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ATCF Ch 5 Part 1 – This New Classmate Seems a Bit Savage (I)

When Jiang Li returned with the glutinous rice cake, several students had already come to the classroom. Everyone was sitting in their respective seats, busy doing their own things.

As soon as Jiang Li entered the classroom, the boy sitting near the door heard the door open. Seeing the unfamiliar face, he put down the pen in his hand and asked in a friendly manner, “Are you perhaps entering the wrong classroom?”

“No. I’m in this class.” Jiang Li responded and went straight to the last row.

Seeing that Tong Yi had fallen asleep on the desk, she put down the glutinous rice cake next to his head and then started to sort out the textbooks and other learning materials on her own desk.

Seeing this, the boy who wanted to chat with the new girl immediately dismissed the idea. He turned his head and whispered to his deskmate, “Have you seen this girl before? She is daring enough to provoke Tong Yi!”

His deskmate replied with even a lower voice, “She and Tong Yi should know each other. I just saw her putting snacks and a meal card on Tong Yi’s desk.”

Out of the corner of the boy’s eyes, he noticed Jiang Li was sorting out some textbooks. He said again in a surprised tone, “Is she going to be our classmate? How can our class get two transfer students at the same time?”

The news that the Jiang family adopted a girl from the orphanage had already spread in the class. They had long known that the girl adopted by the Jiang family would be transferred to their class.

The boy did not connect Jiang Li with the girl the Jiang family adopted. Because he had heard Shen Mian tell everyone before that the adopted girl came from an orphanage in a remote county, which made her a country bumpkin. This new girl, however, didn’t look to be so. Even if she was wearing just a simple shirt and casual pants, she had a temperament and bearing that could never have been nurtured in an orphanage.

What’s more, it was even more impossible for an orphanage girl to know Tong Yi.

The boy couldn’t hold back his curiosity. He took out his mobile phone and logged into the class group chat to report the addition of a new transfer student in the class. Of course, he didn’t forget to emphasize that the transfer student was a beauty.

However, no one believed him at first, saying that words without pictures hold no truth. They urged the boy to quickly took a photo of the supposedly beautiful new transfer student and share it in the group for everyone to see.

The boy immediately retorted in protest, saying that the girl seemed to be Tong Yi’s acquaintance. He was obviously too scared to take pictures of her secretly, and dared whoever had the guts to try it themselves.

Listening to the boy’s serious explanation, several students in the class were eager to confirm the news. They said they would come to the class earlier to see if this new classmate was really as beautiful as the boy said. Moreover, it was said that there would be two transfer students in the class today. Could it be perhaps that the other even was more beautiful than this one?

But someone quickly commented, saying that no matter how beautiful this transfer student was, she definitely was not as beautiful as Jiang Ruo, the madonna of their class. Therefore, everyone shouldn’t hold such high expectations.

The boy glanced at the discussion in the class group chat, then turned to look at the new classmate. If he put aside the fact that Jiang Ruo was a child star and made an objective comparison, this new classmate’s facial features were obviously more exquisite, with a bearing that supported her inner beauty. The only thing was that her skin was not as fair as Jiang Ruo’s.

Although the boy had such a conclusion, he didn’t say it in the group because many of Jiang Ruo’s ardent fans were also there. Saying that would only attract unnecessary hatred for the new classmate, and he was not as cruel to give such trouble to someone he had just met.

Meanwhile, Shen Mian also saw the messages pop one after another on her phone. After taking a glance, she immediately joined the class group chat. Seeing how everyone was talking about the two transfer students, she immediately revealed the news that the girl adopted by Jiang Ruo’s family was taking the placement test today. However, her level was definitely not enough to enter their honors class.

But compared to the Jiang family’s adopted daughter, everyone was obviously more concerned about the girl who supposedly had a close relationship with Tong Yi. Shen Mian said a lot, but few people paid attention to her.

By the time Jiang Li had sorted out her study materials, quite a number of students had entered the class one after another. She knew that there must be Jiang Ruo’s friends or fans among them, and thus prepared herself for oncoming troubles.

However, although those people kept looking at her from time to time, no one came to her, which surprised Jiang Li.

When Jiang Li was in confusion, a woman with short hair and a big belly entered the classroom. As soon as the woman appeared, the students who were talking in low voices immediately quieted down. Jiang Li correctly guessed that this person should be the homeroom teacher of the 3-1 class.

The woman swept her eyes across the classroom and stopped at the last row. She smiled at Jiang Li and said, “You are Jiang Li, the new transfer student, right? Director Li said you have already received your school uniform and study materials, is it correct?”

Jiang Li nodded, got up, and gave the seat to the pregnant homeroom teacher.

Looking at the well-behaved and sensible student, Teacher He sat down with a gentle smile.


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