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My Son is a Reborn Villain

MSRV Ch 23 Part 1 – A Glutton Little Boy (I)

After she and her son came home with a smile, Fu Yunruo went in to bring out the lunch she had just cooked. Wenwen followed behind and went helping to serve the dishes. Fu Yunruo didn’t refuse and gave him two pairs of chopsticks. Because Wenwen was still young, she didn’t dare to hand him anything too heavy or hot.

The mother and son put their lunch on the dining table. Wenwen climbed onto the high stool for toddlers. His eyes squinted with joy upon seeing a plate full of meat on the table. However, he was not in a hurry to eat alone. He first gave Fu Yunruo one of the two chopsticks before he began to eat.

My Son is a Reborn Villain

MSRV Ch 22 Part 2 – Time Passed By (II)

The village children originally liked to watch cartoons, but Wenwen liked TV dramas that adults usually watched, so they were also influenced by Wenwen and ditched the cartoons to watch TV dramas. A few days ago, they watched a palace drama with emperor, ministers, and concubines, so they also wanted to play impressive roles.

“I am the prime minister!”

“I am a master!”

“Master is not an official!”

“Then I am a traitorous minister!”


Seeing that his friends had chosen the roles they wanted to play, little Shitou said: “Then, then I will be the favored concubine!”

Yiyi refused, “You are a boy and can’t be a concubine!”

Little Shitou was sad: “Why not?”

Yiyi tilted her head. She also didn’t know why. However, the concubines on the TV were all girls, so she said, “Anyway, you cannot.”

Little Shitou instantly burst into tears. Choked with sobs, he looked at Wenwen pleadingly: “I want to be Wenwen’s closest person…”

However, the girls refused to let him join their rank of concubines, and little Shitou bawled even louder. Seeing this, Wenwen said solemnly: “Then I will make you my general manager of palace affairs. He is the person closest to and most trusted by the emperor.”

When little Shitou heard it, he burst into a wide grin: “Okay. I am going to be the general manager of palace affairs!”

Having chosen their roles, the children happily left Wenwen’s house. After arriving in their usual playing ground, Wenwen assigned other children lines according to their roles. Regardless of age, all children seriously tried to remember their lines and order of appearance.

Not long after, under Wenwen’s guidance, a stormy court drama began to ensue. However, with the children’s enthusiastic interpretation, none of the tension of political intrigue or harem battle could be felt.

Adults who passed by saw the children playing and walked away in a laugh. It was really amusing to see a group of small children reciting the lines from serious court drama with their tender voices.

But the children thought that they were super great. Not only could they memorized lines, but they could also act together! Well, although everyone only had one or two short lines.

And they also added more scenes on their own! For example, the empress dowager was currently fighting for the emperor’s favor with the general manager of palace affairs.

For example, in order to win the emperor’s favor, all the loyal ministers had infighting that almost ended in a fist brawl.

Wenwen, who was sitting in a majestic th-……sitting on a small plastic bench that served as his dragon chair, sighed in melancholy as he watched the children’s chaotic performance.

He really didn’t have it easy, ah.

In the end, Wenwen had to seriously re-teach his little friends about how to acting, again and again.

The children played happily until noon, when they had to go home to eat lunch. One of the boys, a skinny monkey-like child named Zhuangzhuang, pulled Wenwen to the side and said: “Wenwen, let’s go to my house. My family slaughtered a chicken this morning. I will give you a big chicken leg to eat!”

Zhuangzhuang’s family didn’t mistreat the boy. There was always enough food and care for him. However, Zhuangzhuang was a premature baby. When Zhuangzhuang was born, he was very thin and small. His family carefully raised him and even named him Zhuangzhuang, hoping that he would grow up strong and healthy. However, no matter how much nutrition was given, Zhuangzhuang was still thin and small, like a malnourished child.

Little Shitou also wanted to take Wenwen home, but his family didn’t slaughter any chicken today. Unwilling to lose, he yelled: “Wenwen, go to my house. I will ask my grandma to kill a big rooster for you to eat!”

At this moment, a female’s gentle voice intervened: “Thank you for the invitation, but Wenwen is going home to eat with me!”

The children looked up and saw a slender figure approached. Her black and silky long hair was tied into a simple braid that hung on her left shoulder, making her looked young and fresh.

“Big sister Ruoruo!” The children shouted joyfully.

Fu Yunruo smiled gently: “I cooked delicious food at home. Do you want to come and eat with us?”

The children looked back at Fu Yunruo before running away gleefully like a swarm of bees: “No need, big sister Ruoruo!”

After the children were gone, Fu Yunruo looked at Wenwen, who had played hard until his face flushed red. She probed his chubby cheek. Although the child wasn’t sweating, his skin temperature was high.

