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My Son is a Reborn Villain

MSRV Ch 8 Part 1 – Getting Along (I)

Early the next morning, Fu Yunruo picked a few lettuces and a winter melon from her own garden. She then went to the pork stall and bought half a kilogram of spare rib. She also brought with her the twenty eggs she bought from Auntie Mei’s house last night and departed to work with Wenwen.

She had been getting used to riding an electric scooter and already remembered the road, so she didn’t let Auntie Mei send her again.

My Son is a Reborn Villain

MSRV Ch 7 Part 2 – First Day at New Job (II)

Fu Yunruo then checked the diapers. Seeing that Wenwen didn’t need a change, she then played with him for a while. Feeling that the child had been coaxed, Fu Yunruo got up and was about to resume her study. But the moment she walked away, the quiet baby Wenwen started to become fussy again.

“Ya, ya, aaahh!!” Woman, do not rely on your natural beauty to neglect the basic self-care. Even if the sun doesn’t tan your skin now, it won’t necessarily so in the future. Once the damage has been done, no amount of skincare product can restore it completely!

My Son is a Reborn Villain

MSRV Ch 7 Part 1 – First Day at New Job (I)

Fu Yunruo stood in a place where she would not disturb Uncle Guo, staying quietly and watching the old man skillfully tended to the flowers.

Soon afterward, Fu Yunruo felt the baby on her back moved. She instantly remembered that she hadn’t fed her son since they arrived at the flower garden, so she said to Uncle Guo: “Uncle Guo, I’ll go to clean up Baobao.”

My Son is a Reborn Villain

MSRV Ch 6 Part 2 – Uncle Guo (II)

The flower garden said by Auntie Mei was not far from their village. They drove slowly for about 30 minutes. After Fu Yunruo became more used to the road, they drove faster and arrived in 15 minutes.

The flower garden was at the foot of a mountain. Surrounded by steel wire fences, people outside couldn’t see the inside clearly. Although it was at the foot of a mountain, the location was not remote. The flower garden was located on the side of the village’s gathering place. About 20 meters aside, there was a one-story house built from red bricks.

My Son is a Reborn Villain

MSRV Ch 6 Part 1 – Uncle Guo (I)

The next day, Fu Yunruo dressed in an ordinary short-sleeved shirt and casual pants. Although she didn’t dress-up deliberately, with her straight legs, beautiful figure, and outstanding aura, she looked no different than wearing an expensive high-end fashion.

Fu Yunruo was indeed beautiful. Otherwise, how could so many people ask for her marriage in secret, and didn’t mind that she already had a son? Any man would be happy to marry such a beautiful girl. Even if there were conservative elders who might grumble in secret, they couldn’t hold back their infatuated sons.

My Son is a Reborn Villain

MSRV Ch 5 Part 1 – Finding a Stepfather?? (I)

Fu Yunruo later realized that her son was becoming lively. The baby, who previously was quiet and well-behaved almost all the time, now made noise even when he wasn’t hungry or soiling his diapers.

Before, Fu Yunruo felt that her son was like a girl, and was worried about a boy being too quiet. Now that he became lively and handful, she thought that her previous quiet son was still better.