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DDDV Ch 10 – The Correct Way to Raise a Daughter

The weather was comfortable and cozy. Under the clear blue sky, the breeze was blowing slowly, rippling the lake in the process.

Next to the lake, a man was lying on a wooden recliner. He was wearing a red robe, with inner linings as white as snow. The overly bright red didn’t suppress his handsome appearance, but enhanced it instead. His silk-like glossy black hair hung around casually and rose gently with the blowing breeze.

On his abdomen lay a small dumpling in red bellyband and red trouser; her two white jade-like arms were resting on her bellyband, and her chubby little face was very relaxed.

At this moment, the two people, one small and one big, were synchronized in expressions. Their appearance was similar, and people could see at a glance that they were connected by blood.

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes and mouth resembled Lu Qingyu’s, but her nose was like Yao Jiuxiao. It could be said that this girl inherited the best of her two fathers’ appearance. In these two or three months, she grew up day by day, and her appearance became more distinct. It was simply a cute version of Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao combined.

The two rows of long and curled eyebrows trembled slightly like a small fan. Lu Yaoyao opened her eyes; her black and shiny eyes were full of vitality. She was lying on Beautiful Daddy’s abdomen, feeling that her little life had reached its peak at this moment.

Lu Yaoyao’s chubby little face was full of satisfaction. Although she didn’t know why, she just felt very happy, and couldn’t help kicking her short legs around.

It had been three months since Lu Yaoyao transmigrated, and she remembered each day passed after her birth. Lu Yaoyao felt that she was an extraordinary child. She must have born with a glorious and great mission when she came to this world!

Maybe something went wrong on the way, which caused her to forget.

Lu Yaoyao’s face wrinkled for a moment as she fell into deep thought.

It’s okay; maybe she would remember after she grew up.

She must be a woman destined to conquer the seven seas!

Lu Yaoyao raised her head toward the sky and looked at the clouds floated on the bright blue background. The shapes of each cloud were different, and they were so fluffy like cotton candies!

Eh, what was cotton candy? Lu Yaoyao was puzzled, but she didn’t think deeply. She touched her bulging small belly and let out a few “Ah!”.

Beautiful Daddy, your baby is hungry.

Hearing the child’s voice, Lu Qingyu lazily said without opening his eyes: “Yao Jiuxiao, your daughter is hungry.”

Yao Jiuxiao came over with a bottle of spiritual milk.

Lu Yaoyao couldn’t lie down after drinking and actively climbed Beautiful Daddy up and down.

Beautiful Daddy was just lying unmoved with both eyes closed. But when Lu Yaoyao accidentally lost balance and almost fell down, he magically stopped her in time and let her continue climbing.

“Ah, ah!”

Lu Qingyu calmly said again, “Yao Jiuxiao, your daughter wants to go to the latrine.”

Yao Jiuxiao came over again and took the child away. After she solved the physical problem, he put her back to Lu Qingyu.


“Yao Jiuxiao, your daughter is bored.”

“Ah, ah, ah!”

“Yao Jiuxiao…”

Yao Jiuxiao suddenly discovered that Lu Qingyu could accurately interpret the child’s babble. Because of this, except when Lu Qingyu was teasing her, she rarely cried again.

Seemingly noticed Yao Jiuxiao’s surprise, Lu Qingyu calmly said: “If you listen to her a lot, you will naturally be able to tell what the kid wants to express.”

Lu Qingyu’s tone was indifferent, but his expression was proud. Unlike him, Yao Jiuxiao still couldn’t understand what the child was saying even after so long. In this case, he was obviously much better than this guy.

In fact, it was not hard at all. One babble, two babbles—each had a different meaning and tone, and also conveyed a different mood. After some time, as long as the basic principle was mastered, this child was easy to understand.

Yao Jiuxiao didn’t say a word, but whenever Lu Qingyu made him do something for the child, he would do it without protest. In an instant, Lu Qingyu became addicted to ordering Yao Jiuxiao around. To openly made Dao Venerable Hengwu listen to his words and do his orders, of course Lord Devil Venerable was very happy.

On the contrary, Lu Yaoyao wanted to shed bitter tears. Parents nowadays were truly hard to train. It took her three months to turn her two novice fathers into qualified ones. She truly had it not easy.

Of course, in addition to conveying the child’s needs, Lu Qingyu also openly exploiting his new ability and made Yao Jiuxiao did things for him. For example, the child felt hot and needed to cool off. For example, the sun was too strong and the child needed a shade…

Those were all small, trivial matters. But Lord Devil Venerable was happy to order his rival around.

So far, Yao Jiuxiao didn’t say a word to this, as if he didn’t notice Lu Qingyu’s evil intention.

Lu Yaoyao still couldn’t speak. Every day, she watched Beautiful Daddy used her name to command Beautiful Father around, but she was powerless to do anything and could only protest in a baby language.

In the past few days, Lu Yaoyao’s life was very comfortable, except, of course, when her two fathers chanted the name of their choice in front of her whenever they were alone with her. Beautiful Father was a bit better, since he only did that when Beautiful Daddy went out hunting, but Beautiful Daddy didn’t care about Beautiful Father’s presence and called her ‘Zhu’er’ anytime and anywhere.

Lu Yaoyao was tangled. Was she going to have two names for the rest of her life? Couldn’t Father and Daddy reach a compromise?

They really made it difficult for the baby.

When Lu Yaoyao was busy with her worry, Beautiful Daddy became bored and began to tease her again.


Lu Yaoyao hurriedly protected her face from Beautiful Daddy’s attack. Beautiful Daddy really loved to pinch her face. She even had evidence. Her face was so fat must be because Daddy pinched it too much!

Lu Yaoyao tried hard to fend off Baddy Daddy’s hand, but he kept teasing her naughtily. Lu Yaoyao was angry, and finally she bit down hard.

Even though Lu Yaoyao exerted all her strength, her bite couldn’t leave the slightest mark. However, Lu Qingyu disliked her saliva and was about to pull back his hand when he felt something hard on his fingertip.

Lu Qingyu was surprised and pulled the child up. He then pinched both sides of her cheek with one hand to make her open her mouth, and found several small teeth had grown on her gums.

Lu Qingyu said in satisfaction: “This kid is finally no longer toothless.”


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