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ATCF Ch 24 Part 1 – The Black-Bellied Eldest Brother (I)

Although Jiang Li had never met Feng Qi in person, she had seen his photo in a medical publication. With his reputation as a scientific genius who won the Lasker Medical Award, it was only natural for her to feel intrigued by him.

When she arrived at Feng’s residence tonight, the information she got from family members was: that Third Uncle is very busy and often away from home.

Jiang Li didn’t find it strange at all. Even before transmigrating, she had set her sights on studying medicine and therefore had a general understanding of the field. She knew that medical research was an extremely challenging job and that making significant strides in this area was no easy feat.

Upon transmigrating and learning that the biological uncle of this body held a prominent position in medicine, Jiang Li felt a natural admiration for him and even wished to hug this big boss to be her backing.

But now… she had left a bad impression on their first meeting. Would she still have a chance to?

Jiang Li showed her most docile and well-behaved look as she greeted Feng Qi politely, but the other party simply acknowledged her with a nod as he said, “Don’t drink too much water at night.”

Then he turned around and left.

Looking at the tall back figure, Jiang Li was 100% sure that she had left a bad impression on him. Otherwise, why would Third Uncle be so indifferent?

But the milk had been spilled, and there was no use in crying over it. What she needed to do now was to quickly figure out a way to let Third Uncle know that his nephew Jiang Zhou was an asshole. In doing so, he might no longer feel she had gone overboard with her words just now.

If Jiang Zhou were to find out about Jiang Li’s thoughts, he would definitely accuse her of sowing discord.

Well, although the ‘Li’ in her name was not the li from tiǎobōlíjiàn (sowing discord), she didn’t feel it wrong to sow discord once in a while.

The instant this idea popped into her head, Jiang Li felt that she had suddenly become a bit childish. She attributed it to her frequent chats with Third Brother, who seemed to be the most immature person in the family.

As Feng Qi returned to his own room, his lips unconsciously curled up into a smile. Before, his old man kept blabbering about how much this niece resembled him, so much that his ears were almost covered in calluses. But he didn’t think so. All humans had one head on their neck, so what made one more special than the other? Even Feng Song and Feng Bai, who were twins and looked alike as babies, gradually grew into two totally different temperaments, each with his own characteristics.

Before meeting Jiang Li in person, Feng Qi thought that his father was exaggerating. Even after watching Jiang Li’s video on the internet, he only felt that her eyes were somewhat similar to his own.

Until tonight, when he accidentally bumped into her answering a call, he suddenly found that there seemed to be some truth when others said this kid was like him.

In the past, Feng Qi had always believed that his sister, who had only love in her brain, was incredibly stupid. If it weren’t for her striking resemblance to their deceased mother, he would even have doubted that she was also exchanged at birth. However, upon meeting Jiang Li, he began to change his perspective. Seeing that this niece exceeded his expectations, he decided to take it upon himself to look out for her a bit, for the sake of his old man, too.

After Jiang Li drank half a cup of water, she made her way back to her room. As she was getting ready for bed, she finally remembered to check her neglected mobile phone. It was then that she discovered the numerous messages sent to her by Lin Yu, Tang Rou, and even Tong Yi.

Typically, she would switch her phone to silent mode while in class, but today she had forgotten to turn it on again after school and didn’t notice the incoming messages.

Jiang Li clicked on the message from Tong Yi and found a long image attached. After opening it, she realized it was a screenshot from their class group chat.

Upon skimming through the content, she found that some people in the group had anonymously raised questions about her identity. But Jiang Zhou seemed to have quickly responded by sending voice messages with a stern warning.

No wonder Jiang Zhou called just now! He should want her to ‘clarify the truth’ in the group and return Jiang Ruo’s peaceful life!

Jiang Li had to admit that Jiang Zhou was quite an optimist. What made him think that she would bend over to do his errands? Exiting the chat box, Jiang Li replied to the messages from Lin Yu and Tang Rou, then rang a call to Tong Yi.

It was already past eleven, but Tong Yi quickly answered the call.

“Finally finished dealing with your big family?” Tong Yi’s voice sounded particularly energetic, and Jiang Li could vaguely hear the clacking sound of a tapped keyboard.

Could it be that Tong Yi always slept during class because he stayed up late every night?

—Seemed possible.

“You are quite well informed.” Jiang Li replied with a chuckle.

“The twins posted several Moments a few hours ago. They cannot wait to tell the entire world, you know!” Tong Yi said nonchalantly.

Jiang Li paused for a moment, “Are you very close with my second and third brothers?”

“I’m actually closer to your eldest brother.” Tong Yi’s tone sounded a little helpless. If nothing more, Feng Yang would soon become his uncle. Just the thought of it gave him a headache.

“But you never told me before.” Jiang Li lay on the bed and continued chatting lazily. She usually wasn’t so chatty, but she was in a good mood today and wanted to share this feeling with somebody.

Tong Yi was taken aback and responded somewhat awkwardly: “You never asked me before. I showed you the photos of your uncle, but you didn’t respond much. I thought you didn’t want to see them.”

Jiang Li said truthfully: “I wasn’t familiar with you back then.”

Tong Yi chuckled, “You took my meal card on the first day we met, and now you said you weren’t familiar with me. Jiang Li, have you mastered the art of social bullshit1?”

Jiang Li had never heard of this slang before, so she frowned, “Why are you swearing at me?”

Tong Yi sighed helplessly: “This is not a swear. Just check it out on the internet later.”

Jiang Li no longer cared, “I’m sleeping. Good night,” she yawned and ended the call.

Tong Yi: …

Jiang Xiao Li’s daily schedule was too healthy, not at all like a teenager’s. When she grew up and became an adult later, finding a boyfriend who could match her pace would definitely not be easy.

Tong Yi laughed at the thought of Jiang Xiao Li’s future love life. Anyone who dared to date her would first have to face the three brothers of the Feng family, none of which was easy to deal with.

Well, let him observe a moment of silence for Jiang Xiao Li’s future boyfriend!


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  1. 社交牛逼 : A slang that means someone who is awesome social situations.

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