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DDDV Ch 1 Part 1 – The Spiritual Egg Hatched (I)

Located in the most remote part of the Demon Realm, there was a range of mountains, which was part of the White Tiger Demon King’s territory. These mountains lacked spiritual aura, and not even spiritual grass grew there, so the only weak demons with a low cultivation base lived there.

These demon inhabitants didn’t have a high cultivation base and didn’t like to fight. The neighbors got along well with each other and turned the place into a rare peaceful paradise.

One of the mountains there was called Cangshan Mountain. The mountain was not high, and the vegetation was sparse. On the top of the mountain, there was a thousand-year-old locust tree demon and also some low-ranked demons who had just awaken their spiritual wisdom.1

A few wooden houses stood on the flat ground on the foot of the mountain. It was empty under the eaves, and the ground was paved with several gravel paths. Only an ordinary fruit tree was planted on the edge of the courtyard. Not far away, there was a pond with emerald green water. Its surface rippled gently.

Here lived the family of stone demons who moved in not long ago. When the stone demons first arrived, the curious neighbors came to visit enthusiastically.

All things in the world could develop spiritual wisdom and transform into a demon. Although the local demon inhabitant had seen flowers, trees, snakes, insects, fish, and birds turned into demons, they had never seen normal stone became a demon.

As far as these small demons knew, compared to animals or plants, it was much harder for stones to become a demon. For animals and plants, even before developing spiritual wisdom, they still instinctively absorbed the essence of the sun and the moon and accumulated it until they finally became spiritual.

However, stones were heavy and didn’t absorb the essence of spiritual aura on their own. Without interferences from the outer force, they could only stay in one position for years.

The newly arrived demons were a family of three, on which two had transformed into human form. As expected of jades, the two transformed stone demons were very handsome and full of spiritual aura.

There was also another piece of jade, which already turned into a demon but had to transform yet. The neighbors felt the strong vitality from the jade and sighed at the good fortune these three stones had.

Was it because jades originally contained spiritual aura, so it was easier for them to become demons?

After knowing the origin of the newcomers and why they appeared here and wanted to settle, the demon inhabitants of Cangshan Mountain had their curiosity appeased and happily accepted their new neighbors’ existence.

The untransformed jade was in the shape of an ellipse, with the length of an average adult’s arm. It looked like an enlarged version of a spiritual egg.

At this time, the egg was placed in the center of the room, wrapped in soft velvet, and glowing with white light.

The wooden door creaked open. A handsome man whose face so cold that it seemed to wrapped in frost entered the room and stood still in front of the couch. He was tall, wearing a moon-white robe. His long black hair was tied up by a jade hairpin. His eyebrows curved elegantly, framing his dark and deep eyes.

Yao Jiuxiao’s gaze fell on the spiritual egg and stayed there for a while. His slender fingers touched the smooth surface—there was no hesitation in that pair of cold eyes.

Yao Jiuxiao raised his eyes and glanced outside the door. Only an ordinary fruit tree swayed its branches with the wind, and there was no other movement nearby. As if made up his mind, Yao Jiuxiao quickly picked the egg with one hand and walked out of the door.

The dark line patterns embroidered on the hem of the moon-white robe rose when he turned around and then swayed with his every step. Yao Jiuxiao walked into the courtyard and immediately saw a handsome man in red leaned on the tree trunk.

The man’s lapel was half-opened casually. The black patterns on his wide sleeves were faintly discernible. A pair of beautiful peach eyes stared at Yao Jiuxiao, and a smile appeared on the corner of his red lips.

“Where are you going to take This Venerable’s child?”


The two were similar in height and were stunningly handsome. One seemed to be wrapped in frost, while the other was covered in passion. Although their style was contrasted with each other, both were equally peerless in appearance.

They stood face to face, with the same great momentum, and no one was willing to step back.

Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao had been rivals for thousands of years. Out of ten encounters, they would fight ten times. On the one hand, they were enemies from different races and standpoints, and on the other hand, they both had reached the peak of the supreme power. Except for each other, in this whole Yuanqi continent, no one could fight on par with them.

Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao were both a late Great Ascension ancestor who was only one step away from ascending, and currently, they were also the only Great Ascension cultivators in the entire Yuanqi continent.

For five thousand years, no cultivator had ascended again. For a long time, Yao Jiuxiao and Lu Qingyu didn’t encounter the opportunity to ascend. They even faintly felt that perhaps, as the last Great Ascension cultivator who fell three thousand years ago said, the path to ascend in Yuanqi continent has no longer existed.

Last year, an ancient secret realm appeared. Both Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao sensed that their opportunity to ascend was in this secret realm, so they went there. Although they didn’t know where in the secret realm the opportunity was, they were being led a mysterious feeling. Those who had cultivated to their level could occasionally get a glimpse of heavenly secret, like this one.

After entering the secret realm, the mysterious feeling became stronger, and the two arrived in the same place. The moment they saw their rival, they had the same thoughts: since they were after the same chance, it was inevitable for them to fight again.

The two fought hard, and neither was holding back. By coincidence, their blood fell on a stone lying on the ground nearby.

The originally dim and gray stone shed off its grey layer and turned into a warm jade, which instantly glowing with white light vigorously.

At that moment, they felt a throbbing—a throbbing from their bloodline.

Although they didn’t know what was going on, they both sensed that a small life had been born inside this stone, a small life with their own bloodline.

Before the two had a chance to resume their fight—this time for the sake of the stone—a vision suddenly appeared in the secret realm, and the ground shook.

Lu Qingyu was one step ahead of his rival and grabbed the stone before leaving the secret realm, followed by Yao Jiuxiao behind.

All the surviving cultivators were thrown out before the secret realm disappeared.

Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao didn’t show themselves in front of these people, and left quietly. In order to snatch this spiritual stone that bore their bloodline, they began an eight-month battle.

Both of them were injured in the secret realm. After they came out, they began chasing each other and had no time to recuperate. However, their injuries were on the same level, so no one took advantage of the other.

Due to the special circumstances, they did not inform their respective people.


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  1. Spiritual Wisdom: Demon race is either born from demon race parents or originally an animal, plant, or other inanimate objects that awaken spiritual wisdom and become a spirit/demon.

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