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ATCF Ch 60 Part 4 – Could It Be Jetlag? (IV)

Hearing her brother compliment Jiang Li, Youyou immediately nodded, “Of course it’s not an exaggeration! Sister is so beautiful and her grades are so good, she is my idol, and my classmates all call her Prodigy God Jiang. Brother, you can call her Prodigy God Jiang too.”

Tong Xu took his sister’s hand, “Then you also work hard and strive to be called Prodigy God Tong in the future, okay?” Jiang Li was the younger sister of their aunt’s husband-to-be, so both he and Youyou should call Jiang Li ‘aunt.’ But hearing his sister call Jiang Li ‘sister,’ he somehow didn’t correct it.

Hearing her brother’s words, Tong Youyou immediately nodded, then she looked up at Jiang Li, “Sister, do you know my second brother? His name is Tong Yi, and he’s also very smart. He just came home yesterday and is gone again today, so annoying!”

Listening to Tong Youyou’s complaint, Jiang Li lowered her head and asked, “Are you going to the wedding tomorrow?”

Seeing Tong Youyou nod, she couldn’t help but poke the little girl’s hair bun, “When you get to the wedding, you’ll see him. He is my brother’s groomsman.”

Tong Youyou’s eyes widened instantly. She then thought for two seconds before saying again, “I know! Sister is a bridesmaid, my second brother is a groomsman, so will the groomsman and bridesmaid also get married in the future?”

Jiang Li: “…” What kind of logic is that?

Tong Xu hurriedly covered his sister’s mouth with his hand and looked at Jiang Li with apologetic eyes, “My sister is still young and often speaks without thinking. Please don’t take it personally, Miss Jiang.”

No one in their circle wasn’t aware of Tong Yi’s bad reputation, while Jiang Li was like the bright moon in the sky. His sister linking the two together would certainly upset Jiang Li. In Tong Xu’s mind, beautiful girls often have a haughty temperament and would definitely feel offended being associated with the likes of Tong Yi. Tong Xu was already thinking about how to apologize to Jiang Li on behalf of his sister if Jiang Li got angry.

However, Jiang Li didn’t feel offended at all. She looked at Tong Youyou and explained seriously, “Although the groomsman and bridesmaid might get married, they won’t necessarily marry each other. They will marry their own boyfriend and girlfriend one day. Do you understand?”

Tong Youyou nodded seriously, “I understand! But my second brother doesn’t like talking to pretty ladies. I think he won’t be able to find a girlfriend in the future.”

Jiang Li replied seriously, “Then he can become a monk. He cannot eat meat and will have to fast and pray to the Buddha every day.”

Tong Youyou frowned, “Then my second brother is so pitiful, shall we visit him often in the future?”

Jiang Li barely held back her laughter, “Okay, we’ll go to the temple to see him together.”

Tong Xu stood aside. Listening to Jiang Li seriously fooling the child, his lips unconsciously curved into a smile. He had already noticed that Jiang Li was completely different from those haughty girls in their circle. Jiang Li is beautiful, has a good personality, and is also particularly interesting to talk to. Tong Xu was thinking of an excuse to send his sister away to continue chatting with Jiang Li, but Jiang Li politely excused herself, saying she needed to check if Tong Nian needed help.

Tong Youyou instantly turned into a sticky mode, “I want to go find Aunt too, Sister, let’s go together!”

Jiang Li took her hand, “Okay, let’s go!”

Watching the two figures, one tall and one small, under the lights, Tong Xu suddenly felt that following his father’s arrangement to develop his career in China might not be so bad after all.

Jiang Li barely slept for five hours the night before the wedding, as the bridal procession arrived before dawn. As a member of the bridesmaid group, her role was supposed to make it difficult for the groom, not allowing him to easily take the bride away. However, the red envelope given by Feng Yang was too generous, and he looked so pitiful that she couldn’t help but let him off easy, after which the other bridesmaids laughed and called her a little traitor.

What Jiang Li didn’t notice was that from the moment Tong Yi entered, his gaze never left her.

The moment he saw Jiang Li, Tong Yi was indeed stunned. The Jiang Xiao Li he knew always wore a school uniform and her face was slightly childish, making her look like a young girl. But now, dressed in a pink bridesmaid dress, her hair done up, and wearing delicate makeup, her temperament and style had undergone a significant change. He almost didn’t recognize her when he first entered.

Tong Yi’s heartbeat uncontrollably sped up, and he seemed to fall into a fit of trance until Feng Bai elbowed him, “Hey, you are a groomsman today. Act a bit more professionally, won’t you? Don’t you dare think about slacking off.”

“…” Tong Yi shook his head, instantly returning to normal. It must be the poor air quality in the room that’s causing his heart to beat abnormally. Yes, that must be it!

Feng Yang, carrying Tong Nian, got into the wedding car, and the groomsmen and bridesmaids followed in the cars behind, heading towards the Feng family’s main residence.

The wedding venue was crowded with many guests, and Jiang Li found many people she didn’t recognize. Fortunately, her role as a bridesmaid didn’t require her to handle too many tasks.

The wedding proceeded smoothly, and when it came to the bouquet toss, many unmarried men and women gathered around, laughing and urging Tong Nian to throw the bouquet their way, hoping for a good omen.

Tong Nian glanced at her nephew Tong Xu in the crowd and, smiling, tossed the bouquet over. Tong Xu had just graduated from college this year and it was time for him to find a girlfriend.

With a gentle smile on his face, Tong Xu was about to catch the bouquet when Tong Yi suddenly jumped in and snatched it away.

Tong Yi grabbing the bouquet was an instinctive action, but after seizing it, he gave Tong Xu a provocative look, “You might as well stay single for life and become a monk, right? Why bother catching a bouquet?”

Tong Xu took a deep breath. He was slightly annoyed, but remembering what Jiang Li said last night about letting Tong Yi become a monk to eat vegetarian food, the expression on his face softened instantly, “Well, then I wish you get out of singles as soon as possible.”

Seeing that Tong Xu wasn’t angry, Tong Yi suddenly felt bored. He looked at the bouquet in his hand, unsure of what to do with it.

The people at the scene clearly didn’t expect Tong Yi to snatch the bouquet. Tong Bingran also frowned at Tong Yi, realizing that Tong Yi was just trying to annoy his son.

Old Master Feng burst into laughter. Looking at Tong Yi, he teased, “Xiao Yi, who do you plan to give that bouquet to? Boys who snatch bouquets are supposed to give them to girls.”

Tong Yi was taken aback. He turned around and, seeing Jiang Li next to him, hurriedly stuffed the bouquet over, “Well, you may take it to play with, no thanks.”

Right after Tong Yi said this, he felt several pairs of eyes sweeping toward him, especially those of Old Master Feng and Third Master Feng, who looked as if they were about to devour him alive.

Tong Yi quickly took the bouquet back from Jiang Li, “This thing isn’t fun at all, I’ll just keep it myself!”

Jiang Li: “…”

This big nephew of hers was out of sorts when he came to pick up the bride today, and now he’s done something so nonsensical. Was jet lag causing his brain to malfunction?

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