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ATCF Ch 36 Part 1 – Four Neatly Aligned Trees (I)

Tong Yi easily scolded Jiang Ruo away, and when he saw the strange look in Jiang Li’s eyes, he raised an eyebrow and asked, “Are you thinking that it’s not right for me to scold a girl like that?”

Jiang Li shook her head. “I just suddenly realized that, in certain situations, being a bit rough and insulting is more effective than trying to reason.”

Tong Yi immediately put on a smug expression. “You only got half of it right. Insulting alone might not be effective; it also depends on one’s aura.”

Jiang Li complimented him, “Well, you do have a strong aura.”

Although she found Tong Yi easy to get along with, for some reason, their classmates at school were afraid of him.

Perhaps that’s what they call “aura”?

Tong Yi took a bottle of water from a plastic bag and gave it to Jiang Li. He then shared the rest with the children from the orphanage, keeping one for himself.

He unscrewed the cap and took a big gulp of water, then looked at Jiang Li, asking, “Why did Jiang Ruo mention Qin Zheng to you just now?”

Jiang Li shook her head and couldn’t help but laugh. “Maybe Jiang Huai fed her with pig feed when she was growing up.”

Tong Yi barked, “Don’t mimic the way I talk!”

Unfortunately, Jiang Li wasn’t afraid of him at all and looked at him in the same way as looking at a cat pretending to be fierce.

Afterward, the group continued to explore the studio and returned to the van when they were done, ready to head back home.

The bunch of kids still had plenty of energy, shouting and playing with each other. Tong Yi and Jiang Li didn’t restrict them much, just reminding them not to be too rough. The kids obediently agreed.

Jiang Li was sitting on the seat playing with her mobile phone when Tong Yi suddenly asked, “Are you sure you want to go to Minjiang First High School?”

When Jiang Li nodded, he couldn’t help but tease, “If you choose to stay at Minjiang International, you’ll definitely get more scholarships.”

Minjiang International School indeed had higher tuition fees, but outstanding students could be exempted from tuition and other fees, and the scholarships were much more generous than those offered by public schools, making it an excellent choice for the Little Moneygrubber Jiang Xiao Li, who was both academically gifted and fond of money.

Jiang Li put down her phone. “But I don’t lack money now.” She took out an extra card from her pocket. “My eldest uncle gave this to me. He said I can spend it freely, and my grandpa also gives me pocket money from time to time.”

Tong Yi: …

He had forgotten that Jiang Xiao Li was now the little princess of the Feng family, and she no longer needed to worry about money matters in the future.

Seeing her boast about her wealth openly, Tong Yi asked again, “Jiang Xiao Li, are you really not considering investing in me? It’s a guaranteed win with no losses!”

Although he didn’t lack startup funds, if Jiang Xiao Li invested, she would become a shareholder, and they could share the dividends in the future. What a great opportunity!

Jiang Li gave him a complicated look, “If you want to borrow money from me, just ask directly. There’s no need to beat around the bush.”

Tong Yi’s eyes widened in disbelief, “You think I lack money?”

Jiang Li nodded honestly, “You don’t seem particularly well-off.”

“Why do you think so?” Tong Yi asked further.

Jiang Li replied truthfully, “I heard from Third Brother that you don’t have a good relationship with your eldest uncle, and now the Tong family is under his control.”

Tong Yi: …

Feng Bai really told Jiang Xiao Li everything!

However, his uncle didn’t actually mistreat him financially. If he was willing to be a second-generation rich kid forever, his uncle would probably support him for life.

Seeing Tong Yi’s silence, Jiang Li thought she was right. She took out her phone and transferred twenty thousand yuan to him, saying, “This is a loan. Pay me back when you have the money!”

Hearing this, Tong Yi couldn’t help but smile wryly. Still, he was happy that the Little Moneygrubber was willing to spend money for him. After contemplating for a moment, he clicked the “accept payment” button without hesitation, then looked at Jiang Li, “Since you treat it as a loan, I’ll repay you with interest. If I make a profit, you become a shareholder, and I’ll share dividends with you.”

Jiang Li looked puzzled, “Is there such a good deal?”

Tong Yi nodded, “Yes, there is. But I have a condition.”

Jiang Li looked at him incredulously, “You, a borrower, dare to set conditions?”

Tong Yi enjoyed seeing her serious look and couldn’t help but laugh, “Actually, I’ve always wanted to be your older brother.”

Seeing that Jiang Li was about to retort, he quickly added, “I know you won’t agree. It’s just my one-sided wish, okay?”

Jiang Li helplessly said, “You are so persistent. I don’t want to argue with you.”

Tong Yi reached out and patted her shoulder, “As an older brother, I definitely don’t want my younger sister to be busy with love while in school…”

Jiang Li frowned, “You’re talking nonsense!”

Tong Yi clicked his tongue, “I’m not interested in interfering with your love affairs, anyway. Let’s not change the subject. My condition is that you can’t date anyone during your three years in high school, understood?”

Jiang Ruo’s words just now didn’t really concern Tong Yi. He knew that Jiang Li wasn’t blind, so there was no way she would be interested in Qin Zheng. But when she went to high school, she would inevitably come across some outstanding boys. It was hard to say whether she could stay indifferent.

Although teen dating was a normal thing now, he simply felt that those boys were not worthy of Jiang Xiao Li.

During late-night dormitory chats, he overheard how those boys would gossip about the girls, and their unfiltered tongues were quite despicable.

If Jiang Xiao Li were to be infatuated and date such a person, wouldn’t that be ridiculous? Even if she eventually wanted to be in a relationship, she absolutely couldn’t do it before she came of age. Ideally, she would wait until he returned to the country and personally watch over her. That way, she wouldn’t be deceived by anyone.

Listening to Tong Yi’s nonstop chatter, Jiang Li couldn’t help but find his rambling both funny and quite cute.

“Big Sleepyhead, do you know what my dream is?” Jiang Li didn’t answer his request, which left Tong Yi a little displeased, but he replied, “Isn’t it to become a scientist, just like your uncle?”

Jiang Li was surprised: “How do you know?”

Tong Yi clicked his tongue, “Besides doing practice questions, you’re always reading medical journals. I’m not blind.”

He also noticed Jiang Li’s love for various snacks and her preference for pears when it came to fruits; she didn’t care much for others.

Jiang Li nodded, “Well, you got it right. And my uncle promised that if I decide to study pharmaceutical science, he’ll guide me beforehand.”

Tong Yi: …

Weren’t they discussing another topic? Why did Jiang Li suddenly shift the conversation to her aspirations?

“Jiang Xiao Li, it feels like you are changing the subject?” Tong Yi asked.

Jiang Li looked at him with a blank expression, “I just wanted to tell you I’ll be quite busy in high school and won’t have time for love or dating.”

Hearing this, Tong Yi became ecstatic and somewhat carried away. He reached out and tousled Jiang Li’s hair bun, praising, “Good girl.”

The next moment, Jiang Li swatted his hand away, furrowing her brows in complaint, “No touching!”

Tong Yi: …

He was just curious after seeing Old Master Feng often rubbed Jiang Xiao Li’s head.

Had to say, it felt soft and comfy. Very nice to the touch.


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  1. Tong Yi is definitely smart. He’s just simply bidding his time I think. I’m sure by the time he return from being abroad he would surpass his uncle and probably would slowly take back control of the Tong family. Or even just create a name for himself separate from the Tong family & be even better.

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