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ATCF Ch 24 Part 2 – The Black-Bellied Eldest Brother (II)

Early the next morning, Jiang Li woke up, got dressed, and had a quick shower. She had just finished her morning routine when she heard a knock on the door. As soon as she opened the door, she saw Feng Song and Feng Bai standing outside.

“Morning, Second Brother. Morning, Third Brother.” Jiang Li changed her address very naturally.

Feng Song simply nodded with a gentle smile, while Feng Bai showed a silly grin. But after a few seconds, Feng Bai suddenly said, “Xiao Jiang Li, you shouldn’t call him second brother so fast.”

Jiang Li raised her eyebrows and suddenly remembered the previous bet.

As expected, Feng Bai spoke up in the next instant, “I recall that you agreed to call him ‘big brother’ only if he won the bet? But your entrance examination is still weeks away. I believe your chances of winning are greater, so I suggest you take it slow.”

Feng Song gave Feng Bai a death stare, which did not work at all.

Jiang Li smiled in response: “But we bet whether I would call him ‘big brother,’ not ‘second brother.'”

Feng Bai: …

Alright, Xiao Jiang Li was also a master of logical wordplay, just like their Third Uncle.

The brothers and sister talked and laughed all the way toward the dining room and found that Old Master Feng had already been waiting on the main seat. Hearing his granddaughter sweetly calling him Grandpa, the old man was in a good mood, “Grandpa has prepared a seat for you. Come and sit quickly.” He waved to Jiang Li.

Jiang Li took her seat and greeted the uncles and aunts. Everyone responded to her with a smile except for the Third Uncle, who treated her a little coldly.

Well, it must be because of the call last night — Jiang Li thought to herself.

It seemed that she really didn’t fit in with the Jiang family, especially with that brain-dead Jiang Zhou, who kept giving her troubles again and again.

After breakfast, Old Master Feng announced his intention to take Jiang Li to the ancestral hall to pay respects to the ancestors. Following this ceremony, the family would have a small luncheon to celebrate her return.

The ancestral hall of the Feng family was within the manor’s vicinity. Jiang Li expected the occasion to be a solemn one, but was surprised to find her guess wrong.

When the family kowtowed to worship the ancestors, there was indeed a sense of ritual, but once it finished, Grandpa distributed the offerings on the table, and everyone sat down to eat and chat very casually.

Jiang Li looked up at the altar and couldn’t help pondering: would the ancestors be angry with Grandpa’s actions?

Seeing Jiang Li’s befuddlement, Professor Tan pulled her aside and explained in a low voice: “This is our family’s tradition. You will soon find that your Grandpa is a very casual person.”

Jiang Li nodded in agreement, “I also think that Grandpa is very casual and easy to get along with.”

Professor Tan: …

Actually… the old man could hardly be said to be easy to get along with. In fact, most people wouldn’t associate him with the phrase at all.

When Father-in-law got angry, he was quite scary.

However, Jiang Li was such a good girl. There was no way she would do anything that rubbed her grandfather the wrong way, so there should be no need to caution her.

When Feng Bai noticed that his mother seemed to be plotting something with Xiao Jiang Li, he walked over to them, “What are you two talking about? So sneaky?”

Professor Tan turned to look at her youngest son, “I was thinking about when we should hold the banquet.”

Feng Bai’s eyes lit up, “Is it to introduce Xiao Jiang Li to the public? Of course we should do it as soon as possible!” He rubbed his fists excitedly.

Once Xiao Jiang Li’s identity was properly announced, everyone in the circle would know that Jiang Ruo was just a fake. Let’s see then if that cuckoo could still pretend to be a magpie!

Jiang Li was slightly taken aback, “Do you plan to announce my identity?”

When Jiang Zhou called last night and warned her about the Feng family’s promise to not disclose her identity, Jiang Li believed that Grandpa would keep his word. As for the words she said to Jiang Zhou — that was a deliberate provocation from her side, simply because she didn’t want that guy to feel at ease.

But now it seemed that her casual remark actually hit the truth?

Fang Qi noticed the strange expression on Jiang Li’s face and asked, “You don’t want to?”

Jiang Li shook her head, “No, I’m just a bit surprised.”

When the Jiang family refused to announce her identity, she was content to comply, simply because she didn’t want to attract unnecessary trouble.

But when it came to the Feng family, she liked the people here, so she was happy to find them willing to make open her identity.

After a brief pause, Feng Qi said again, “Your custody is now with me.”

Therefore, she didn’t need to worry about the Jiang family causing trouble.

Jiang Li quickly put on her most well-behaved look, “Thank you, Third Uncle.”

With a slight nod, Feng Qi turned around and left.

Jiang Li looked at his departing figure; once again was confirmed of Feng Qi’s coldness towards her.

However, he did comfort her just now!

So, he definitely didn’t dislike her.

Seeing this, Feng Song lightly cleared his throat and explained, “Third Uncle is actually not very adept at social interactions. Except for his work and research, he doesn’t have any other hobbies, so he may appear a bit too serious to some.”


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