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ATCF Ch 9 Part 2 – The Harbinger of Justice, Hades Li (II)

It took no time for the class to know that Shen Mian had tripped Jiang Li during the P.E. exam. Everyone was stunned — they all knew about the conflict between Shen Mian and Jiang Li before, but no one ever guessed that Shen Mian would sabotage Jiang Li in such an important exam. In the eyes of most classmates, Shen Mian was a warmhearted girl, albeit a bit stubborn. Usually, when someone asked for her help, Shen Mian was always ready to lend a hand.

Would a person like that really do such malicious sabotage toward her fellow classmate? But if this matter was true, then Jiang Li was too unlucky. If she missed her target school because of the two point loss, she would hate Shen Mian forever!

However, before anyone could comfort Jiang Li, the punishment for Shen Mian came down first. After knowing the extent of the punishment, no one still felt that Jiang Li needed to be comforted, because compared to losing just two points, Shen Mian, whose long-distance running score was voided, had it much worse.

If Shen Mian’s grades were so good that the loss of 15 points wouldn’t hurt her much, no one would sympathize with her. However, Shen Mian’s grades were just average. Even with these 15 points, her grades were barely at the threshold to enter the talent class of Minjiang First High School. Now that she had lost 15 points, it would be hard for her to even be admitted to the experimental class.

Moreover, Shen Mian also received a major demerit in her school record. If this demerit couldn’t be erased before graduation, it would follow her into high school, which would definitely affect the teachers’ first impression of her.

The classmates who had a good relationship with Shen Mian felt that the school’s punishment was too severe, and they couldn’t help but give Jiang Li a condemning eyes. In their view, if it wasn’t for Jiang Li to make a huge ruckus in front of Director Li, Shen Mian definitely wouldn’t have been punished so severely.

The boy who sat in front of Jiang Li was called Zhou Li. After confirming that Tong Yi was not in the classroom, he turned around and began to condemn Jiang Li openly, “You only lost two points, but Shen Mian lost a whole 15 points from the long-distance running. Don’t you feel guilty?”

Jiang Li glanced away from the question she was currently doing. Looking at the boy who seemed to believe himself to be a messenger of justice, she asked coldly, “If someone tried to kill you but you were only slightly injured, would you feel guilty when they were sentenced to ten years in prison?”

The boy’s face was flushed, and he retorted angrily: “You are changing the context! What Shen Mian did to you is not serious at all. Even if she didn’t stumble you, you probably wouldn’t get the full score anyway.”

Jiang Li knew it was just a waste of words to talk to this kind of person, “Since you are so righteous, go to Director Li and repeat what you have just said. He probably would agree with your opinion and revoke Shen Mian’s punishment.”

Zhou Li: …

Even if he had a hundred guts, he would not dare say these to Hades Li!

Zhou Li was deflated, but Jiang Li still delivered the finishing blow: “I thought you had a sense of justice, but it turns out that you are just bullying the weak and afraid of the strong!”

Zhou Li: …

Bullying the weak and afraid of the strong? If Jiang Li was weak, there were not many strong people in this school!

Seeing Jiang Li’s toughness, those who wanted to ‘seek justice’ for Shen Mian immediately took down their war banners.

All this time, Shen Mian was sitting at her desk, gripping a gel pen tightly in her hand while trying hard to hold back her tears. She now truly regretted having provoked Jiang Li, but it was absolutely impossible for her to apologize. Shen Mian knew that even if she apologized to Jiang Li and begged for forgiveness, her long-distance running score would not be recovered, and the rest of her punishment could not be revoked immediately.

Since that was the case, why should she do the futile work!

Jiang Ruo also frowned. She wanted to help her best friend, and she had already told her brother about the matter and asked him to help find a solution for Shen Mian. But her brother told her that Shen Mian had brought it upon herself and warned Jiang Ruo not to get involved or provoke Jiang Li, this lunatic.

Jiang Ruo had no idea that Jiang Zhou was threatened by Jiang Li a few days ago, and as a result, she thought that her brother no longer spoiled her like before.

To be honest, she was very sad.

Unable to stand Shen Mian’s dejected look, Jiang Ruo didn’t listen to Jiang Zhou’s warning. Upon returning to the dorm that night, she took out her mobile phone and called Feng Yun.

In Jiang Ruo’s narration, Shen Mian and Jiang Li had a little conflict, causing Shen Mian to trip Jiang Li on impulse. However, Shen Mian realized her mistake and regretted her action right afterward.

Now Shen Mian’s long-distance running score was voided, and a major demerit had been added to her record. In the subsequent school-wide meeting, she was to read a self-reflection essay in front of the whole school. This was a devastating blow to Shen Mian, who had always been proud.

When Feng Yun heard that Jiang Li was tripped by a classmate, she was initially worried, and soon was slightly relieved after Jiang Ruo said that Jiang Li was not injured and that her P.E. exam score was not affected too much.

But when Jiang Ruo mentioned how everyone in the class thought that Shen Mian’s punishment was too heavy and that they felt that Jiang Li was being unreasonable by making such a big fuss, Feng Yun couldn’t help frowning.

From the beginning, she had been feeling uneasy about Jiang Li’s orphanage upbringing, thinking such an inadequate education would put the girl at risk of being inadept in dealing with people. Still, she didn’t expect her worries to become a reality soon.

Feng Yun had met Shen Mian, a very cheerful little girl. Every time they met, the girl would sweetly call her Auntie, and she was also such a good friend to Ruoruo.

There was no way for such a good girl to have conflicts with Xiao Li. There must be a misunderstanding here!

Thinking like this, Feng Yun suggested: “How about you invite Mianmian to our house this weekend? I will have a good talk with Xiao Li beforehand, try to resolve the conflicts, and then we can ask the school to cancel Mianmian’s demerit record.”

“No!” Jiang Ruo hurriedly refused, but she immediately realized her reaction was a bit too hard and quickly explained: “Xiao Li has just returned home. If we do this, she will definitely feel that we are on Mianmian’s side, and she will be sad.”

She must not take Shen Mian home; otherwise, if Shen Mian found out that she was not her parents’ biological daughter, the lies she told before would be exposed.

After listening to Jiang Ruo’s reasoning, Feng Yun also realized that her proposal just now was inappropriate. She sighed and said helplessly, “Then I’ll have a good talk with Xiao Li this weekend!”

Jiang Ruo originally wanted to convince Feng Yun to come to the school and ask the faculty to cancel Shen Mian’s demerit, but after having the conversation, she realized that her mother would never be as indulging to her as she used to be.

Although her mother promised to have a good talk with Jiang Li, Jiang Ruo knew that it would be useless, because Jiang Li was not someone who could easily be persuaded and coaxed. What made her even uncomfortable was that her mother didn’t ask about her school life like she used to be, and instead expressed great concern about Jiang Li.

Jiang Ruo held back the sourness in her heart and told her mother about Jiang Li’s school life, including that she had become Tong Yi’s deskmate and also hinted at their closeness.

After hanging up the call, Jiang Ruo lay on the pillow, feeling listless and empty. At this moment, she finally understood. Even though her parents and brother had repeatedly promised that they would love her as always, some things would still change.


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