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ATCF Ch 7 Part 1 – The Little Moneygrubber and The Big Sleepyhead (I)

Jiang Li’s unexpected reaction put the dorm teacher into an embarrassing situation. Little frictions between students were inevitable, so as long as things didn’t get too big, she usually turned a blind eye and considered the matter to be over.

When arranging a dorm room for Jiang Li this morning, the dorm teacher initially had a good impression of her. The girl’s personality looked nice, she was very polite when talking, and she also carried everything on her own. Although the dorm teacher didn’t know what happened between these girls, since Shen Mian kept saying they were merely joking and promised to never do it again, the matter should not be too serious. The dorm teacher was about to let the water under the bridge as she usually did when mediating student conflicts, but Jiang Li refused to cooperate, which made her look bad.

The dorm teacher frowned, “As fellow students, you should be in harmony and avoid conflicts. It’s not right for you to make the problem bigger like this.”

Jiang Li responded innocently, “But teacher, I am just joking. In this situation, shouldn’t you tell me, ‘Alright, I will let you go this time. Remember to not do this again?”

The other two girls in the room were already dumbfounded by this point. They never thought this new girl to be so stubborn, and she even dared to disregard the dorm teacher’s persuasion. Jiang Li was already so arrogant now; once the teacher was gone, wouldn’t she have even fewer scruples? The two of them were not courageous from begin with, and now they started to regret it. They had no grievances with Jiang Li, so why did they have to provoke her? Now it was already too late, and Jiang Li already thought of them as Shen Mian’s accomplices.

The dorm teacher’s expression changed from embarrassment to annoyance, “Transfer student Jiang Li, if you think there is a problem with my handling of this matter, you can say it directly. No need for such sarcasm.”

Jiang Li immediately put away her innocent expression, “Okay. I indeed think there is a problem with your handling.”

The dorm teacher: …

The dorm teacher didn’t expect Jiang Li to say this so straightforwardly. It was as if the girl had already expected her reaction and waited for her to say that. “It’s just a small joke between students. Do you need to be so condemning?”

Then the dorm teacher angrily went to unlock the back door and let Shen Mian in.

Shen Mian was locked outside for a long time. The first thing she did after returning inside was to complain: “Teacher, look at her! She dares to be so excessive in front of you; in case you weren’t here, she probably would have hit us! I don’t dare to stay in the same dormitory with such a person.”

Hearing Shen Mian’s shrill accusation, the dorm teacher felt her head aching. Rubbing her temples, she frowned and said, “You are not from this dorm. What are you doing at night, going to other people’s room to make a joke? What basis do you have to accuse others? Do you want me to call your homeroom teacher?”

The dorm teacher glared angrily at Shen Mian. If not for this girl to make such a tasteless joke, she wouldn’t have been put into an embarrassing situation by Jiang Li.

When the dorm teacher threatened to call her homeroom teacher, Shen Mian instantly deflated. At such a critical juncture, she naturally didn’t want to make trouble in front of the homeroom teacher. Being punished to write an essay was a trivial matter; what she was afraid of was if her parents were called to the school.

Seeing Shen Mian lowering her head like a quail, the dorm teacher roared: “Return to your room now!”

Shen Mian walked away in a daze. The dorm teacher sighed, then turned to Jiang Li, “Are you satisfied now?”

“This is my first day at the new school. I have no grievances with them, but they locked me out of my room under the pretext of a joke, and all I did was just let Shen Mian experience the feeling of being locked out. All this charade ended up consuming my time and energy uselessly, so why should I be satisfied?” Jiang Li’s tone was flat.

The dorm teacher: …

She had never seen such a stubborn student!

But when thinking about it carefully, what Jiang Li said was correct. It was so logical that no one could pick her fault.

The dorm teacher felt that her blood pressure would probably rise if she continued to communicate with Jiang Li, so she turned her eyes to the two girls in pajamas who had been silent all this time, “And you two, you are also at fault for allowing Shen Mian to lock Jiang Li out. I will let you go this time, but if there is a next time, I will let your homeroom teacher solve it!”

The two girls nodded repeatedly, showing total obedience.

After the dorm teacher left, Jiang Li turned her attention to her two roommates, “Shen Mian is not part of our dorm room, yet you let her in and shut me out. I hope there won’t be a second time.”

The red-striped girl waved her hand and tried to defend herself, “It’s not us. Shen Mian she…”

Jiang Li cut it off, “If you think today’s matter is just a joke, then I will repeat this joke on you a few more times.”

The girl in the blue plaid pajamas couldn’t help but retort in a low voice: “Shen Mian has a cheerful personality and is very popular in the class. If we don’t listen to her, she will make us ostracized.”

Jiang Li took a step forward and looked at the blue plaid girl with a chuckle, “If this happens next time, I will find a padlock and lock the door from outside, or maybe I will wait until one of you go to the toilet and pour a basin of water on you. Since you two are such good friends with Shen Mian, surely she will help you out, right?”

Hearing Jiang Li’s threat, the two girls were dumbfounded. They were sure that if Jiang Li really retaliated against them, Shen Mian would definitely not come to help and might even gloat to see their misfortune.

Seeing the two girls’ pale faces, Jiang Li stopped paying attention to them and went to the bathroom.

The incident in the dorm did not have much impact on Jiang Li, but Shen Mian, the initiator, was fuming with anger. As soon as she returned to her room, she couldn’t help complaining to Jiang Ruo, saying how unreasonable Jiang Li was and how she didn’t even take the dorm teacher into her eyes at all. In the end, an orphan was just an orphan. What kind of education did someone growing up in an orphanage could have?

Shen Mian downplayed her own role, insisting that she was just making a harmless joke and it was Jiang Li’s fault to make a big deal for no reason.

Shen Mian’s words were filled with righteous indignation, and her roommates naturally took her side, blaming Jiang Li for being unreasonable and hostile. They then agreed to ignore Jiang Li in the future.

Shen Mian yapped for a long time and only paused when her throat turned dry. She went to the water dispenser to pour herself a glass of water and kept complaining by the way, “Ruoruo, why are you so silent? That Jiang Li is so arrogant. Cannot you think of a way and let Uncle Jiang drive her away?”

Jiang Ruo’s expression froze. After being silent for a few seconds, she whispered weakly, “Her mouth is sharp, but Jiang Li is not a bad person.”


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