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ATCF Ch 4 Part 2 – Why Is She So Arrogant? (II)

“I don’t have a mobile phone,” Jiang Li confessed.

Tong Yi: …

The school rules did stipulate that students were not allowed to bring mobile phones on campus, but how many really complied these days? It turned out that his new deskmate was such a good girl, ah!

Jiang Li ignored Tong Yi’s surprised eyes and asked, “Does the cafeteria accept cash?”

Tong Yi stared at her for a few seconds, then slowly took out the meal card from his pocket, “Bring me back one portion of glutinous rice cake.”

Jiang Li instantly understood. It seemed that the school cafeteria did not accept cash. Since she had no meal card yet, she had no choice but to borrow her deskmate’s temporarily.

After asking for the general direction of the cafeteria, Jiang Li left with Tong Yi’s meal card.

In the cafeteria, Jiang Li filled her plates with various food. Now that she was healthy, she was freed from countless food restrictions and no longer had to be careful about what she could and could not eat. The dining experience itself was generally quite pleasant, but when Jiang Li was about to buy the glutinous rice cake for Tong Yi after the meal, Jiang Ruo suddenly appeared.

Jiang Ruo was walking in the middle, surrounded by a few girls. She approached Jiang Li and asked with a smile: “Have you finished the placement test? How difficult it was?”

Before Jiang Li could answer, a girl with a high ponytail next to Jiang Ruo shouted, “Ruoruo, is this the girl your family adopted from the orphanage? She looks pretty!”

The smile on Jiang Ruo’s face froze slightly, but soon returned to normal. She didn’t respond to the ponytailed girl, but continued to talk to Jiang Li, “Actually, it doesn’t matter if you didn’t do well in the test. As long as you don’t make Dad angry again, he will definitely find a way to transfer you to the honors class.”

Since today was Sunday, there were not many students in the cafeteria. Jiang Li, who was not wearing a school uniform, had long attracted the attention of many people. Now when Jiang Ruo appeared, everyone’s eyes were almost concentrated in their direction.

Jiang Li ignored the scrutinying gazes and looked directly into Jiang Ruo’s eyes, “You told them that I was an orphan adopted by the Jiang family.” She used an affirmative tone.

Jiang Ruo immediately denied: “No! I didn’t say that. I just told them that you will transfer to our class…”

Facing Jiang Li’s icy eyes, Jiang Ruo felt exposed. Her voice gradually became smaller until it was no longer audible.

At this moment, Jiang Ruo’s heart was completely hollow. When she first learned that her parents were not her biological parents, she didn’t want to believe it, but the result of the DNA test was clear before her eyes, and her parents had even begun to look for their biological daughter, forcing her to accept the reality.

Fortunately, her parents kept comforting her, saying that no matter what happened in the future, she would still be the daughter of the Jiang family and no one could change this.

Her brothers also expressed his position without hesitation, saying that he only had one younger sister, and the so-called biological younger sister was just a stranger to him.

At that time, Jiang Ruo felt very contradictory. She hoped that her parents would find their biological daughter as soon as possible, but at the same time, she was also worried that they would no longer spoil her like before after they found their biological daughter.

What she was more worried about was the possibility that this biological daughter was not easy to get along with. If she had conflicts with her in the future, her parents would definitely stand by their biological daughter’s side.

After spending a period of time in fear, Jiang Ruo slowly felt that her worries were unnecessary. Even after they found Jiang Li, Mom and Dad didn’t take her back home as soon as possible, nor did they plant to reveal her identity to the public.

At that time, Jiang Ruo actually felt quite guilty. She even thought it was okay to announce Jiang Li’s identity as long as her parents still pampered her as always. But after meeting Jiang Li, Jiang Ruo realized that the girl was completely different from what he imagined. Jiang Li obviously didn’t try to grab anything from her, and her father and brother’s attitude towards Jiang Li was also very cold, but for some reason, Jiang Ruo still felt a sense of crisis.

Did Jiang Li just hint her to expose the matter about who was the real biological daughter of the Jiang family and let everyone know that she was just a thief who stole someone else’s identity?

Seeing Jiang Ruo’s clear guilty conscience, Jiang Li didn’t want to entangle with her anymore and was about to buy glutinous rice cakes so that she could return to the classroom, but the ponytailed girl stepped forward and stopped her.

“What is your attitude? Ruoluo is just telling us the truth; why do you need to be so defensive? Are you afraid to admit your orphan status?” Her voice was sharp, and her body language was expressive, as if she was the party involved.

“Are you feeling injustice for Jiang Ruo?”

“Shouldn’t I be so?” The ponytailed girl took it for granted. “Uncle Jiang took you back from the orphanage and provided you with everything you have, but you don’t feel grateful and even put on the air in front of Ruoruo. Who gives you the courage?”

Jiang Ruo reached out and pulled the girl’s sleeve, “Mianmian, please don’t say bad things about Xiao Li.”

Hearing the name ‘Mianmian,’ Jiang Li immediately connected the ponytailed girl with a character named Shen Mian in the book. As the best friend of the female lead Jiang Ruo, Shen Mian was outspoken and often did something bad with originally a good intention. In that book, she targeted the original ‘Jiang Li’ more than once and did not listen to Jiang Ruo’s persuasion.

However, could Jiang Ruo’s so-called persuasion be a real persuasion?

Jiang Li turned her eyes to Jiang Ruo, “I forgot to remind you that my temper is not as good as you think. If your friends provoke me again, you will be the one who bears the consequences.”

After saying this, Jiang Li went to the serving windows, took a packet of glutinous rice cakes, and brought it back to the classroom.

Although Shen Mian was outspoken, she was not completely brainless. For Jiang Li to be so arrogant, she must have something to rely on. So Shen Mian turned to look at Jiang Ruo, “What’s wrong with this orphan? Why is she so arrogant?”

Jiang Ruo bit her lip and frowned, “Anyway, please never mess with her again.”

Shen Mian was surprised, “I’m just taking justice for you. Why are you reacting like this? Does she have something on you?”

“No!” Jiang Ruo quickly denied.

Seeing Shen Mian’s apparent disbelief, she hurriedly continued: “I also learned last night that although Jiang Li grew up in an orphanage, she is actually the child of our relatives. In short, don’t mess with her, okay? ”

Shen Mian was stunned for a moment. Still, she frowned and said again, “Even if that’s the case, now that she has come to your house, she is living under your family’s charity, right? Why is she so arrogant?”

Jiang Ruo: …

Jiang Ruo didn’t like lying, because after one lie, she always needed to use countless lies to cover the first lie. But now that the beast had been released from the cage, there was no turning back. So after a few seconds of silence, Jiang Ruo finally said, “As you know, my father started everything from scratch. Jiang Li’s family helped him a long time ago, so we have to take good care of her.”

“Is that so!” Shen Mianmian showed a thoughtful expression, “No wonder she looked so confident just now; it was because your family feels grateful to her family!”

Jiang Ruo was silent.

Shen Mianmian hummed, “But I still don’t like her. She relies on that small kindness to bully you. If your brother finds out, she will definitely not end well.”

Seeing that Shen Mian was successfully fooled, Jiang Ruo finally sighed in relief. She actually had the idea of telling the people close to her that she was not her parents’ biological daughter, but when the words came to her throat, she realized how difficult it was.

Maybe after graduating, she could choose a high school where no one knew her and start a new life so that she no longer had to worry about being exposed.

Unknown Jiang Ruo, Shen Mian, who believed her words, immediately turned around and secretly sent a message to Jiang Zhou, reporting what happened just now.


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