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ATCF Ch 5 Part 2 – This New Classmate Seems a Bit Savage (II)

Looking at the well-behaved and sensible student, Teacher He sat down with a gentle smile. “My surname is He. I’m your homeroom teacher and also teaches Chinese subject. I’ve contacted your dorm teacher just now, and she will come to take you to get your daily necessities and go through the formalities of entering the dorm.”

After Teacher He finished speaking, she suddenly noticed Tong Yi, who was sleeping on the desk. Still, she just frowned a little and didn’t wake him up. Thinking that Director Li had especially emphasized that Jiang Li was a strong candidate for the top spot in the high school entrance examination this year and how he entrusted her to take good care of the child, Teacher He pushed the glasses on the bridge of her nose and said, “I will arrange your seat later. Where are you used to sitting before?”

“It’s okay, thank you.” Jiang Li shook her head and refused, “I prefer to sit here.”

Jiang Li had just figured out that no one in the class came to trouble her because of the sleeping god of calamity next to her. With such a person here, no one dared to approach, for fear of accidentally waking him up.

For Jiang Li, it didn’t matter who her deskmate was, but she hated unnecessary trouble. In contrast, this sleeping god of calamity happened to be not troublesome at all. He allowed her to borrow his meal card and didn’t snort when sleeping. Most importantly, he indirectly helped her avoid unnecessary troubles, which was truly perfect!

Teacher He looked at Jiang Li hesitantly, feeling that this new student didn’t want to change seats because she did not know what kind of person Tong Yi was. She was about to persuade Jiang Li again, but found that the dorm teacher had already arrived, so she could only temporarily dispel the idea.

The dorm teacher took Jiang Li to get daily necessities and arranged a dormitory room for her. Lastly, she handed her a card and explained that it could be used in the cafeteria and the school supermarket, and that she could recharge the card by herself later.

The dorm was four people rooms. There were two vacant beds in the room arranged by the dorm teacher for Jiang Li, one at the outermost position by the door and one at the innermost position near the bathroom. Jiang Li chose the innermost bed. She put her things into the storage cabinet one by one, made the bed, put on her school uniform, went to the cafeteria to recharge the meal card, and then bought a package of fruit before returning to the classroom.

Jiang Li returned to the classroom just in time for the class meeting. Teacher He kindly beckoned her to come over, briefly introduced her as a new transfer student, and then told other students to take care of their new classmate.

As for Jiang Li’s scores in the entrance examination, Teacher He didn’t announce it. After all, coming to a new environment needed a time of adaptation. She didn’t want to put too much psychological pressure on the new student.

The moment Jiang Li appeared, Jiang Ruo was stunned. She never thought that Jiang Li would be assigned to the honors class. When asked by Shen Mian today, she lied in a hurry. Still, she was not worried that the lie would be exposed because she never expected Jiang Li would be assigned to their honors class.

After all, Jiang Li had been living in a small county seat where the education level was limited. Even if Jiang Li was number one in her old school, she would still be beaten down here. But Jiang Li was actually assigned to an honors class via the notoriously difficult examination, proving that her grades far surpassed many of this school’s students.

Jiang Ruo’s grades had always been stable, and her ranking remained in the top ten of her grade. As long as she normally performed on the high school entrance examination, she would definitely be admitted to the talent class of Minjiang First High School. But now, she began to worry that Jiang Li would surpass her, because Jiang Li had brought too many ‘surprises’ ever since she returned to the Jiang family.

Shen Mian didn’t expect Jiang Li to be assigned to the honors class, but it didn’t diminish her dislike of Jiang Li. She rolled her eyes and suddenly said in a loud voice, “Teacher He, why don’t you let the new classmate introduce herself?”

Teacher He didn’t know Shen Mian’s hostility towards the new student. She looked at Jiang Li and said with a smile, “Please introduce yourself to your new classmates!”

Before Jiang Li could start, Shen Mian said loudly again, “Tell us about your previous school and where you used to live, so we can get to know each other better!”

Several boys in the class also cheered: “That’s right, you can also talk about what you like and what you are good at. It’s even better if you are willing to show your talents.”

“Yes, yes, give us a talent show. Everyone who transfers to our class should do a talent show.”

Jiang Ruo’s mind was full of worry, but her thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the noisy voices around her. As soon as she raised her head, she met Jiang Li’s indifferent eyes. For some reason, she suddenly remembered what Jiang Li said in the cafeteria at noon.

Jiang Ruo stood up abruptly, which immediately attracted the attention of the whole class.

Teacher He looked at her with surprised eyes, “Jiang Ruo, what’s wrong with you?”

Jiang Ruo put her hands on her stomach and said weakly, “I… I think I need to go to the infirmary.”

Seeing Jiang Ruo’s pale face, Shen Mian stopped bothering Jiang Luo and immediately got up to support her friend, “Teacher He, let me go with Ruoruo!”

Teacher He also looked concerned, “Alright, take her to the infirmary. If the problem is serious, call 120 for help.”

Shen Mian repeatedly nodded as she hurriedly helped Jiang Ruo out of the classroom. After the two left, Teacher He turned to Jiang Li again and said with a smile, “Let’s continue your introduction!”

Jiang Li nodded. She faced the crowd and said in a calm voice, “My name is Jiang Li. I lived in the Xingxing Orphanage in Qingxi County before. Now I’m temporarily living with some relatives, and I don’t have any talent to show.”

Finished with her brief self-introduction, Jiang Li glanced at Teacher He, and then returned to her position after receiving the homeroom teacher’s permission.


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