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ATCF Ch 24 Part 3 – The Black-Bellied Eldest Brother (III)

Feng Song lightly cleared his throat and explained to Jiang Li, “Third Uncle is actually not very adept at social interactions. Except for his work and research, he doesn’t have any other hobbies, so he may appear a bit too serious to some.”

Although Third Uncle spent most of his time holed up in his laboratory, he wasn’t a typical penniless scholar. There was a biomedicine company under his name, which received heavy support from the government and earned him a lot of money in dividends.

The person Feng Song admired the most was actually this Third Uncle, who had taken his passion to the highest level. Not only could he do what he loved, but he also made a comfortable living out of it, which was simply fantastic!

Jiang Li nodded, “I know. Third Uncle is very awesome.”

After leaving the ancestral hall, the family gathered together to discuss the organization of the large-scale banquet to introduce Jiang Li to the public. Said to be a discussion, but in fact, Grandpa made all the decisions alone. He talked nonstop about the scale of the banquet, the list of invited guests, and even decided to personally pen the invitation to add more formality to the occasion.

When it came to choosing the date, Feng Yang suggested with a gentle smile on his face, “Xiao Jiang Li’s entrance examination is only a month away. Why don’t we schedule the banquet for the weekend after the exam? But we must send out the invitations in advance. Given one month to prepare, I’m sure the guests will be able to make time to attend.”

Looking at Eldest Brother’s gentle smile through the screen, Jiang Li somehow felt that his words held another meaning.

Sure enough, Feng Bai immediately applauded and cheered, “Cool! Slow torture is more enjoyable than quick execution. Once Jiang Ruo finds this out, she’ll surely be miserable every day. Let’s see if she still can perform well in the exam and keep up her reputation as a top student.”

“You’re being too hard on me, Third Brother. I’m not as black-bellied as you make me.” Feng Yang blinked innocently, then turned to Jiang Li, “Xiao Jiang Li, you cannot misunderstand your Eldest Brother just because of Third Brother’s words, understand?”

Jiang Li nodded sensibly, “I believe you, Eldest Brother.”

Feng Bai put his arms around Jiang Li’s shoulders, “Don’t be fooled by Eldest Brother’s appearance. This person’s belly has been as black as a black hole from birth, and even I often fell victim to him. If you don’t believe me, my big bro can testify.”

Feng Song coughed lightly, “I stand on neutrality.”

Jiang Li: …

She didn’t know if Eldest Brother was as black-bellied as Third Brother made him be, but looking at his innocent eyes and the cute dimples he made when smiling, it was hard to think that this person was capable of scheming!

Meanwhile, Old Master Feng was completely satisfied with his eldest grandson’s proposal, “Yangyang’s idea is good. I will start handwriting the invitations today.” He didn’t forget to distribute some jobs to his other two grandsons, “You guys also write the invitations. Call all the young people you’re close with to come over, and don’t leave anyone out.”

As Feng Song and Feng Bai both nodded, Old Master Feng turned to Jiang Li and smiled warmly, “Xiao Jiang Li too. You can invite all your classmates and friends.”

Jiang Li nodded hesitantly, “Then, can I invite my friends from the orphanage?”

“Of course! Not only the children, but you should also invite the staff and the director. Don’t forget the teachers and friends from your previous school too. Invite them all together and make the banquet more lively.” Old Master Feng paused for a moment and pondered, “You should prepare only the invitations for your peers. As for the elders, it’s more polite if the invitations come from me.”

Jiang Li said softly: “Thank you, Grandpa.”

Now she finally understood why the Fengs had no contact with the Jiangs despite their in-laws relationship.

The two families were too different in their conduct, so how could they get along with each other?

After taking a break from school, Shen Mian enrolled in a cram school. Her parents specially registered her for a private one-on-one class, so let alone skipping classes, she couldn’t even look distracted during the lessons.

Thankfully, full-time students didn’t have to attend weekend classes. After taking the weekly test arranged by the cram school, the rest of her time was spent on self-study.

Most of the students who had this arrangement generally had poor grades and varying degrees of issues with their study habits, which gave their parents and teachers a headache. This contrast made Shen Mian stand up. Looking at the score of her written tests alone, she was definitely a top student, not to mention her excellent behavior. If not for her parents, who specifically advised the teachers that the girl wasn’t in her best mental state recently, they would have been ecstatic to find a jackpot.

After a week-long observation, the teachers found that Shen Mian’s mental state was fine, so they relaxed their supervision of her. Moreover, with no classes to attend, it was quite easy for Shen Mian to sneak out.

After she left the cram school, Shen Mian went straight to the police station and said in a panic that she had been coerced to commit suicide by an acquaintance.

It was clear that the girl was underage. A few years ago, there was a similar case where a minor ended up losing their life, so when Shen Mian came in reporting, the police took her words seriously and immediately questioned her in detail.

Shen Mian took out her mobile phone and said that the other party had removed her from the friend list and deleted their QQ chat history.

The easiest way to restore a deleted chat was by re-adding the account to the friend list. In order to avoid alarming the suspect, the police refrained from doing that and used special technology to quickly restore the chats.

But when the chat was restored, the police suddenly looked helpless, “The person you mentioned is also a minor?” They asked Shen Mian.


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