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ATCF Ch 23 Part 3 – The First Impression Doesn’t Seem Good (III)

At this moment, the relationship between the members of the Jiang family was as murky as the fog shrouding Shen Mian’s head.

But she was not in a hurry now. Anyway, the truth couldn’t be faked, and the fake couldn’t be disguised as the truth forever. Furthermore, Jiang Zhou’s threat gave her an idea, and she began contemplating going to the police station tomorrow.

Since Jiang Zhou liked to threaten others by using the police, she could also go to see the police herself and pretend to be frightened, claiming that someone had induced her, a minor, to commit suicide, and the matter had blown so big that she now couldn’t even go to school. The chat history had been deleted, but surely the police had the technology to restore it?

After Shen Mian made up her mind, she stopped paying attention to the chat group. She had to rest and recharge well. Tomorrow’s trip to the police station still had to be kept a secret from her parents; otherwise, they might once again think that something was wrong with her mental state.

After his unsuccessful attempt to reach Jiang Ru through video call, Qin Zheng tried the voice call, but she still didn’t answer. Qin Zheng first heard the name Jiang Li from his father, who told him that she was likely an illegitimate daughter of Jiang Huai and advised him not to get involved. Believing his father, Qin Zheng originally wanted to comfort Jiang Ruo, but she denied it and explained that Jiang Li was the child of her father’s relative. Qin Zheng believed that Jiang Ru had no reason to lie to him, so he didn’t press the matter any further.

But when he saw the discussion in the group, Qin Zheng was completely stunned. Although he hadn’t realized it before, reading the chat made him immediately recognize the similarities between Jiang Li and Aunt Feng.

But what truly shook him was the uncanny resemblance between Jiang Li and the Third Master Feng, which appeared to be even more striking.

Still, Qin Zheng himself hadn’t seen Third Master Feng for several years, and he wasn’t sure whether he was just preconceived after reading the speculations in the group.

Qin Zheng called Jiang Ruo in order to get confirmation, but she refused to answer the phone.

At first, he thought Ruoruo didn’t have her mobile phone with her, but later Jiang Zhou used Ruoruo’s account to send several voice messages to the group.

Ruoruo obviously saw his calls, but chose to ignore them and go to her brother Jiang Zhou for help.

Qin Zheng believed that Ruoruo would reach back to him once the issue was resolved, but he waited for a long time, yet still hadn’t heard anything from her.

Staring at the gradually dimming screen, Qin Zheng let out a bitter laugh and threw the phone aside, but he couldn’t feel sleepy.

It was ridiculous to find out that he was actually jealous because Ruoruo had such a good relationship with her brother.

In the home of the Feng family, Jiang Li faced a room full of family members. It only took her an hour to go from feeling lost at first to being moved, and then gradually getting used to it. Although their time together was short, she felt that every person in the Feng family was particularly lovable, and she had unconsciously grown fond of this home.

Jiang Li was well aware that her newfound affection for the Feng family members stemmed not just from the fact that she saw them as her backing, but because she found that each of them was worthy of her liking.

After Grandpa took her on tour inside the house, he said he wanted to introduce her to her eldest brother, who was far away abroad. Once the call was connected, Jiang Li saw a fair-looking handsome young man on the screen, with an obvious dimple on his cheek when he smiled and called her “Xiao Jiang Li.”

Just as Jiang Li called “Eldest Brother” back, a very beautiful girl with long curly hair suddenly appeared on the camera. The girl’s smile looked particularly bright, “And me too! Call me Big Sister!”

Feng Yang smiled in response, “You can call her Big Sister now. But soon, you should change the address to Eldest Sister-in-law.”

Jiang realized in an instant that this girl was the one her grandfather mentioned, the fiancée of her eldest brother Feng Yang.

For some reason, she found the girl oddly familiar, but she couldn’t remember where she had seen her.

It didn’t take long for Jiang Li to notice that her eldest brother didn’t talk much, but his fiancée was very enthusiastic, promising to bring her back souvenirs after they returned from abroad.

After the call was over, Jiang Li had just put down the phone when her grandpa came over and called her for dinner. As they started the meal, Jiang Li looked around and found that the rumored third uncle still wasn’t there.

Old Master Feng smiled and said: “Your third uncle is usually very busy. Since he always comes home late, we never wait for him. It’s not too late for you to meet him tomorrow.”

Jiang Li nodded silently, keeping her grandfather’s words in her heart: Third Uncle is very busy, so she must try her best not to disturb him.

After all, that was the big shot who won the Lasker Medicine Award, so it was normal for him to be busy!

Meanwhile, inside his office, Feng Qi was flipping through the documents sent by his assistant. The content was all about Jiang Li, including some summary of her life in the county seat, but the focus was mainly after she came to Minjiang City.

The assistant straightened his glasses and explained, “I personally went to see Miss Jiang Li’s previous homeroom teacher and the director of her orphanage. They all spoke highly of her and said she is an excellent student and a well-behaved child.”

Feng Qi was noncommittal and continued to look through the documents in his hand.

The assistant continued: “Miss Jiang Li donated a sum of money to the orphanage after she came to Minjiang, but the amount was not large, and the donation was anonymous. The orphanage probably doesn’t know who the donor is.”

Feng Qi was slightly stunned and began to flip through Jiang Li’s information after he came to Minjiang City.

The assistant explained in a timely manner: “Miss Jiang Li has always been low-key before, but after coming to Minjiang City, she suddenly became high-profile, I guess…”

Feng Qi raised his head and gave the assistant a cold look, “It’s just a few words of truth; can it be called a high profile?”

The assistant: …

Well, compared to her third uncle, Miss Jiang Li was indeed still far behind from being high-profile.

If they exchanged places and Third Master Feng was the one who encountered Miss Jiang Li’s situation, he might have blown up the entire Jiang family on the first day!

But the assistant only dared to imagine the possibility and had no guts to say it out.


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    1. I think it basically means, barely anyone knows about her before. Even when she had high grades, good looks and such, people didn’t really notice her, hence low-profile.

      Now her name is known to most people at school and even outside of school (because of the live streaming) hence high-profile. But since what’s told was just a truth, this uncle considered it not much of a publicity.

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