Qi coming asking for Jiang Li’s custody, but he didn’t care. Since Feng Qi promised not to reveal Jiang Li’s real identity, all was well as long as it did not have any impact on Ruoruo.

Jiang Zhou didn’t want to affect Ruoruo’s mood, so he didn’t mention it to her. Unexpectedly, she would find out so quickly.

Jiang Ruo pursed her lips. She took out her phone, opened the group chat, and handed it to Jiang Zhou.

After reading the series of messages, Jiang Zhou furrowed his brows in displeasure, “Did Jiang Li send them?”

Jiang Ruo shook her head, “Jiang Li is not in the group, but she…she must have told others about our family affairs.”

Jiang Zhou sneered, “Does she think that she can do whatever she pleases with the support of the Feng family?”

After saying this, Jiang Zhou took Jiang Ruo’s phone and began sending voice messages, warning those spreading anonymous messages not to continue with their false rumor. Otherwise, he would report them to the police and track down their IP address.

Jiang Zhou was a well-known figure in the high school division. Coupled with his notoriety of being a sister complex, many people recognized his voice.

Because of Jiang Zhou’s statement, Jiang Ruo’s fans were quickly invigorated, and they began accusing those who spread the rumors of doing so out of jealousy toward Jiang Ruo.

Jiang Zhou’s defense of Jiang Ruo was the strongest proof that Jiang Li was not his sister. Unless his brain was eaten by zombies, there was no way he would defend an impostor over his own sister.

The anonymous accounts that had been talking vigorously until now were also worried that Jiang Zhou would stay true to his words and report them to the police, so all of them immediately fell silent.

The person who sent out the initial messages was continuously being called out and rebuked, with many people pointing out that this person had no evidence to support their claims and was simply starting rumors for no reason.

Despite the changing sentiment in the group chat, Jiang Ruo couldn’t feel relieved, because she knew this was only temporary. Once it was revealed that Jiang Li was the real biological daughter of her parents, the people who helped her today would immediately point their fingers at her, angered because they felt like she had played them for a fool.

Jiang Zhou could see Jiang Ruo’s worry and comforted her, “Jiang Li’s custody has been taken away by the Feng family, but they promised not to disclose her identity to the public. As long as the Fengs keep their promise, no one will believe Jiang Li, no matter how much nonsense she spreads.”

Jiang Ruo nodded in a trance, still not quite comforted by her brother’s words.

Because she knew: what was false was false, and what was true was true.

If she had known it, she might as well explain the truth to the world from the start. Because she was afraid of people’s reactions, she hesitated, which led to the present situation.

A single misstep led to a hundred wrongs. Even if she stood up now and admitted that she was not the biological daughter of the Jiang family, nobody would feel sympathy for her difficulties.

“Sleep in my room tonight. I will sleep on the folding bed.” Jiang Zhou sighed. With Ruoruo like this, he couldn’t feel at ease letting her stay in her room alone.

However, the person who caused the problem should be the one to solve it. He should call Jiang Li and let her handle this matter. As long as Jiang Li was willing to make a clarification, it would be more impactful than anyone else doing so.

Shen Mian had been lurking in the group chat and felt a little excited when she saw the bubbling speculations. She was waiting for Jiang Ruo to come out and clarify. Unfortunately, Jiang Ruo never showed up, even as the anonymous discussion started getting out of control.

Just as Shen Mian was growing increasingly impatient, Jiang Ruo finally appeared and made several voice messages in a row.

Shen Mian clicked on it with excitement, only to hear Jiang Zhou’s threatening voice. After listening to the first one, she didn’t feel like clicking on the rest.

The reason was simple: no matter whether Jiang Ruo or Jiang Li was the real daughter, Jiang Zhou would definitely stand by Jiang Ruo’s side. In order to isolate Jiang Li in the school, he even went as far as hinting at her to pretend to jump off the building. Could he be expected to help Jiang Li?

At this moment, the relationship between the members of the Jiang family was as murky as the fog shrouding Shen Mian’s head.


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  1. Even real siblings with good relationship isn’t like that. He’s bordering incest and no one called him out on that.

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