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ATCF Ch 64 Part 2 – Feelings Cannot Be Forced (II)

When Feng Yun saw the Christmas tree, colorful lights, and the large cake on the table, she finally remembered that today was Ruoruo’s 18th birthday. And Ruoruo’s 18th birthday was also Xiao Li’s 18th birthday….

Xiao Li’s birthday this year would probably be very lively. As the most cherished granddaughter of the Feng family, that girl was surely spending her birthday happily. But Ruoruo… she was also Ruoruo’s mother, and she should not have forgotten her birthday.

Jiang Ruo’s face lit up with joy when she spotted Feng Yun, “Mom, let’s eat cake together!”

Feng Yun nodded with a smile, “Ruoruo, happy 18th birthday. You’re an adult now and can do whatever you like.”

Jiang Ruo whispered, “Thank you, mom.”

When her mother said this, she finally understood why her brother chose today to confess. From today onwards, she would officially be an adult and could freely pursue romantic relationships without being restrained by her age. Even so, she currently viewed Jiang Zhou solely as her brother and couldn’t imagine him as her boyfriend.

Upon opening the door, Feng Yun immediately noticed the colorful lights and the large cake in the center, but it wasn’t until she stepped inside that she caught the sight of numerous roses artfully scattered on the floor, forming a beautiful heart shape. Feng Yun was slightly stunned, finding the scene inexplicably familiar — years ago, Jiang Huai had done something similar when he pursued her. But A’Zhou was Ruoruo’s brother; was it appropriate for him to prepare such a birthday gift for his sister?

Due to the sudden doubts, Feng Yun discreetly observed the two children while they were eating the cake. A’Zhou looked like his usual self, showing his usual adoration for Ruoruo and never taking his eyes off his sister, but Ruoruo’s reaction was noticeably off. The sibling bond between Ruoruo and A’Zhou had always been strong, showing affection and closeness without any reservations. Yet today, Ruoruo seemed to be deliberately avoiding physical contact with A’Zhou.

At first, Feng Yun thought she was simply overreacting, but with Jiang Ruo’s strange behavior becoming more and more conspicuous, along with occasional moments of absent-mindedness, Feng Yun became convinced that something was significantly awry.

After finishing the cake together, Jiang Ruo went back to her room. Feng Yun wanted to call the housekeeper to clean Jiang Zhou’s room, but he refused, “No need, I’ll clean up later.”

After some hesitation, Feng Yun finally gathered the courage to ask, “A’Zhou, tell your mother. Have you developed inappropriate feelings for Ruoruo?”

Jiang Zhou didn’t deny it. After a few seconds of silence, he said, “Ruoruo and I aren’t related by blood.”

Even though Feng Yun had suspected as much, she was still shocked. She looked at Jiang Zhou incredulously, “B-but… even without blood relation, you two grew up together as siblings. Aren’t you afraid people would condemn you?”

Jiang Zhou’s expression was resolute, “I don’t care what others think.”

Seeing him so stubborn, Feng Yun didn’t know what to do for a moment. After a while, she asked again, “You might not care, but what about Ruoruo?”

Although A’Zhou and Ruoruo indeed did not share any blood relations, Ruoruo was still their family’s adopted daughter. Moreover, the two were raised together as siblings practically from birth, making their relationship no different from that of true siblings. Now that A’Zhou had developed romantic feelings for Ruoruo, what would people say if they got together?

The world was always more lenient towards men. For A’Zhou, perhaps it wouldn’t have a significant impact, but the greatest malice would definitely be directed at Ruoruo. People would accuse her of seducing her brother. Could the innocent and gentle-hearted girl bear such criticism?

Although Ruoruo wasn’t her biological daughter, having raised her for eighteen years, Feng Yun naturally couldn’t help but worry about these issues for her.

Jiang Zhou explained, “We’re not together right now; it’s still just my unilateral feelings. As long as Ruoruo is willing to accept me, I can take her abroad, and we can settle down overseas, living in a place where no one knows us.”

Feng Yun immediately thought of Ruoruo’s distracted look just now and frowned. “Did you force her?”

Jiang Zhou, aware that his mother had noticed Ruoruo’s unusual behavior, quickly said, “She’s just having trouble accepting the change in our relationship and doesn’t know how to face me.”

