Daughter of the Dao and Devil Venerables

DDDV Ch 98 Part 1 – Grand Ceremony (I)

There were sixteen sects in the Devil Realms… until a few years ago. After several sects joined the rebellion during Devil Venerable’s absence, he directly wiped out three leading sects upon his return, making them a warning for others to see. Now, only thirteen sects were left, including Hehuan Sect, Soul Sect, and Poisonous Bone …

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DDDV Ch 95 – Chijia Lan

The two cubs who reunited after a long absence had endless topics to talk about. Just like the old days in Duanping, Yin Si took Lu Yaoyao to play around the general manor and made an appointment to play outside the next day. The smile on Lu Yaoyao’s face never faded. She was so happy!

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