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Aerial Rain
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ATCF Ch 49 Part 2 – He Admires Xiao Lizi’s Patience (II)

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After saying this, Feng Bai went over to Jiang Li and their grandfather, squeezing himself between them. “Xiao Jiang Li, what are your plans for tomorrow?”

Feng Qi interjected before she could answer, “She’s going to the research institute with me.”

Seeing Feng Bai’s disgruntled face, Feng Qi raised an eyebrow, “What? Do you have a problem with that?”

“…” Feng Bai shut his mouth. Yes, he had a problem with that, but didn’t dare voice it!

Unlike his grandson, Old Master Feng had no such reservations. He frowned at Feng Qi, “Xiao Jiang Li finally has a day off. Why would she go to the research institute?”

Jiang Li immediately explained, “My senior brother and senior sister won an award for their paper. I promised to celebrate with them, and Senior Sister Fang Tong even promised to treat me to lunch.”

“If he hadn’t always taken you to the research institute, how would you have known any senior brothers or sisters? But since you’ve already promised someone, you should go.” Old Master Feng grumbled softly but didn’t argue further. When facing his only granddaughter, he would always make unprincipled compromises.

After a joyful family dinner, Feng Song and Feng Bai lay on the couch playing video games and invited Jiang Li to join.

Jiang Li thought for a moment and said, “But I don’t have any experience.”

Feng Bai immediately said: “It’s okay, experience is not important. Your second brother has been playing games for so many years, and he is still…”

Seeing Feng Song giving him a death glare, Feng Bai quickly changed his tune, “Come on, I’ll guide you. Rankings aren’t important, having fun is.”

Feng Bai’s enthusiasm was hard to resist, so Jiang Li sat down between the twin brothers, ready to download the game on her phone.

Feng Song handed her his phone instead, “Play on mine. I have several accounts, and losing some rank doesn’t matter.”

Thus, following Feng Song’s guidance, Jiang Li began to play. She was a bit clumsy at first, but gradually got the hang of it.

An hour later, Feng Song raised an eyebrow in suspicion, “Xiao Jiang Li, be honest with me, is this really your first time playing this game?”

Jiang Li nodded, “Yes, why?”

Feng Song’s mouth twitched slightly, “Nothing, just surprised.”

Feng Bai laughed, slapping his thigh, “Xiao Jiang Li, you’ve successfully made my brother realize the importance of talent. He might have to quit gaming now.”

Feng Song grabbed an apple and stuffed it into his twin’s mouth, “Eat some fruit after dinner, it helps with digestion.”

“…” Feng Bai fumed inside. These days, some people are bad at gaming but still insist on playing, and now they won’t even let you say it, it’s just unfair!

Feng Bai took a bite of the apple. Noticing Jiang Li’s strange look, he couldn’t help but ask, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

Jiang Li cleared her throat and reminded, “We have someone else in our family who isn’t very good at games either.”

Feng Bai curiously asked, “Who? You can’t mean grandpa.”

“No, not Grandpa.” Before Feng Bai could feel relieved, Jiang Li added, “I’m talking about Third Uncle. He’s also not great at games.” Seeing Feng Bai’s expression freeze, Jiang Li continued with a serious face, “So in the future, you can’t talk about the Second Brother like that anymore, or else if the Third Uncle hears it, I won’t be able to help you.”

Feng Bai thought for a moment and then said, “When Third Uncle is at home, I won’t say anything about him.”

Feng Song: …

It didn’t seem to make much of a difference, as Third Uncle rarely came home anyway.

“Xiao Lizi, it’s almost 10 PM now.”

Hearing Feng Qi’s voice, Jiang Li obediently said, “I’ll go wash up and get ready for bed right away.”

She had just said Feng Qi wasn’t good at games and wasn’t sure if he had heard her.

But the next second, she saw him approaching and extending a hand towards her.

Hesitating for a moment, she handed over Feng Song’s phone.

Then, she watched as the person who had just reminded her it was almost 10 PM effortlessly started a game and began fighting with practiced ease.

Less than ten minutes later, Feng Qi handed back the phone, casually saying, “I am pretty bad at games, but winning at this level shouldn’t be too hard, right?”

“…” Feng Song stood up sullenly. He doesn’t want to talk now, he just wants to sleep!

Jiang Li looked sympathetically at her second brother, but wisely remained silent. Any consolation seemed futile under their third uncle’s overwhelming dominance.

On her way back to her room, Jiang Li heard Feng Qi’s phone ring. She initially paid little attention until she heard the words “Bai Guolin” and immediately stopped in her tracks. She tiptoed closer, standing behind her uncle, curious to hear the contents of this phone call.

“Bai Qiming is not stupid. Since he’s already taken his son away, there’s no need to bother with him anymore, especially since Xiao Lizi has already taught that boy a lesson.”

Jiang Li couldn’t hear what the person on the other end of the phone said to her uncle, but after a few seconds, she heard Feng Qi’s voice again.

“Bai Guolin has troubled Xiao Lizi just because of Jiang Ruo, right? Go cause some trouble for her, too. You don’t need me to teach you how to do that, do you?”

