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ATCF Ch 7 Part 2 – The Little Moneygrubber and The Big Sleepyhead (II)

Jiang Ruo’s expression froze. After being silent for a few seconds, she whispered weakly, “Her mouth is sharp, but Jiang Li is not a bad person.”

Shen Mian pouted, “If she’s really that nice, shouldn’t she be concerned when you are not feeling well today? But she didn’t even pretend to care, as if you two were total strangers. I think you are too kind. Otherwise, how dare she be like this?”

Jiang Ruo frowned, “You already know that my family adopted her for a reason, so please don’t say such things again in the future.”

The other two girls in the dorm room looked puzzled, “Ruoruo, is there any reason why your family adopted Jiang Li?”

Shen Mian nodded, “Of course. Otherwise, why would the Jiang family adopt an orphan?”

Then, like a broken dam, Shen Mian quickly repeated what Jiang Ruo had told her in the cafeteria this afternoon.

After listening, one of the girls exclaimed, “So that’s the reason! No wonder Jiang Li dares to be so arrogant. It turned out that her family helped Ruoruo’s father before!”

The other girl frowned and said, “The people who helped Uncle Jiang are Jiang Li’s parents, not her. She is just an orphan now. Your family knows to repay kindness, but she doesn’t know how to restrain herself and act so unsightly.”

Jiang Ruo bit her lower lip and whispered: “Except for you guys, I haven’t told anyone else about this matter. Please keep it a secret!”

Shen Mian patted her chest and assured Jiang Ruo: “Of course I won’t tell anyone. Otherwise, some people with a weird sense of justice might claim that your family owes Jiang Li and cause you trouble.”

Jiang Ruo stared at the remaining two girls. After getting their assurance, she sighed in relief.

No matter what, she must safely pass the remaining time until the high school entrance examination. As long as she didn’t go to the same high school as Jiang Li, she would no longer have to concoct lies just to survive.

Early the next morning, Jiang Li was woken up by the ringing bell. She opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling for a long time before realizing that she was now living in a dormitory with other students. She could study and live like a normal person, and was no longer hindered by her illness from doing what she liked.

Mingjiang International School did not have morning exercises, but it did have a morning self-study session. After the students finished their morning self-study, they headed to the cafeteria to eat.

When Jiang Li hopped into the classroom, she found that her deskmate was absent. He must have overslept!

This morning’s self-study session was English. When Jiang Li arrived, the English teacher was already in the classroom. Seeing Jiang Li, the teacher’s eyes lit up, and she followed the girl to her desk in the back row.

The teacher took out the English test paper Jiang Li did yesterday and said to her in a gentle voice: “My surname is Zhao, and I am your English teacher. Director Li gave me this test paper yesterday, and I saw that you did some questions wrong. Let’s go over them together, shall we?”

The questions included in the entrance test exam were notoriously difficult. Jiang Li, a student who transferred from a small county school, managed to get such good results on the test, which was far beyond expectation. After Teacher Zhao took a look at the test paper, she knew that this girl was a good seedling and naturally couldn’t help but give her more attention.

“Thank you, Teacher Zhao.” Jiang Li gave up her seat and sat on Tong Yi’s seat.

Teacher Zhao also sat down and began to go over the mistakes Jiang Li made on the exam.

When Tong Yi came late, after half the time of the self-study session had passed, he found that his seat had been invaded.

Seeing Tong Yi appearing, Shen Mian smirked in schadenfreude. She turned her head and whispered to Jiang Ruo: “Tong Yi has a weird temper. How angry would he be seeing Jiang Li occupy his seat?”

Jiang Ruo shook her head lightly, “Tong Yi doesn’t bully girls, and… didn’t they say that Jiang Li and Tong Yi have a close relationship!”

Shen Mian pouted, “That must be Jiang Li’s own wishful thinking. Believing herself to be some kind of stunning beauty, she insists on pestering Tong Yi. They didn’t know each other before, so how good can their relationship be?”

Jiang Ruo lowered her head and fell silent. In fact, when she was a child, she liked Tong Yi quite a bit, but her brother disliked Tong Yi and forbade her from getting close to him like their peers. She actually envied the children next to Tong Yi, because they could call “Brother Tong Yi” sweetly. Tong Yi also took care of those children patiently and taught them to make various models.

