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ATCF Ch 4 Part 1 – Why Is She So Arrogant? (I)

Director Li took the key handed by the boy, then turned his eyes to Jiang Li, “This kid is called Tong Yi, and you two will be classmates from now on.”

Jiang Li nodded obediently like any good student, then turned to look at the tall boy in front of her. At the same time, the description of ‘Tong Yi’ in the novel quickly appeared in her mind.

As one of the backdrop characters in the novel, Tong Yi was a typical example of a child prodigy. He was smart and brilliant since childhood, his IQ far exceeded that of his peers, and he was also a very gentle and polite boy, making him the example parents used to teach their children.

But in his third year of junior high school, Tong Yi suddenly dropped out of school for some unknown reason, and it was two years later that he returned to school again.

After returning to school, Tong Yi changed 180 degrees. Not only did his grades plummet, but his personality also became unruly, and his whole person exuded a dangerous aura.

After the novel ‘Jiang Li’ transferred to Minjiang International School, she was placed in the last row and became Tong Yi’s deskmate. Because Jiang Ruo had told ‘Jiang Li’ in advance that Tong Yi had a bad temper and warned her not to provoke him, ‘Jiang Li’ did not dare to take the initiative to talk to Tong Yi.

A week later, however, Tong Yi offered to let ‘Jiang Li’ do his homework, saying that he was willing to pay her. ‘Jiang Li’ agreed to Tong Yi’s request after a little thought. She did not lack pocket money after returning to the Jiang family, but the supplementary card given by Jiang Huai could only be used to buy things and not to withdraw cash. If ‘Jiang Li’ wanted to send money to the orphanage, she had to find another way.

After ‘Jiang Li’ started to do homework for Tong Yi, the classmates who originally liked to mock her restrained themselves a bit because they were wary of Tong Yi. However, it didn’t take long for the Jiang family to find out about the matter of ‘Jiang Li’ helping Tong Yi to do his homework. Jiang Huai merely looked at her with an angry face, while Feng Yun advised her not to get too close to a delinquent like Tong Yi, so as not to ruin her reputation.

After that, ‘Jiang Li’ refused to do homework for Tong Yi again, and the boy also didn’t force her. The two seemed to have returned to the state where the two sides did not interfere with each other.

Not long after, Tong Yi suddenly went abroad without even taking the high school entrance examination. His story afterward was not written in the book, so Jiang Li naturally had no way of knowing.

Tong Yi saw the unfamiliar girl kept staring at him for a long time. He couldn’t help but take two steps forward and looked over her, “Why do you keep looking at me? Am I so handsome?”

Director Li frowned. Just as he was about to reprimand Tong Yi, the little girl next to him nodded calmly.

Director Li: …

Tong Yi was also speechless. For some reason, he felt that he was being molested visually by this harmless-looking transfer student.

It was rare to see Tong Yi slumped, so Director Li couldn’t help laughing, “This is Jiang Li, who just transferred from another school. Since you have nothing to do now, take her to pick up the school uniform and study materials. Your homeroom teacher will be here in a while to arrange a dorm room for her.”

Astonished, Tong Yi glanced slightly at the kind-hearted ‘Hades Li.’ His eyes then fell on the two exam papers full of [√] marks on the table. After quickly confirming the difficulty level of the questions, he finally nodded lazily, “Okay!”

Before leaving the office of Academic Affairs, Jiang Li turned to Assistant Bai, who had been silent all the time, “The transfer procedure has been finished, so you don’t need to be here anymore.”

Assistant Bai immediately said, “But Miss Jiang Li, you are going to live in the dormitory. I can stay and help carry your belongings.”

Jiang Li shook her head, “No need. I’m not bringing that many things anyway.”

Hearing Jiang Li’s words, Assistant Bai immediately looked at the old-looking canvas school bag on the desk.

There was indeed not much stuff in there.

Assistant Bai remembered how it was every time Miss Jiang Ruo and Young Master Jiang Zhou returned to school. The Madam would prepare a lot of things for them in various bags and packages, and President Jiang would also take time out of his busy schedule to send the two children to school. In contrast, Miss Jiang Li’s situation was too miserable, even though she was their real daughter.

Fortunately, Miss Jiang Li was smart and knew how to plan for herself. Otherwise, she might become depressed.

After leaving the Office of Academic Affairs, Tong Yi took Jiang Li to take the school uniforms and study materials. He let Jiang Li carry the school uniforms, while he easily carried a stack of textbooks toward Class 3-1’s classroom.

It was just after twelve o’clock, so no one was in the classroom. Tong Yi put the books on the empty table in the last row, turned to look at Jiang Li, and said, “This table is currently empty, so you can temporarily use it. Go find Old Li later to ask for your seat arrangement.”

Jiang Li looked at the stack of brand-new textbooks on the next table, raised an eyebrow, and asked, “You don’t want me to sit at the same table with you?”

Tong Yi: …

Under normal circumstances, no one would like to sit in the last row, not to mention that this transfer student was a good student with excellent grades. If it weren’t for her clear eyes, Tong Yi almost suspected that she was mocking him.

Tong Yi waved his hand and said indifferently, “Sit wherever you like, just don’t disturb my sleep.”

After saying this, he sat against the wall, took out a pillow from the desk drawer, and prepared to sleep.

Seeing this, Jiang Li said quickly, “Let’s make a deal!”

Tong Yi frowned, thinking he had heard it wrong.

“Do you lack someone who can do your homework?” Jiang Li looked at Tong Yi with very sincere eyes. On the night the original ‘Jiang Li’ was taken back by the Jiang couple, Jiang Huai gave her a supplementary card, but now that the person who returned had become her, Jiang Huai seemed to have forgotten about it.

The reason was probably she never gave Jiang Huai face from beginning to the end, making this man with a strong desire for control feel that his authority as a parent had been challenged, and thus he wanted to give her a lesson.

It was impossible for Jiang Li to bow to Jiang Huai. However, the savings this body had only added up to less than 300 yuan, and she would soon be hungry if she didn’t start to make some money.

Jiang Li’s tone was too natural, and so Tong Yi was successfully amused by her remark. No longer dozing off, the boy said with interest: “What gave you the impression that I need a helper to do my homework?”

Jiang Li was stunned for a moment, but she asked again stubbornly, “Are you sure you don’t need it?”

Tong Yi put his chin on his hand and looked at Jiang Li, “Give me a reason why I need to employ you.”

Jiang Li was silent for two seconds, then changed the subject calmly: “Is it easy to get the scholarship in this school?”

Tong Yi nodded subconsciously, but soon showed a self-deprecating smile, “You are asking about the scholarship’s difficulty to someone whose grade is in the bottom rung of the school. What does it mean?”

Jiang Li: …

Tong Yi didn’t seem to take the matter to heart. He tapped his fingers on the desk and said lightly: “Are you short of money?”

Jiang Li nodded calmly. She didn’t think that lacking money was an embarrassing thing.

Tong Yi took out a mobile phone from his pocket, “Gimme your QR code.”

“Ah?” Jiang Li was slightly stunned.

“After you get the scholarship, you will pay me back double.” Tong Yi said in a businesslike tone.

“I don’t have a mobile phone,” Jiang Li confessed.

Tong Yi: …

The school rules did stipulate that students were not allowed to bring mobile phones on campus, but how many really complied these days? It turned out that his new deskmate was such a good girl, ah!


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