“Did Wenwen have fun playing?” Fu Yunruo asked softly. She then took the child’s hand and walked home.

Wenwen grasped Fu Yunruo’s hand and began to hop around. But soon, he realized that his behavior was too childish, so he stopped hopping and walked like a little adult. Hearing his mother’s question, he curled his lips and said disdainfully: “Just so-so!”

Children nowadays were hard to teach. Although they listened to him most of the time, they would occasionally be disobedient and gave him a headache. As the king of the children who ruled over the whole village’s younger population ranging from one-year-old little toddler to thirteen-year-old big child, Fu Wen really didn’t have it easy.

“Those children are really difficult to look after!”

Hearing a little dumpling who was less than four years old said such an adult-like sentence, Fu Yunruo almost burst in laugh. Today was the weekend, and there was no school. Children who already attended kindergartens and elementary schools also came to play together. Although Wenwen complained grumpily, he was obviously happy to play with more friends.


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My Son is a Reborn Villain

MSRV Ch 22 Part 1 – Time Passed By (I)

The village in the remote mountain area was quiet and peaceful, away from the hustle and bustle of big cities. Sometimes, this place seemed to resemble paradise, as even the pace of time seemed to flow slower. Mornings in that village were beautiful, with birds singing sweetly on the tree branches served as the background.

A group of young children ran on the village street, breaking the morning serenity with their lively noises. They all ran in the same direction. Before they even reached their destination, the children already shouted a name loudly: “Wenwen, Wenwen!”

My Son is a Reborn Villain

MSRV Ch 21 Part 3 – Return to Flower Garden (III)

Fu Yunruo’s days returned to the previous routine. She would broadcast livestreams for three hours a day, and spend an additional hour dealing with backend tasks. The rest of her time was used to take care of Wenwen and the orchids.

Fu Yunruo often received questions via private messages or comments. Some fans wanted to grow orchids on their own, but didn’t know how to choose a suitable species. Some had problems with the orchids they were already growing and consulted her for solutions. There were also fellow orchids lovers who simply wanted to exchange experience in growing orchids.

My Son is a Reborn Villain

MSRV Ch 21 Part 2 – Return to Flower Garden (II)

When Fu Yunruo walked out of the flower room, she saw Wenwen and Uncle Guo playing together. Fu Yunruo quickly walked to the playpen. When Wenwen saw his mother, he quickly threw away the building block in his hand and stood up, wanting to walk toward her. But the child’s legs were still not strong enough. Before he could take a step, his body lost balance. He swayed and immediately fell on his butt. Fortunately, Uncle Guo caught him in time. Otherwise, he would fall on the building blocks scattered around.

Fu Yunruo hurriedly went over and picked up her son. She sat on the playing mat, put the child on her legs, and rubbed his fat soft butt: “Is Baobao alright? It doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t hurt…”

My Son is a Reborn Villain

MSRV Ch 21 Part 1 – Return to Flower Garden (I)

On the fourth day, Fu Yunruo finally succumbed to Wenwen’s persistent urge, so she packed her things and took the child back to the flower garden. When Uncle Guo saw they were back, he looked happy for a moment, but his happy face soon changed by a displeased frown: “Why are you back so soon? You don’t need to hurry. I can take care of this place alone.”

“Wenwen has just been seriously ill. You should take care of him.”

My Son is a Reborn Villain

MSRV Ch 20 Part 4 – Acceptance (IV)

Fu Yunruo suddenly realized that Wenwen wanted to return to the flower garden. She tried to coax him: “We are staying at home and won’t go there for the time being. Grandpa Guo will help us taking care of the flowers…”

“Live!” If you don’t go, what will happen to your livestream channel? You finally accumulated such a high number of fans. If you don’t resume soon, they all will run away!

My Son is a Reborn Villain

MSRV Ch 20 Part 3 – Acceptance (III)

After Fu Yunruo’s loud cry, Wenwen finally calmed down. Seeing that the boy was now alright, Uncle Mei and Uncle Guo left the rental house and returned to their works. At this time, Fu Yunruo finally had a spare thought for other affairs. She remembered that her mobile phone had been out of battery, so she hurriedly charged it.

Auntie Mei was still worried about the mother and son, especially Wenwen, so she stayed and chatted with Fu Yunruo about the trivial gossips in the village.

My Son is a Reborn Villain

MSRV Ch 20 Part 2 – Acceptance (II)

Chi Wen hiccuped. In the end, he couldn’t go against his childish instinct and was soon attracted by their performances. He couldn’t turn his eyes away and even forgot to cry.

Seeing this, Fu Yunruo, who was still carrying Wenwen, finally felt relieved. Then she joined the three elders to entertain the child. “Does Baobao like it? Grandpa and Grandma made it for Baobao! They are so kind, right? Does Baobao like the horse or the puppy?”