But after that incident, Tong Yi seemed to change into a different person. Many times he was smiling, but the smile didn’t reach his eyes. He fought with the boys in vocational high school, sending others to the hospital and occasionally injuring himself, but he didn’t seem to care about it at all. The former pride of heaven had already fallen from the altar, and when others mentioned him, it was always with a sigh.

Gradually, Jiang Ruo stopped paying attention to Tong Yi. Even after he later returned to school and became her classmate, she never spoke to him. In this class, although Tong Yi was labeled as a person who couldn’t be offended, his sense of existence was actually very low. Because of this, in the past few months after he joined the class, others practically let him alone.

If not for Jiang Li, who suddenly transferred and became his deskmate, she probably wouldn’t pay attention to Tong Yi again!

After Teacher Zhao finished going over the test paper with Jiang Li, she was about to leave when she saw Tong Yi standing beside her. Frowning slightly, Teacher Zhao bypassed Tong Yi and returned to her desk.

Tong Yi knocked lightly on Jiang Li’s desk, “You occupy my seat without permission. Shouldn’t you pay me the rental fee?”

Jiang Li immediately returned to her own seat and retorted, “Then shouldn’t you pay me tolls each time you pass my seat?”

Tong Yi shook his head and chuckled, “Little Moneygrubber.”

Jiang Li frowned: “Can you remove the word ‘Little’?”

Tong Yi bypassed her, sat on his seat, and leaned lazily against the wall, “Jiang Zhou and I are the same age, two years older than you.”

Jiang Li turned to look at him, “Then should I call you Big Sleepyhead from now on?”

Tong Yi: …

Forget it. He should be more magnanimous.

When the two were exchanging banters, the boy sitting in front of them kept his ears up secretly. Taking advantage of when Teacher Zhao was not paying attention, he secretly took out his mobile phone and logged into a small chat group with only ten participants.

The matter of Shen Mian and Jiang Li having a nasty quarrel last night had spread throughout the class this morning. Although most students were busy studying and didn’t care about the conflict between the two, many wanted to vent anger for Shen Mian.

Originally, they thought the matter would be easy. Jiang Li grew up in an orphanage and was a newcomer. As long as everyone banded together to isolate her, it would be enough to make her suffer.

As for the rumor that Jiang Li and Tong Yi had a close relationship, since the class didn’t see it with their own eyes, they naturally didn’t believe it. Especially the boy sitting in front of Jiang Li — last night, he vaguely heard the two chatting behind him. Although he didn’t understand the specific content, the way they talked to each other was obviously not very familiar!

Therefore, they are not worried that Tong Yi will stand for Jiang Li.

But this morning, after seeing Jiang Li bickering with Tong Yi, the boy in the front row was a little doubtful about Tong Yi’s thoughts. He reported this to the chat group, and someone immediately suggested he test Tong Yi’s attitude.

Maybe Tong Yi is not as scary as the rumors say? After all, he took the initiative to lend his meal card to Jiang Li, and even when Jiang Li called him a Sleepyhead, he didn’t explode in anger. Most importantly, no one had ever seen him bully a student in the school before. Maybe the rumors about him drinking and fighting were all hoaxes?

The boy took a deep breath, plucked up his courage, and turned his head to Tong Yi with a stiff smile on his face, “Tong… Tong Yi, I lost my meal card. Can I borrow yours?”

Tong Yi squinted his eyes and replied lazily, “Only if you take that thing on your neck and lend it to me to play soccer with!”

“Eh… what?” The boy was completely stunned.

Tong Yi sneered, “If you lose your meal card, then go to report the loss and get a replacement. You don’t even know such a simple solution. What use is it to keep that head of yours?”

The boy: …

He was sure that Tong Yi was still the rumored Tong Yi. So, the reason he lent his meal card to Jiang Li was definitely because of their close relationship!

After being scolded by Tong Yi, the boy turned around in dismay and quickly texted the result to the group chat.

However, he had just typed a few words when Teacher Zhao’s cold voice came to him: “Zhou Li, hand over your phone.”

Zhou Li: …

He must be jinxed today!


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