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ATCF Ch 3 Part 1 – Director Li and Bear-shaped Biscuits (I)

Feng Yun’s face turned red, then pale. Her lips trembled slightly, as if she wanted to say something but didn’t know what to say.

Jiang Zhou let out a sneer. He knew that this so-called real sister was trying to take advantage by retreating, but she probably didn’t know that she was choosing the wrong method.

Seeing Feng Yun’s shock, Jiang Ruo couldn’t help rebuking Jiang Li, “How can you call mother like that? Cannot you see how sad she is?”

Jiang Li replied nonchalantly, “If you think Aunt Feng sounds better, I can call her that.”

“Enough!” Jiang Huai slammed the knife and fork in his hand on the dining table, “Can’t you be quiet when dining?”

Jiang Huai had always been in control of the family. As soon as he opened his mouth, Jiang Zhou and Jiang Ruo no longer dared to say anything. Only Feng Yun looked to be at a loss, still unable to recover from the blow.

Jiang Li picked up the cutlery and cut the meat silently, as if she was not affected by what happened just now.

After breakfast, Jiang Li was about to leave the dining room when Jiang Huai stopped her.

“We have already handled the admission procedures, but you still have to take the placement test. Go and pack up the things you need to live in the dorm. I will ask Assistant Bai to send you to school.”

Feng Yun raised her head suddenly, her eyes full of surprise. Her husband clearly had greeted the school board and arranged so that Xiao Li could join the same class as Ruoruo. Why did he suddenly say that she had to take a placement test now?

Jiang Ruo was also confused for a moment, but she quickly reacted. She understood that her father was angry because of what happened just now, so he suddenly changed his mind and wanted to give Jiang Li a painful slap.

Thinking about the hellish rumor about the school’s placement test, Jiang Ruo suddenly felt a little sympathetic. Jiang Li had been studying in a small county-level middle school before, but now she suddenly had to take such a hell-level exam. After getting the result, it must give her a big blow!

Jiang Zhou looked at Jiang Li with a mocking smile, clearly waiting to see a good show.

Jiang Li ignored their probing eyes and nodded calmly, “No problem.”

Before transmigrating, Jiang Li’s ill health forced her to live in a nursing home most of the time. However, although she very rarely could go to school, she had always been studying on her own, and her academic level had never fallen behind. Originally, she wanted to take the college entrance examination like other students, then go to the college to study medicine, research her disease and find a way to live longer.

It was a pity that Jiang Li’s condition deteriorated too fast. Before taking the high school entrance examination, she unexpectedly learned that she didn’t have much remaining time. In the end, she could only choose to sign an agreement to become a cryopreservation test subject, dreaming that she could be awakened one day and continue her life.

At that time, Jiang Li also lamented the unfairness of fate. Still, now she suddenly felt that she was relatively lucky, because she transmigrated into a book and finally had a healthy body.

In this book, she could realize those dreams she had in real life, one by one.

Jiang Ruo kept her eyes on Jiang Li. When she saw Jiang Li’s longing eyes, she thought that Jiang Li was looking forward to the placement test, so she felt even more sympathetic. When Jiang Ruo knew that she was not her parents’ biological daughter, she was really at a loss, worried that her parents would completely transfer their love for her to their biological daughter. Fortunately, her parents did not reject her because of the blood relationship. Even after Jiang Li returned home, they did not treat her differently.

Thinking of this, Jiang Ruo’s mood suddenly became bright again. As for how her parents would be nice to Jiang Li, she could understand that, after all, Jiang Li was their biological daughter.

The fly in the ointment was that Jiang Li is more difficult to get along with than she thought, but it didn’t matter. She could just try to minimize contact with Jiang Li.

After leaving the dining room, Jiang Li went upstairs to pack up. She put the toiletries she brought from the orphanage into her bag, went to the balcony to pack the clothes she had changed and washed yesterday, and then went out to meet Assistant Bai.

Assistant Bai showed a slightly surprised look when he saw that Jiang Li was still carrying the schoolbag she had brought from the orphanage yesterday. But in just a moment, he put away the surprise and said respectfully, “Miss Jiang Li, should we directly go to school?”

Jiang Li nodded, “I’m going to take the placement test.”

Assistant Bai had received the instruction from Jiang Huai beforehand, telling him to send Jiang Li to the school to take the placement test. Naturally, he didn’t look surprised this time. However, Assistant Bai also couldn’t help feeling a bit puzzled. Miss Jiang Li could directly enter the best class in school; why did she still have to take the placement test? Could it be that she wanted to test her level and choose a class that suited her?

Assistant Bai had investigated Jiang Li before, and found that Jiang Li’s homeroom teacher spoke highly of her. Presumably, Jiang Li’s academic performance should be good, but the quality of teaching in that school was far worse than the level of Minjiang International School, so her performance there had no reference value at all.

Thinking of this, Assistant Bai’s evaluation of Jiang Li grew twenty percent better. In his opinion, it was good to go to the best class in the school, but if she couldn’t keep up with the teaching progress, the one who would be disadvantaged was Jiang Li herself. Now that the senior high school entrance examination was approaching, this period was the most critical. If Jiang Li couldn’t adapt to the new learning environment and class rhythm, she not only would waste time, but also bear huge psychological pressure.

Assistant Bai had considered this matter before, but as an assistant, his responsibility was to carry out the instructions issued by his boss, and it was not his turn to interfere with other things. What he didn’t expect was that Miss Jiang Li would take the initiative to take the placement test. In this way, although she still needs to adapt to the new environment, she at least could go to a class that suits her level of learning instead of forcing herself to attend the honors class.

Assistant Bai, whose child was of the same age as Jiang Li and was also taking the high school entrance examination this year, couldn’t help being a little more cordial towards this diligent girl. After starting the car, he couldn’t help but give Jiang Li a reminder: “Minjiang International School is the best private middle school in the province. They rarely accept transfer students midway, and the placement test after the transfer is notoriously difficult. Few students can complete all questions within the allotted time.”

Jiang Li looked at Assistant Bai in surprise, “Are you reminding me not to be stressed out during the test?”

When a little girl saw through his mind and said it so frankly, Assistant Bai’s expression became a bit awkward. But Jiang Li didn’t wait for his reply, “Thank you for your advice.”

Assistant Bai didn’t expect her to be so polite, and his expression became even more awkward. He hesitated for about three minutes, and when the car stopped at the red light, he turned to look at Jiang Li and said sincerely, “Miss Jiang Li, I wanted to apologize for the misunderstanding at the Xingxing Orphanage a few days ago…”

“No need to apologize.” Jiang Li interrupted him, “You are Mr. Jiang’s assistant, and it is your duty to report about me to him.”

Hearing Jiang Li call her own father ‘Mr. Jiang,’ Assistant Bai was shocked and didn’t know what to say for a while.


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