Hearing this, Feng Yun finally relaxed a bit, but her worry didn’t lessen, “Ruoruo is very innocent. She has always seen you as her real brother. When… when did you start having feelings for her?”

Jiang Zhou shook his head, “I don’t know, but I really can’t lose her. If she can’t accept it for the time being, I’m willing to wait for her.”

Jiang Zhou really didn’t know when his feelings for Jiang Ruo had started, but he was clear about when he realized his feelings.

Back when he was hospitalized a few years ago, Ruoruo jokingly mentioned that Qin Zheng was jealous because of him. That’s when he knew his feelings for Ruoruo were not a simple brotherly love. Later, he used every means to separate Ruoruo from Qin Zheng and repeatedly persuaded Ruoruo that Qin Zheng had given up on her because she wasn’t a biological daughter of the Jiang family, going as far as telling her that Qin Zheng had turned his attention to Jiang Li instead.

At that time, Ruoruo might have had romantic feelings for Qin Zheng, but those feelings had just started to sprout and were extremely fragile. All he needed was to give a light pinch, and the sprout would wither on its own. After that, he also kept a close eye on Ruoruo’s emotions to prevent a resurgence of her feelings for Qin Zheng.

After two and a half years, Ruoruo and Qin Zheng grew apart and now no longer maintained contact, just like two strangers. Now that Ruoruo was an adult, he dared to express his true feelings, hoping that Ruoruo could eventually accept him.

Seeing her son like this, Feng Yun couldn’t help but be reminded of her younger self, back when she was resolute in her decision to be with Jiang Huai to the point of disregarding any persuasion from her loved ones. Finally, she sighed, “It’s useless to tell me these things, your father is likely not going to approve.”

Jiang Zhou understood this and frowned, “I know, Mom. So I hope you can keep this a secret for me. I don’t want Dad’s interference to affect Ruoruo’s decision.” Ruoruo was already very conflicted; if Dad showed opposition, the chances of Ruoruo agreeing would be almost negligible.

Feng Yun sighed again, “I won’t tell your father, and I can try to gauge his attitude, but he is very stubborn. Once he’s set on something, I can’t persuade him.”

Jiang Zhou nodded immediately, “I understand, just keep it from him for now.” Jiang Zhou had already decided — if his father strongly opposed his relationship with Ruoruo, he would have no choice but to take her and elope. His father had done the same in the past and should be able to understand.

Feng Yun failed to see Jiang Zhou’s hidden agenda; but, recalling Ruoruo’s behavior today, she couldn’t help but warn, “A’Zhou, feelings can’t be forced. If Ruoruo doesn’t accept you, you must not coerce her. Even if you manage to force her to be with you, you will never be happy.”

Jiang Zhou nodded, “I know. I won’t pressure Ruoruo.”

Even though Ruoruo liked to read novels with ‘little black room’1 and such, fiction was different from reality. He wouldn’t do anything so irrational that would frighten Ruoruo.

Hearing his promise, Feng Yun finally felt relieved. She left Jiang Zhou’s room and began to plan how to test Jiang Huai’s attitude.

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  1. Black room: a subgenre of romance novels with yandere characters & involving confinement/imprisonment tropes, hence the name black room which refers to the place where the imprisoned character held captive.

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  1. I thought for a moment she was going to be a proper mom. But no, once again she has failed to be an authority figure in her home and in her children’s lives. How do you just breeze past that like, well, who knows how you’re Father may feel about this??

    Like, what?? I wouwould’told him immediately and set up some type of protection for my Adopted daughtedaughter!! No wonder 3rd uncle looks down on this sister of his, she’s just no good all around!!

  2. Its-MachiavellianCheese

    I guess my previous comment didn’t make it through??

    Like I said the first time, I thought Feng Yun would be a mother and protect Jiang Ruo from being preyed upon by that creep. But once agains she has shown the readers that she is an absolute trash mom and irredeemable. 3rd Uncle’s disdain for her presence makes so much sense when you see her character. Like, I would have told on that creep and secured some kind of safe place for me and my Adopted daughter, cause no way are we living under the same roof. Or at least ship the b*s*rd off somewhere!!!!! Yeesh!

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