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ATCF Ch 6 Part 3 – I Was Just Kidding (III)

After coming out of the grove, Jiang Li was about to return to the dormitory, but was stopped by Tong Yi, “There will be a PE exam in two days, followed by a mock exam one week after. The top thirty in the grade will receive scholarships bonus money.”

Jiang Li turned to the boy, “Thank you.”

Tong Yi casually replied: “Hold the thanks for now. A few days later, after you know me from other people’s words, you can decide whether to still thank me or not.”

Jiang Li shook her head, “I prefer to know people directly rather than from other people’s descriptions.”

When Jiang Li first read the book, her initial judgment of a person was indeed pretty much affected by the content of the book. But after getting in touch with Tong Yi, she found that the descriptions in the novel were too one-sided.

For example, Tong Yi did not agree to let her do his homework, but took the initiative to propose the deal with the real ‘Jiang Li.’ If she guessed correctly, Tong Yi in the novel should be unable to stand seeing ‘Jiang Li’ being bullied by the class, so he proposed that deal!

From the outside view, Tong Yi was also bullying the original ‘Jiang Li.’ After all, few people were willing to do homework for others. However, this was actually protection in disguise.

But the current Jiang Li was strong enough and did not need any protection, so Tong Yi refused to let her do homework for him. Instead, knowing that she was short of money, he took the initiative to lend her his meal card.

Jiang Li didn’t know why Tong Yi pretended to be a delinquent, but she never liked to snoop about other people’s privacy, so she didn’t ask. Just like Tong Yi, who clearly knew that she was Jiang Huai’s biological daughter but did not ask why the Jiang family refused to admit her identity.

After separating from Tong Yi, Jiang Li returned to the girls’ dormitory. Standing in front of her dorm room, Jiang Li took out the key to open the door, but found that the door was locked from the inside and could not be opened.

Jiang Li knocked on the door. The knock gradually changed from light to heavy, from slow to urgent, but there was no response from the people inside.

Inside the room, several girls hid behind the door and carefully listened to the movement outside. When the knocking on the door stopped and there was no more sound outside, a girl in red striped pajamas whispered, “We deliberately locked a new girl outside. Isn’t it too much?”

Shen Mian waved her hand, “What’s the big deal? It’s just a joke. We’ll let her in after a while.”

The girl in the red stripe said weakly: “But we don’t know her well. In case she gets angry…”

Shen Mian didn’t care: “What if she gets angry? She is just an adopted daughter brought back from the orphanage, yet she dares to have such a weird temper. Where did her confidence come from?”

Another girl in blue plaid pajamas echoed: “You’re right. People who grow up in an orphanage usually have a weird temper. If we don’t give her a warning from head-on, maybe she will bully us later.”

The girl in the red stripe looked at Shen Mian hesitantly and finally couldn’t help but ask, “Did you have any grudge against Jiang Li?”

Otherwise, why did she run into their dorm room late at night just to lock the door? It didn’t seem to be a mere joke!

Before Shen Mian could answer, the girls heard the sound of a key turning in the keyhole. Thinking it was Jiang Li, they quickly fell silent again, but was surprised when they heard the roar of the dorm teacher: “Who locked the door? Open it now!”

Shen Mian also didn’t expect Jiang Li to involve the Teacher. Children at their age preferred to solve problems by themselves, because no one wanted to be ridiculed as a mommy’s child who went to ask teachers for help whenever they encountered problems.

But Jiang Li didn’t play her cards according to common sense and directly went to call the dorm teacher.

The girls had no choice but to open the door.

After the door opened, the dorm teacher glared coldly at the girls: “Explain now. Why are you bullying a new student?!”

Shen Mian glared at Jiang Li fiercely before turning to the dorm teacher with a smile: “We didn’t bully anyone. We were just joking with her.”

The dorm teacher frowned, “You said this is a joke? She has just transferred and is not familiar with you.”

Shen Mian smiled cutely, “Teacher, we know we’re wrong. We won’t do it again, okay?”

The dorm teacher looked at the girls helplessly. “Alright, I will let you go this time. Remember to not do this again. And you…”

Before the dorm teacher could finish her words, Jiang Li, who was standing quietly beside her, suddenly walked up to Shen Mian. She pulled Shen Mian’s collar and dragged her outside.

Jiang Li moved too quickly, and she was a head taller than Shen Mian, so Shen Mian couldn’t resist at all. When the dorm teacher finally reacted, Jiang Li had pushed Shen Mian to the washstand outside. Thinking that Jiang Li was going to do something excessive due to anger, the dorm teacher was about to rush to stop her, but she saw Jiang Li had let go of Shen Mian, then turned to close the back door of the dormitory building and plugged in the latch, shutting Shen Mian outside.

The two remaining girls exchanged a shocked glance, full of disbelief. They never expected that Jiang Li would do such a thing in front of a teacher.

Even the dorm teacher was stunned and forgot to speak for a while.

Jiang Li ignored Shen Mian’s furious bang on the door and turned to look at the three dumbfounded people in the room with innocent eyes: “It should be no problem, right? After all, I’m just joking with Shen Mian.”


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