Jiang Li thought her uncle suddenly sounded quite fierce, but she wasn’t scared at all.

A few seconds later, Feng Qi added, “Jiang Huai has been quite busy lately. Give him some more work to do and explain the reason to him while you’re at it.” After hanging up the phone, Feng Qi turned to Jiang Li, “Xiao Lizi, were you eavesdropping?”

Jiang Li grabbed his arm and said coquettishly, “My Third Uncle helps me get back at the people who want to harm me. Of course I want to watch and cheer. That’s okay, right?”

Seeing his niece’s hunger for gossip, Feng Qi didn’t hide anything, “It’s not really about getting back at them. Bai Qiming already sent his son back to the county town last night, and after handling Bai Guolin’s transfer today, he went to talk to Jiang Huai about resigning. It seems it wasn’t quite a pleasant chat.”

“Assistant Bai decided so decisively to transfer his son, probably because he knows how formidable you are, Uncle. He didn’t dare to provoke you, so he could only transfer Bai Guolin.” Jiang Li was very certain. If she hadn’t returned to the Feng family and was only known as Jiang Huai’s biological daughter, Assistant Bai probably wouldn’t have given up so easily and might have even tried to make trouble for her through Jiang Huai.

So she too had benefitted from hugging her uncle’s thigh.

Feng Qi looked at her with a half-smile, “You sure know how to flatter me.”

Jiang Li looked shocked, “How can that be considered flattery? I’m just stating the facts.”

Feng Qi was successfully amused by her and urged, “Go back to your room and get ready for bed. Don’t mess up your biological clock.”

Jiang Li immediately nodded and happily returned to her room.

The next day, Jiang Li got up early, had breakfast, and, as usual, accompanied Feng Qi on a run to the research institute. Upon arriving, she immediately found Zhao Qiang and Fang Tong to congratulate them on their paper’s award.

Fang Tong was beaming, “Junior Sister, let me tell you, ever since I joined Professor Feng’s project team, I feel like I’ve made rapid progress. It’s like I’m about to ascend to heaven.”

Zhao Qiang, standing beside her, spoke calmly, “Actually, you still have a lot to improve. You should keep working hard.”

“…” Fang Tong turned around, her face expressionless, and looked at Zhao Qiang, “I was in a very good mood today, you know?”

Zhao Qiang nodded, “Yes, I can see it.”

Fang Tong continued, her smile turned dangerous, “But now I’m not happy anymore.”

“Why?” Zhao Qiang was confused. He thought he was just encouraging Fang Tong.

Jiang Li couldn’t stand it anymore and turned to Zhao Qiang, whispering, “Senior Brother, I think you look the coolest when doing experiments.”

Zhao Qiang was taken aback, “Can I really be associated with the word ‘cool’?”

Jiang Li nodded, “Because, during those times, you’re fully focused and hardly speak a word.”

Naturally, he wouldn’t offend anyone that way.

Fang Tong burst into laughter, looking at Zhao Qiang with a somewhat schadenfreude expression. “I think you better think about what you’re going to say if Professor Feng finds out you knew about the situation but didn’t report it.”

Jiang Li immediately said, “My uncle already knows.”

Zhao Qiang was shocked, “Didn’t I call you yesterday specifically to tell you not to let it slip?”

Jiang Li stated truthfully, “I was in my uncle’s car at that time.”

“…” Zhao Qiang couldn’t believe his luck. So, he basically sent himself to the guillotine?

Just then, a staff member came looking for Zhao Qiang, “Professor Feng is looking for you.”

Zhao Qiang felt doomed but dared not refuse to go. As he hesitantly approached the office, he found Professor Feng looking normal, not at all like he was about to get angry. Zhao Qiang thought it might be the calm before the storm and stood quietly at the door, ready to receive a reprimand.

Feng Qi, seeing him standing at the door but not entering, raised an eyebrow and asked, “Are you trying to pass off as a stone statue standing there?”

After hesitating for a moment, Zhao Qiang walked in with heavy steps, only to see Professor Feng pointing to a thick envelope on the table, “This is your reward, take it.”

Zhao Qiang: …

Reward? What reward?

Was Professor Feng being sarcastic?

Seeing Zhao Qiang’s trembling look, Feng Qi couldn’t help but ask, “Were you this hesitant before dislocating someone’s arm?”

Zhao Qiang quickly responded, “I was wrong, Professor Feng. I promise I won’t teach the junior sister those messy things again, I…”

“Stop!” Feng Qi couldn’t bear to listen anymore. “I called you here just to tell you that you did a good job teaching her. Keep it up, got it?”

“…” Zhao Qiang was dumbfounded. To be honest, he didn’t quite understand.

Feng Qi picked up the envelope from the desk and tossed it over. Zhao Qiang caught it reflexively, still looking baffled.

Feng Qi rubbed his temples and pointed to the door, “You can go now.” He was somewhat impressed with Xiao Lizi, who had the patience to communicate with Zhao Qiang.

It’s certainly not easy!


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